Community Structure/Support [Funding Proposal 1]

In this case, I’m proposing that @PeteCoin manage and possibly even direct any marketing/growth related activities. I have been in contact with him throughout my drafting of this budget and I think that he is 100% on board with that notion. With that being said I am speaking for him now, so I’ll wait for him to chime in and let the community know what he has in mind. This functionality will likely be important moving forward as more special projects arise, each with a component that needs some sort of oversight for activities that involve/concern each elected leaders area of expertise/involvement.

I know this is going to be an ongoing balancing act for workstream leaders, at least until a system is in place that provides functionality for all involved. It’s just the most logical route I believe in terms of separating power through checks and balances.

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On second thought, I think I am going to cut my bonus proposed here and keep @giantkin having one. That makes more sense in relation to how the process should work for bounty compensation from workstream leaders. If M&G thinks I deserve a payment for contribution, that can happen - what I’m proposing for GK makes sense as he didn’t ‘sign-up’ for the extra activity/hours I influence/instigate. Since I’m engaging in these activities out of willingness to contribute that can be allocated via workstream leader if he/she decides that should happen.

Thank you for making me triple-think that, I think it is best to set a standard here. I’ve edited the proposal in the first post to reflect these changes. This has dropped the total budget from 18,200 to 16,700 USD in FOX.


I talked to @PeteCoin today. You two are aligned, and discussing more soon. I am enough satisfied with that to support the proposal.

I appreciate that you don’t want to vie for your own bonus. In that case, I’d propose that a bonus for you go through the marketing workstream at Pete’s discretion.


As little add-on for this, to promote community, I’d like to propose a small budget for Discord / GIPHY content & branding. The budget would be $450, broken down like this:

$200 for my time to get the branding channel set-up and finish any additional content.

$250 set aside to reward quality content to add to GIPHY to other users in the form of tips.

The work would entail:

  • Claiming our brand channel in GIPHY
  • Creating more FOX token oriented GIFs / stickers tagged as #foxtoken
  • Seeing our content populate back into /giphy search via foxtoken tag
  • Curating content via community members and rewarding via tips

Much of this work has been done, and informally rewarded with tips to me already, hence my smaller budget. To move forward with the Giphy brand channel, I just need the go-ahead, and I need to make some more content as the minimum is 5 GIFs to launch a brand channel.