Establishing and funding the Marketing/Growth & Globalization Workstream


This proposal establishes and funds the Marketing, Growth and Globalization workstream, which will focus on the creation, implementation, and optimization of marketing and growth campaigns/initiatives for the ShapeShift DAO. This workstream creation includes the designation of Toasty, Hunt, and Lindsaylou as collaborative workstream leaders. The proposal will furthermore fund the inclusion of the following additional members: 6 current part/full-time marketing contributors, 6 current part/full-time LatAm contributors, 5 globalization contributors, and 3 contributors engaging in the development and deployment of the ShapeShift DAO Education project.


In establishing the Marketing, Growth, & Globalization workstream, the current marketing workstream as proposed in [SCP-51] here: Snapshot will be discontinued, and the funding for said proposal will be revoked. This dissolution of the marketing workstream, and establishment of Marketing, Growth, and Globalization, will resolve numerous points of confusion and overlap within the current marketing workflow. In doing so, the DAO will save in excess of 19,000USD/month. Furthermore, This will provide short and long-term goals as well as a plan of execution for current marketing workstream contributors to meet and maintain effective product launch/marketing/brand standards.

This proposal establishes and funds the following contributors in their roles as described below:

Toasty: Co-lead and manage the growth workstream and its strategies in outside partnerships and integrations. This includes but is not limited to executing DAO marketing requirements, overseeing and managing the public voice and branding of the DAO and its community presence, as well as leading internal integration strategies, DAO event coordination, and cross-stream collaboration. Further responsibilities include the planning and implementation process for distributing marketing and communications content across all channels, performance analysis, ad and budget management, and understanding business development requirements. It is an inherent responsibility of this role to function effectively as a leader in growth, branding, partnerships, event coordination, globalization, and information workstream/project efforts.

Hunt: Co-lead providing full support as-needed for the entirety of the workstreams directive both in strategizing and implementation of the growth and globalization’s workstream responsibilities and projects. This includes functioning effectively as a leader in growth/marketing, branding, partnerships, globalization, and education project efforts.

Lindsay: LindsayLou will continue as Head of Communications, a role she held in centralized ShapeShift and has held for two months in the DAO. Lindsaylou demonstrated considerable results during her tenure, growing share of voice against competitors from 15% to 30% (equal to Coinbase during the decentralization launch), and helped earn a 2B gross media audience in just two days following the DAO and airdrop announcements (she wrote press releases as well as contributed articles, blogs, customer service content, reviewed eblasts, and added to social content). Her scope would include press releases, media relations, orchestrating product and message launches across all contributors to launch success, editorial support, and acting as communications lead for the DAO (complete document & description here: Proposal metrics - Google Docs).

TheSmith: Leader of LatAm Labs, and co-leader of globalization. TheSmith will focus on strategizing with hunt and toasty to develop and deploy branding and growth frameworks targeting Latin American demographics.

Vlad: Co-leader of LatAm labs. Focuses on marketing strategy for the entire marketing workstream with specific leadership responsibilities as a co-leader of LatAm labs. Continues to contribute effectively, strategizing and executing marketing strategies, while onboarding ethan and hpayne as marketing managers to enable effective and scalable marketing/community building techniques.

LPX: Co-Leader of Globalization, providing full support of the document repository / translation platform, continued management and improvement between global translators and the Engineering workstream through the smooth integration of the continuous localization platform synced to ShapeShift Github, continued translator acquisition and bounty payments for additional languages to be added to the ShapeShift app, keeping track and ensuring ShapeShift app’s locale files are up to date in the 7 languages currently available as well as future added languages, management and continued guidance of the newly formed Korean team, re-purposing of oneDAO to create a Korea-focused education platform, ShapeShift and FOX-related content feed aggregation project for constant translation work for GlobalFOX members with Firebomb.

Firebomb: Tooling to import more content from the ShapeShift helpdesk for translations. French translations of the alpha. French translations of the current bounties for the blog documents.

