FOX Airdrop Q&A

Hey everyone!

Just since we’re getting a lot of questions about the distribution I wanted to create a single canonical thread to help folks determine if they should / shouldn’t have FOX.

First if you haven’t already, please read the announcement post introducing FOX:

If you have a more specific question check out our helpdesk section detailing the methodology used for determining eligiblity.

Please note that for eligible participants, there is a 90 day period to claim your tokens, so this post will likely be sunset at that time.

Thanks and looking forward to building with you all!


sir i want to known today just i have open account so if i am trade eth to fox i claim fox token airdrops or not


Hey @saidulislambabu - Please read this post to see eligibility for the airdrop: ShapeShift to Decentralize Entire Company

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Hello! I am glad to be here! I have a question: How can I remove the liquidity in Uniswap? I mean I deposited long ago eth/fox > received the LP tokens > staked on shapeshift > have unstaked > but now I have the LP tokens > how do I convert the LP tokens to ETH? Thanks in advance