An open letter on strategy and execution

Alright, Yieldy alpha is public now 1f389 Also excited to deploy some additional yieldies and measure the results, and consider this another great candidate for an attainable milestone where we could expect to see signals of product-market fit. Not sure what a reasonable hypothesis is goal-wise nor which asset(s) we will launch with, but looking forward to brainstorming a plan. Would love to set a goal to get at least one DAO with a reactor (ALCX, FXS, TCR, SUSHI, SNX, GAMMA, or APW) to adopt their yieldy as the primary method of sharing DAO/protocol revenues with token holders and promote us to their community.

Looking forward to the em-pm sync this afternoon.

Wanted to note a few features I would love to see in addition to the above that are hopefully good candidates for bounties:

1. Wallet Connect Part 2 - Ability for ShapeShift users to connect to any dapps with any wallet supported by ShapeShift + a simple ‘dapp store’ displaying all of the dapps in the Wallet Connect registry with some added metadata.

2. Displaying DeFi positions - reflecting DeFi positions and claimable rewards in a users’ portfolio, similar to Zapper and Zerion, and potentially leveraging Zerion’s DeFi SDK

3. MLP NFT Support - displaying the NFTs users hold in their wallet, ability to send an NFT, and a link to OpenSea for affiliate revs.

4. Support for additional single-sided-staking protocols - leveraging the abstraction layer to easily add support for more earning opportunities (ie. beefy, harvest, badger, spool (they just reached out), bancor, and more). ideally getting protocols to integrate themselves or offer bounties.

I don’t expect any of these on their own to bring us users, but think the inclusion of these features will help us retain more users from the migration as well as make it easier to convert and retain any user that checks us out. If ShapeShift had these features I would use it as my primary wallet/interface, but without them I am often forced to use other tools like metamask or zapper. Are any of the above suitable for bounties?