FOX Voting Power

FOX in each of the following places count towards voting power:

  1. FOX on ETH Mainnet
  2. FOX/ETH LP tokens staked in the round 1 farming program
  3. FOX/ETH LP tokens staked in the round 2 farming program
  4. FOX on xDAI
  5. FOX/xDAI LP tokens on HoneySwap
  6. FOX on Polygon
  7. FOX deposited into Rari pools 6 (Tetranodeā€™s Locker) or 79 (Fox and Frens)
  8. FOX deposited into the FOX token reactor (aka tFOX held in your wallet)
  9. FOX held in any of the above places on a wallet that has delegated to you (Snapshot)

Not yet supportedā€¦

  1. FOX/WETH tokens in Sushigon (SushiSwap on Polygon)
  2. FOX in the FOX/HNY pool on HoneySwap

1 FOX = 1 voting power, whether held in wallet, represented by tFOX, or paired with another asset in an LP