Draft 1 Moderation Renewal July 2022 - Dec 2022

ok, after alot of back and forth etc. (and reassuring conversations) im thinking -
‘current’ is a hair lower that Previous really. ( previous was 11700 for a month or 2, then dropped a bit each month, and then 10600/month for the last 3(?) months.) thats the target number. I am thinking i hit that number, and push for Locked fox as bonus’ for both Pzy/shadow.

So $11000 total. $5k GK, $3.5k Pzy, $1.5k Shadow. $100 Bot (50/50 current/future) , $500 locked for Pzy. $400 locked for Shadow. (lock time tbd? 6-12months?)

(above is given in USDC. however, any choice available for Fox payout, is not considered. I plan on 50% for this entire Term. (i should be ok to do that (opolis))


[SCP-89] Ideation Proposal to Renew Moderation July - End of Dec 2022 ideation step


Snapshot Snapshot post.

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