Engineering Report - September

Posting this here for historic purposes:

September Accomplishments:

Note that in September and October, this is more of a ShapeShift, Inc Engineering Team report. The Workstream officially kicks off on Nov 1, and at the same time, the number of full-time engineers dedicated to the project drops from 18 to 13.

Web v2:

  1. Sending for eth and erc20s

  2. Complete

  3. Asset Service

  4. Abstraction to make it easier to add additional assets.

  5. Complete

  6. Storybook implemented

  7. Abstraction to make it easier to add UI components and keep them consistent throughout the app.

  8. Complete

  9. Swapper in Lib repo

  10. Abstraction to add multiple trading protocols

  11. 90% done

  12. Types in lib repo

  13. Abstracted to separate package

  14. Complete

  15. Lib repo: auto-version bumps

  16. Automation work to increase on-going dev velocity

  17. Complete

  18. BTC in ChainAdapters

  19. Legacy sends and receive done

  20. Bech32 work began

  21. Wallet planning

  22. Began discussions for how to integrate more wallets and create a wallet SDK


  1. Common API definition

  2. Modify definition to accommodate for different chains

  3. BTC

  4. Nodes, indexer, ingester

  5. All complete

  6. Cluster launcher

  7. Improve Unchained deployment process - configurable for different AWS accounts. Allows for prod and test versions. Easier for outside contributors to deploy in their environments.

  8. Complete

  9. Websockets

  10. For real-time updates of sends/receives/etc…

  11. Work began last week of the month

Contracts, LP, Rewards:

  1. FairDrop

  2. Deployed FairDrop contract and modified front-end to allow eligible addresses to claim it.

  3. LP Staking contract v2

  4. Created and deployed. Once funded, it will start rewarding.

  1. LP Staking v2

  2. Dev complete. Product and Operations began testing the last week of the month.

Mobile and Legacy Web:

  1. Mobile: LP Staking v2

  2. Code complete on Oct 4

  3. Web & Mobile: EIP 1559 gas fees

  4. Complete


  1. Multiple cost saving measures in AWS
  2. Additional infrastructure cost savings research
  3. Moved alerts from Slack to Discord