FOX Voting Power

FOX in each of the following places count towards voting power:

  1. FOX on ETH Mainnet
  2. FOXy on ETH Mainnet
  3. FOX Success Tokens on Mainnet
  4. FOX/ETH Uniswap V2 LP staked in the round 1 farming program
  5. FOX/ETH Uniswap V2 LP staked in the round 2 farming program
  6. FOX/ETH Uniswap V2 LP staked in the round 3 farming program
  7. FOX on xDAI
  8. FOX/xDAI LP tokens on HoneySwap
  9. FOX on Polygon
  10. FOX or FOXy deposited into Rari pools 6 (Tetranodeā€™s Locker) or 79 (Fox and Frens)
  11. FOX deposited into the FOX token reactor (aka tFOX held in your wallet)
  12. FOX locked in Hedgey NFTs held on Gnosis Chain
  13. FOX and FOXy held in any of the above places on a wallet that has delegated to you

Not yet supportedā€¦

  1. FOX/WETH tokens in Sushigon (SushiSwap on Polygon)
  2. FOX in the FOX/HNY pool on HoneySwap

1 FOX = 1 voting power, whether held in wallet, represented by tFOX, or paired with another asset in an LP


Any chance to get scFOX added to the list for the entire 13 of us holding it? Recently went heavy on UMA to hunker down for the long-haul aka to train my weak hands. :sweat_smile:


100% chance :sunglasses: thanks for requesting @LPX

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