Jpanam: Tooling to import more content from the ShapeShift helpdesk for translations. Spanish translations of the alpha. Spanish translations of the current bounties for the blog documents. Jpanam also works with LatAm in regular workflow and is compensated for those contributions as well.

ETHan: Community Growth Lead - Providing support for the entirety of the Marketing workflow, including the management of Web3/Social teams, organic cross-community relationship building/networking, and any additional resource management and strategy development alongside Hunt, Toasty, and Lindsay (instagram, FB, email).

Hpayne: Marketing manager - Responsibilities include providing support for the entirety of the Marketing workflow (as-needed), while continuing to maintain newsletter workflow, blog workflow, and any other as-needed content help required by the workstream/workflow for product launches, features, and integrations. Hpayne will work closely with Arina and Lindsay in optimizing and deploying an effective content creation and distribution strategy for product launches.

Arina: Content Creation & Distribution Lead - Responsible for the development and management of all marketing content, working closely with Lindsay, while furthermore developing a network of high-quality and high-impact distribution points (and strategy for utilizing said network of distribution points).

Ron/PTT: Video Streaming & Management - Continues to be not only responsible for Video streaming all possible public calls for the ShapeShift DAO, but reliable and consistent as well. Ron will work closely with toasty, hunt, and graymachine to optimize our video streaming strategy while also taking on the project of migrating all activity to the official ShapeShift youtube account as/when access is granted to the marketing workstream.

Angel: Web 3 Content Distribution - Part-time contributor continuing to maintain telegram, odyssey, & hive, while expanding into further efforts with the help/training of @thesmith and @vlad. Furthermore, responsibility for optimization and maintenance of these mediums of web3/social community building.

Seth: Education project core contributor. He will be starting this new term with a larger amount of responsibility, and will be learning to lead the team in the coming six-month term. His contributions to the DAO and furthermore the education team continue to provide value. Seth will proceed forward with the proposed added responsibilities in the new term with added hours/compensation.

Jess: Education project core contributor. With a strong background in education, Jess consults inbound education/learning related inquiries for workstream leaders while maintaining core Education project team goals.

Twells: Education project core contributor. Twells is a new contributor on the Education workstream and has both a strong background in education as well as in DAO contribution. He has already proven to be a great asset for the core education project team.


The current Growth and Globalization contributors have provided the DAO with value not only by meeting stated expectations and goals, but by going above and beyond in effort, dedication and value addition while working for the ShapeShift DAO. This provides motivation in proposing the renewal of current positions within the workstream (including the addition of Lindsaylou and Twells). Specifically, Growth leadership, the LatAm team, the Education project, and Globalization workflow have continued to meet stated goals for the current and active term, while providing inbound support for any other DAO workstream leader, contributor, and the public while holding regular public meetings on Discord public voice channels. Regular community updates on progress, prioritization, friction points in workflow, and updates in the contributors within the Growth and Globalization workstream have been held during the entirety of the current and soon-to end term.

Unfortunately, the Marketing workstream leader (@petecoin) left his role at the DAO abruptly, without significant warning to the contributors within his workstream. With that being said, @Toasty accepted the responsibility of becoming interim workstream leader for marketing and has been provided with the task of maintaining the workstream contributors that were left without a significant amount of direction. With little to no specific instruction for contributor responsibilities, current contributors were in need of greater certainty regarding their position with the ShapeShift DAO moving forward. For these stated reasons, I @hunt am proposing that the Marketing workstream be combined with the Growth and Globalization workstream to form a highly effective marketing, growth and globalization workstream/workflow. With the addition of @lindsaylou and the co-leadership of @toasty, I believe the consolidation is the most effective and valuable solution for the DAO moving forward. Furthermore after careful screening of the entirety of the Marketing workstream, the conclusion has been made by @Toasty and myself @hunt, that contributors that are willing to move forward with joining Growth and Globalization are fully capable in the agreed upon role (whether a new role, or continuing an optimized version of their old role with the Marketing workstream) and the team will be highly effective in stated efforts and goals.


