Engineering Report - January 2022

One more engineer finished full-time employment and is not working for a couple months. Our workstream count for January was 8 people. We started active recruitment, and we will see results of that starting in February.

  1. Unchained:
    • Split unchained repository into multi language setup (node and go)
    • Cosmos break-down
  • Cosmos logic:
    • Shared cosmos-sdk package (supports cosmos, osmosis, thorchain)
    • Tx decoding
    • Base api interface
    • Go-swagger (OpenAPI documentation)
    • Infrastructure tuning and monitoring for v2 launch
    • Updated documentation and architecture diagrams
  1. Web:
  • Env vars in separate json file
    • Developer Experience
  • Rename public wallets
    • User Experience Improvement
  • Script to automate releases
    • Improve release process
  • Price & Balance chart fixes
    • User Experience
    • Deployment of Yearn Router contract and point UI to it
  • Multiple account support
  • This was a big feature to support seeing balances from multiple derivation paths
    • concurrently, and being better able to interact with multiple accounts in the UI
    • V2 public launch
  1. Bounty Program Progress:
    • 12 new contributors in January
    • Spending through our bounty budget - getting good value
  2. SRE:
    • Scale up for V2 launch
    • Monitoring and measuring tools for Unchained performance
    • Initialize unchained cluster in TaxiStake AWS
  3. Recruitment:
    • One new hire, 0xApotheosis, starts on Feb 7
    • One temporary part-time contract, gomes, working 20-30 hours a week through February
    • A few candidates working bounties - which is now an integral part of our candidate vetting process
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