Engineering Report - December 2021

As is typical in the US, December was holiday time for us, and there was more time off taken than in other months. Therefore, it was a light month for accomplishments.

You can see that we spent quite a bit of time on maintenance / upkeep coding tasks. This reduces the long-term maintenance burden. In times when you don’t have the whole team together, these are good tasks to take on, because they usually don’t require a lot of design discussions before implementing.

  1. Web:

    • Market Data coming from multiple sources

      • More assets now have market data
    • Refactor React data storage and access

      • Faster loading, easier for future code changes
    • Use CAIP-19 ids for assets

      • Following industry standards from Chain Agnostic Improvement Protocol
      • Clearer code, reduce maintenance burden
    • Upgrade UI libraries

      • Reduced maintenance going forward
    • Upgrade to create-react-app 5

      • Better coding features and reduce maintenance burden
    • MetaMask Connection Issue Fixes

      • Wallet modal improvements
  2. Unchained:

    • Finished transaction parsing module with caip2 and caip19 support (intended to ultimately be used client side)

    • Replaced parsing logic in the ingester with the tx parsing module (allowed for removal of the package patch in web)

    • Geth version upgrades

    • Metrics, monitoring and alerting infrastructure (prometheus, loki, grafana)

    • Add /info endpoint to provide network details for chain adapters (caip2 and caip19 functionality)

    • Replace /gas/price with /gas/fees and provide EIP-1559 fee data (pending chain adapters)

  3. Recruiting:

    • Developed a flexible interview process and created a candidate application form. Ready for publicizing in January.