This proposal both hires following contributors: Leadership/Growth (@Toasty, @Hunt, & @Lindsaylou), Global (LPX, FireBomb, & jpanam), Marketing (@arina, @ethan, @hpayne, @cecret, @angel, @sh0x, @ron/ptt), LatAM (@TheSmith, @jpanam, @mr bear, @rohek, @guilherme, & @vlad), and Education (ShapeShift DAO Education Project; @JessOtterlyHopeful, @twells, & @IrohDW), and funds the workstream and its projects with 124,800$ USD/month for 6 months from May 1st 2022 to November 1st 2022.

Growth and Globalization Budget: Marketing, Growth, & Globalization Budget (All unused funds will be returned to the treasury)

Workstream Goals/KPIs: KPI/ Goals for the Growth & Globalization Workstream - Google Docs

Marketing: Define, utilize and optimize a multi-tiered product launch focused marketing plan. Further, marketing will be responsible for mirroring and maintaining the same web3/social strategy implemented by the LatAm marketing team through hands-on training and execution of systematic content distribution and community building. The team will further develop the marketing plan and strategy once we have access to ShapeShift accounts including but not limited to email/autopilot, instagram, and facebook.

Globalization: In the current term, Globalization has continued to maintain translation services on an as-needed basis for incoming requests from other workstreams/workflows. Beyond maintaining basic duties and responsibilities in terms of translation services, the following document and plan for an Asia focused expansion effort can be found here: GlobalFOX Community Ambassador Program v2 - HackMD

LatAM: Branding on social/web3 platforms while planning and proposing event sponsorship & presence at LatAM conferences/events (currently talking to and planning for bitconf after a very successful ETHRio). Furthermore exploring AMA’s, podcast features, youtube features further as @thesmith and @vlad continue to excel not only as marketing managers for ShapeShift DAO latam efforts - but as speakers and business development driven contributors.

LatAM Presentation Slides Link:

LatAM Monthly Reports:

Jan.: LatAm Report - January 2022

Feb.: LatAm Report: Community Calls and ETH Rio

March: LatAm Monthly Report - 03/27/2022

LatAM community notion: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

ShapeShift DAO Education Goals, Workflow, Values, & Team Agreement:

Marketing Notion & Workflow/Information:

Growth Notion & Workflow/Information:


This proposal creates a single, unified workstream that works under/towards growth initiatives as defined in this proposal. Branding, marketing, globalization, and partnerships working together to create a unified approach in determining the best growth strategy will allow for an effective alignment in order to produce and maintain efficient growth-focused projects and partnerships.


This workstream merges Growth and Globalization with Marketing and will require a larger amount of leadership time in order to effectively manage the entirety of the team, including the projects within the workstream. This transition may require optimization of existing strategy within the workstream and its projects, and further will require leadership to provide training to members of the workstream.


Love that we are bringing these back together and working through some growing pains!

I’m in favor of this proposal moving forward.


This proposal has my support. Thanks for laying it out and describing all the different roles.


Congratulations to all, my best wishes to the team. :+1:


As promised:

Term 2 Wrap-Up: Globalization KPI’s and Metrics.

First soft-introduction to ShapeShift Team Korea, and a peek at the incredible momentum that I have seen building in just the past month. I haven’t seen potential in a group like this since the early days of LatAm.


I’m also in support of this re-merge. Love the cost savings outlined and very excited for the recent talent brought on board by the leaders of this workstream. Well done and I’ll be voting yes on this proposal.


Hey everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know that we have made some slight adjustments to the proposal with some slight changes to the budget (removal of salary and inclusion of manager training).
Also as requested the KPI document has been updated to a format that shows the proposed goals and metrics for this next term and progress updates/ benchmarks from the past 3 months for both Growth and Marketing. Here is a direct link from the forum post above:

KPI/ Goals for the Growth & Globalization Workstream - Google Docs