(Draft) SCP-TBD: Investor Relations Workstream Proposal

Hello everyone, first of all I want to thank @hunt, @PTT, and everyone else who anonymously read my ideation proposal here. For those who haven’t read it please read it first for full transparency.

Summary - Investor Relations Workstream seeks to give an answer to the question of “How do we convince investors that FOX token that it is the most undervalued crypto exchange token in the world.”

Abstract - This proposal seeks to develop a workstream that will build a few toolkits that will empower ShapeShift DAO community members to educate the potential FOX token investors about ShapeShift DAO and its products. If implemented it would open up FOX token to new sets of investors which hopefully share the vision that FOX token is more valuable than it currently is.

Motivation - Although ShapeShift DAO is new, if you look at the price chart of FOX token and compare it to FTX token we can see a stark difference between the two, one is in a volatile bear market while the other is volatilely reaching for the moon.

I personally believe that ShapeShift like its name is its greatest asset, imagine a platform that is able to shapeshift into the mold of the toughest government regulation. Or perhaps a version of KeepKey that can interface with any wallet “I want to use MetaMask but authenticate and store my private key in KeepKey”.

Yes, we are in the early days but we must ask ourselves, with what we have invested so far is the current investor staying for the future of ShapeShift DAO or only staying for the yield as this article is suggesting?

Specification - The first thing this workstream will tackle is to create an Investor Relations page which I have created a draft here. On this page, this workstream seeks to curate the current and the future progress of ShapeShift DAO. I am aware that other workstreams are working on curating the past, present, and future of ShapeShift DAO, and I would be using some of the information there and hopefully contribute some to accelerate the progress.

In addition, this workstream seeks to highlight the milestone of each workstream such as this achievement from the Customer Support Workstream which had increased the Trust Pilot score to 4.0, and all the interesting behind the scene that goes with that achievement. This I trust will increase investor confidence that all the workstreams strive for excellence.

The next task for the workstream is to research the stumbling blocks that are preventing the price of FOX tokens to break a certain support level such as this which is my initial theory for maybe why the price of FOX token is hovering above $0.20. Then I hope to submit my research to the relevant workstream and work with them to find a solution to these roadblocks.

Next, we look to the future, as Jon ShapeShift wrote on this Foxifesto

“We believe that crypto as a whole will continue to evolve, and we remain open to what that evolution may look like.”

This workstream would love the opportunity to research and develop the next evolution in crypto. As you know ShapeShift started as a no-KYC platform then move to a KYC structure and now are back with no-KYC that are run by the community. That simple history made me personally want to develop a ShapeShift DAO-approved, community-driven, fully KYC compliant platform in Malaysia. I believe this will increase investor confidence that ShapeShift DAO is committed to its investor topline.

Each platform will complement each other, ShapeShift DAO will continuously develop and refine its products and the local communities will make sure their platform is attracting new investors and sharing their profit and resources back to the ShapeShift DAO.

In order to achieve all the above, this workstream seeks to request an initial investment from the treasury of USD 50,000 paid in FOX token (180,505 FOX @ USD 0.277) to fund the workstream for 6 months with an additional 3 months extension at no additional cost after the first 6 months review if found unsatisfactory. The breakdown of cost can be viewed here.

Benefits - The core benefit of this proposal if implemented is attracting new investors to the FOX token which will help increase its price through the specification that I have highlighted above.

Drawbacks - This workstream would cost USD 50,000 in FOX tokens to the treasury. And maybe a few conflicts of work with other workstreams which may be mediated by transferring or collaborating with this workstream.

  • For - Establish Investor Relations and fund it with USD 50,000 in FOX tokens.
  • Against - Do not establish or fund Investor Relations.

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Thank you so much for reading my draft proposal please don’t forget to vote and also please leave your questions or suggestion below and I will try my best to answer it all.

Have a great day ahead.

Hey @mareo - I appreciate the thought and the efforts on this but I am not sure I understand exactly what the DAO will be getting when it funds this and thus cannot vote it forward from ideation at this time.

Can you be more specific about what falsifiable goals this will produce and how we measure those? Also what will the plan for the use of funds look like?

Another question is could this be some sort of one off project to start instead of a full workstream? Perhaps it could turn into a workstream later, but this seems to me more likely to fit as a defined project with specific goals and deliverables for the DAO as a starting place.


Hey @jonisjon thank you for taking the time to read and reply.

Looking at the current vote I think it is best for me to simplify this proposal in my own word. Basicly the DAO will be hiring me to record my journey to develop a Digital Asset Exchange (DAX) & Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) for Initial Coin Offering (ICO) using ShapeShift open-source platform here in Malaysia.

Why? If you look at the requirements here and here there is a lot of operational documentation required to operate such exchange. By providing this documentation to the community I hope to inspire other members to repeat the success in their own regulated country. With each country, ShapeShift enter and regulated in its current form or the other I hope it would explain the Summary, Abstract, and Motivation part of the proposal.
For the specification, it is more on getting FOX, oneFOX, and maybe FOX success token the first ICO being launch on the platform and how would this exchange give back to the DAO.

The goal is simply to develop a Digital Asset Exchange (DAX) & Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) for Initial Coin Offering (ICO) using ShapeShift open-source platform here in Malaysia. Provide all the records of the formation including operational and regulatory documentation back to the DAO so it can be used as a starting point to be used in other countries.

The funds will be used to make sure I record and deliver all the documentation above back to the ShapeShift community.

Yes, it could be a one-off project but it could be an ongoing project depending on community interest, so I don’t know if that qualifies to be a workstream or not.

Based on this reply can you advice me on what would best option moving forward?

Thank you.

“How do we convince investors that FOX token t̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶i̶t̶ is the most undervalued crypto exchange token in the world.”? - SCP-TBD, Draft Proposal – ShapeShift DAO Documentary Film Production