Engineering Report - February 2022

February did not see a lot of user-facing functionality hit the app. The biggest focus was on Cosmos, and there was a lot of code committed to support Cosmos that is not yet user facing. The demos on March 2 showed wallets with ATOM connected, showing balances and charts. That was all in a test environment. We had set a target date of March 28 to deliver ATOM balances, send, and receive in production. And we expect it to be delivered before that date.

  1. Unchained:

    • Cosmos API typescript client
    • Golang websocket server and connection manager
    • Cosmos websocket client and address registry
    • Cosmos transaction history
    • Tx parsing improvements and yearn support
    • Infrastructure cost optimization
    • TaxiStake cluster
  2. Web:

    • Support for ENS names (feature)
    • Auto connect wallet on refresh (feature)
    • UI layer revamp (feature)
    • Yearn functionality and UI improvements, including all Yearn asset support (feature)
    • Depositor (single-sided staking) code / Cosmos foundation work (not visible)
    • Cosmos implemented in ChainAdapters (middleware library)
    • Majority of Cosmos functionality implemented behind feature flags (demo’d on 3/2)
    • Code refactored with “plug-in” model (improves maintainability and future dev speed)
    • Localization work
    • Privacy Policy & Terms of Service
    • Cypress automated testing (improves quality and future dev speed)
    • Dependency package upgrades (improves maintainability)
  3. Bounty Program Progress:

    • Defined process with templates across all repos
    • Slight increase in successful bounty PRs in Feb, compared to Jan. 21 closed in Jan, 23 closed in Feb.
    • Spending through our bounty budget - getting good value
  4. SRE:

    • Initialize/configure TaxiStake services that unchained depends on (Pulumi, AWS, OpsGenie)
    • Initial cost-optimization/rightsizing after v2 launch
    • Refactor CI pipeline to deploy to both unchained clusters concurrently
    • Dev/Public unchained now served by TaxiStake cluster
    • Monitoring / logging improvements, better awareness of slow request duration
  5. Recruitment:

    • Hire announced in Jan, Apotheosis, started in Feb
    • One new hire, Gomes, started in Feb
    • Previous Centralized ShapeShift engineer, Elmutt, joined the workstream on March 1
    • Unchained Candidate working bounties
    • Getting ready to post and interview for Technical Program Manager role