AllFox frequency Poll

Hey foxfam,

There was a discussion in the weekly leadership meeting today around the frequency of our current monthly AllFox meetings and the success and impact they (and the workstreams) could have if they were moved to bi-monthly or quarterly updates.

Bi-monthly or quarterly updates are currently preferred by Workstream leaders who want to be prioritizing time to producing results and providing more time between the stats to offer a better view on actual “progress” and trends.

We thought it best to put this decision to the community via a poll before making a decision. Please vote for the option you prefer. We can use this thread to communicate reasonings for preferences

How frequent should AllFox meetings be held?

based on the results at this time, a little under 2.5 months seems like the right number. 1f609

Unless people used the second definition of bimonthly 1f606

Joke aside I think its clear that it means once every two months considering the context.