Mini airdrop to DAO communities who were missed due to staking or LPing
Jul 16, 2021

Hey FOXonauts
There’s been some chatters on the twitters and in the discord about how many members of DeFi communities feel rightfully excluded from the airdrop. We all know how bad it feels to feel left out… especially with as cool of a community as the FOX den, and as one of the main people involved with creating the airdrop list, I want everyone to know that this was not our intention.
We were aware that by only taking snapshots of the token contracts, users who were staking their governance tokens or providing liquidity in pools, arguably more constructive members of the community, would unfortunately be excluded. One of the ways we were able to justify this as we scrambled to get a million other things ready for the big announcement, was by knowing that as soon as the DAO was launched, we could always follow up with a proposal to drop FOX to these users too.
The tentative plan is to reward users who were staking their tokens or providing liquidity of…

  • the same list of governance tokens
  • at the same $1500 threshold
  • at the same Ethereum block the original snapshot was taken
  • with the same 200 FOX airdrop

The next step in this process is to assemble this list of users so we know how much FOX this will entail.
As the self-established placaeholder leader of the FOX Tokenomics workstream, I will support the endeavor to create this airdrop list, bring the proposal through the governance process, and deploy and fund these contracts with FOX from the DAO if the proposal passes.
I think this would be an excellent opportunity for a community member whose interested in this workstream to contribute, and would love to invite a community member who is familiar with querying data from blockchains like this to apply. In the proposal to the DAO, I will include a request of $1000 of FOX tokens for whoever is accepted and delivers the correct list of tokens. Please reply to this thread if you’re interested or if you have any feedback on this proposal.

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hunt_shapeshiftdemoJul 18, 2021

I second this notion.

jonisjonJul 18, 2021

Agreed hard to weigh in until we know how many addresses/FOX would be required to make this work.
In terms of where it would come from, my assumption is the DAO treasury would fund this directly and it doesn’t need to even fund it all at once it could be topped up over time as more funds are needed (if they are) - even if the total claim was something like 20 mil fox we could start with a few mil fox and just keep adding as more is claimed.

dobbythereumJul 18, 2021

Really on board with this proposal (just to be clear, I will not be receiving any token for it, I just think it would make the distribution more fair).
I can help find the concerned addresses! But I think the criteria are quite unclear, we should first determine the concerned staked tokens (there are quite a few for each of those DeFi projects). Also for the LP tokens, which exchanges should be considered? Which pairs? I think having a concise agreed upon list of tokens/LPs should be done before anyone attempts to gather the list of addresses.

jonisjonJul 18, 2021

Great point and appreciate the offer to help get this together!
My thought is we should include any protocol level staking (e.g staked versions of the tokens like aave, alcx, etc) as well as any major LP pools on most DEXEs like uniswap,sushi,balancer, etc…
Up for other ideas but that is my basic concept.
A bonus would be to pull in a list of folks who have voted with their tokens prior to the snapshot and/or interacted with the protocol(s) over threshold before the snapshot (but these are not needed for this and should maybe if anything be considered separately).

Josh_shapeshiftdemoJul 18, 2021

I also support this, depending on how much FOX we are talking about.

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