Community Support : Establishing Structure & Growth Capacity

Hey, we actually covered all of those questions above, if you go back over things and can’t find the answer please let me know and I’d love to address what needs to be covered (I didn’t just answer your questions above in my original post that I edited, there was some coverage by others too).

To address the other community situations, what communities are you talking about? I would need to look into what their problems were structurally, and what the people were trying to accomplish when they suggested the job. I agree, having a community support ticket, or feature request system in place wouldn’t require what I am proposing. If you don’t see a few of the other areas of coverage that this proposal is addressing that must be addressed ASAP IMO, again, let me know (see the ‘addressing topics of discussion’ section).

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I’ve read through this entire thread. Right from the beginning you say:

Handling these items is a small task, also it is a preventative measure. Part of my point above was not to get ahead of ourselves as this is a common mistake made by other DAOs.

Also my questions asked above were not answered in the thread. So going to repost what I believe was left unaddressed:

Could you please ellaborate more on what these roles would do and why they are a priority?

Also, how would a mod handle feature requests, and settings adjustments?

Also, comparing the number of mods suggested (paired with the compensation), it is higher than I’ve seen in busier flourishing communities.

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Did you miss the section labeled: “addressing topics of discussion”?

To answer your questions:

The discord community isn’t the only community that needs both a form of structuring and moderation. I hear what you are saying about the tasks not being full time. The thing about that is, that the community being moderated for basic spam, scams, and the sort has to happen 24/7 (or as much as possible). Next not only do users need to have an experience designed for them in order to promote a fluid experience (information has to be freely available and organized) being ready for floods of new users, or even steady increasing of users takes preparation, attention, and of course time.

These tasks aren’t the only ones that would benefit the community. There would be massive benefit from community organized events, and that sort of thing. I think that trying not to knit pick too hard at specific workstream goals and efforts when it comes down to it is going to be a balancing act, and I appreciate the feedback that you’ve provided on the topic. Your concerns are valid, I would just urge you to go over all of the conversation that has been had by other members posts (about other community platforms and possible improvements/benefits) as well as my responses to them in order to grasp the scope of the project being taken on here.


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Yes, I agree that with all of the current items that need to be addressed paired with anything that arises – responsibilities would be enough to consider increasing compensation, or having milestone bonuses in place.

Questions i would have. Some I think i have a vague answer for, but would like it set or laid out, when this goes to the next step.
– Actual ‘power’ given. 'Lead Moderatror"
- make new roles
- make new channels
- add bots (or setup or tweak)
– Temp ‘hire’ for x job (new role, give select power- able to remove later) (IE: Dj for a night)

– eventual help with support.
-I think support is doing well in our discord as it is.
-occassionally, i help someone with a minor problem (I can help with verfication and discord questions)
- System questions - I send them to #support room and they ask the question there, and get some help. Beyond that, they goto the Zendesk support. So a multi level support system. (i want to add another method for Cmods to use, but have to test that first)

Other responsibilities.
-other platforms
– telegram
– forum
– boardroom

Obvious jobs:
-limiting the spam

  • getting rid of the scammers

Need in place a method of adding/removing further moderators- not counting production just need.
(maybe at first we setup with 4 total, and find that its not enough or too many.)

I am a moderator/admin/assistant on a few other servers.
some of those, nothing goes on for days, then a small flurry of activity.
others its a constant keep up with whats going on.
So adding flexibility to the number of personnel would be important.

(My main focus is to help ppl and security-Pushing for some bots etc to help, tightening up the bots that are there) Secondary is setting up some entertainment bots that ive seen, that seem to attract ppl, and more importantly keep them engaged.


I’m going to keep this brief in order to not over run the thread with my own posts:

I don’t think there needs to be much more than a term set for a hard re-vote on Cmods. maybe six months as someone mentions? That should theoretically be enough time to find a community member to replace me that is committed while enabling us to create a foundation for the community to thrive in.

In terms of tasks, as you mentioned there are so many it’s a bit hard to really get them all written out. Luckily I don’t believe that necessarily needs to be done here, as Cmods will be involved with going above and beyond any assumed duties (discord organization, expansion and coverage into telegram, reddit, forum, boardroom, and other points of community engagement/interaction). Further, from the start I wanted you to handle this, but it is obvious that two Cmods are needed. Beyond that reality I have a different set of goals and tasks in mind that you don’t necessarily want to deal with that are ‘marketing’ related. Tasks related to community activities/events and the like.

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I still don’t see the reason to have different levels of mods. I think equal mods would be more in sync and effective since they each would have the same capabilities.

Also, is one of the mods going to offer to work the night shift, or is that not needed?


Sure, one of the mods will be on when the other isn’t and surely will overlap at points. Again, there is a large scope of responsibility and potential work to be done alongside the basic task of being a ‘discord support’ mechanism. There are a number of points of community interaction that have to be addressed including those that we mentioned above. I personally am focused on the structuring of and establishment of the marketing and growth workstream. If I am to be a Cmod it will be for a single ‘term’ or until a replacement is found that can handle what needs to be done.

Have you had a chance to look at the workstream posts? I think you may understand what I mean when I reference the ‘wide’ scope of tasks associated with community expansion and growth. Theoretically this would be part of the marketing & growth workstream. The structure matters, I don’t think you realize that there isn’t actually an assigned team of people handling specific community controlled expansion efforts. This needs to be done in order to accommodate healthy growth.

edit: to address the topic of different mod tiers, the logic is pretty simple. There are different mods with different skill sets and interests to bring to the table now, just as I assume there will be in the future. @giantkin has already been working on and will continue to work on support systems for the community in order to create a foundation that makes both expansion fluid; system operation for future mods will be in place as well. Of course this means that certain mods will be working between the marketing and growth workstream + within Cmod duties (typical support help as you put it) in order to provide the best user experience for the community members both present and future. These mods will direct things a little bit for the more basic ‘support’ focused mods that have basic tasks to complete with lesser time and intensive thought requirements. That is my logic anyways and I’d appreciate any and all feedback, it’s what this process is meant to be used for.



ideation update: Boardroom Management Portal


proposal update: Snapshot