Concerned about salary expectations and costs

I’ll echo @Beorn’s thoughts here, but I’m afraid I have to be a little harsher.

The shift between ‘employee’ and ‘owner’ that he describes is the same mentality that successful crypto investors must adopt in order to be successful.

As a person who has lived and worked in the crypto space for a number of years, I adopt the following lifestyle strategy:

  • I make sure that I have 6-12 months of living expenses saved in USD. Periodically (about once per quarter, preferably during the peak of a bull run), I cash out some crypto to top-up my living expenses reserves.
  • After the above is taken care of, my only goal is to accumulate and hold as much crypto as I can.

Here’s why the above mentality is important: If you do not adopt it, you will not last long in the crypto space. Crypto is volatile, and if you focus on the daily, weekly, or monthly price swings of your net worth or income, you will be shaken out of the market. The only way to stay in it, is to ignore the price. The only way to ignore the price, is to have the peace of mind of knowing that you have runway to maintain your current lifestyle.

The mentality of an employee is incompatible with a crypto lifestyle. At PSF DAO, we employ a couple developers in Venezuela. For the most part, they are not in a place to save/hold the crypto we pay them. And so, they are a constant drain on the market cap of our token.

ShapeShift DAO will have to go through these growing pains. The price of the token may very well tank in the short-term, which will force people who can not give up the employee mentality to leave.

This is an experiment. It may not work out. If it does work out, it’ll be because the DAO attracts a sufficient quantity of members with the ‘owner’ mentality.