Anonymous Feedback Submission Form

foxes, in the spirit of transparency and open communication, workstream leaders in collaboration with Giantkin have created this Anon Question & Feedback Form, which will be pinned in 1f4ac・shapeshift-dao-stage going forward.

  1. This form is intended to provide an anonymous channel to ask questions or share perspectives, and builds upon the anon form used for the weekly community Ask Anyone Anything lunch.

    There are now 4 channels you can submit to:

    If you submit to the Community Lunch, the topic will be raised at the next Lunch meeting (Wednesdays at 12pm MST).

  2. If you submit to the Workstream Leader Sync, the topic will be raised at the next leadership sync (Wednesdays at 11:15am MST).
  3. If you submit to a Workstream Leader, the Workstream Leader will be forwarded your comment in DMs.
  4. Other (please specify!)

Note that the Moderation Workstream Leader is the only person who has access to submissions and they cannot identify you. Any submissions deemed to violate the Code of Conduct will be deleted