Future Partnership with RabbitHole.gg

For those of you unfamiliar with rabbithole.gg, it is one of the first exciting crypto educational projects. It is essentially a dApp that rewards it’s users for using other dApps.

Rabbit Hole users participate in quests, skills, and projects, all of which are on-chain so can be tracked and are rewarded with experience and tokens (the latter being for the current quest on an external dApp e.g. earning UNI for making a swap on Uniswap v3 and providing liquidity).

From what I’ve seen so far it seems there are 3 types of users:

  1. Persons wanting to learn about other projects
  2. Persons chasing ‘free’ coins (‘free’ because usually offset by gas costs)
  3. Persons wanting to add to their crypto resume

I’d personally love to see #1 and #3 be introduced to ShapeShift. Not that there is anything wrong with #2.

Right now RabbitHole only supports Wallet Connect but that may change soon. And looking at our tentative roadmap, wallet support is one of the top items listed.

I think it would be incredible to have ShapeShift partner with RabbitHole as soon as either party becomes compatible. It gives us the opportunity to introduce new users to the platform or remind previous users that we are still around and better than ever before.

While in our current state, a quest is not possible, it most likely will be soon and partnerships take time to set up. I propose that we begin these conversations now so that we can launch as soon as the tech allows us.

Projects they’ve partnered with already:
Aave, BrightID, Compound, ENS, Gnosis, Matcha, mStable, OpenSea, Perpetual, Superfluid, Uniswap, and Yearn.

Would love to hear everyones thoughts. Thank you.


Great idea @Vooka ! I would love to see this discussion get going and for something like this to be setup to teach more people about ShapeShift.

I love the idea of quests for them to complete to earn FOX (this has actually been something I have wanted to see in ShapeShift for years but was never prioritized high enough ) - so I would support you reaching out and starting some conversations with their team to see if there is mutual interest and what next steps may look like!


It would be good to have a team of people with a little bit of experience doing this sort of relationship creation as proposals like this arise (alongside the originators). What is the proposed ETA on workstream organization @jonisjon ?

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I believe the hope is those workstreams will start to name some leaders and form over the next few weeks, this is something @willy knows more than me at the moment though.

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I’d assume projects like these are negotiable but here is some preliminary data for a partnership with RabbitHole (RH):

Launching a quest with RH means that we would be adding ShapeShift permanently in the Projects section of the site. A project can be made up of 1 or more tasks . When a quest launches, the project’s task exists in the Quests section until it’s redeemable amount gets reached. When the quest ends, the tasks still exist to be claimed for RH experience.

These are what RH believes are ideal numbers for a new task:

  • 1,000 user minimum
  • $20 per user**
  • 20% of total allocation goes to RH

** users are also awarded an NFT through OpenSea on MATIC.

If we were to use their numbers exactly this would cost $25,000. $20,000 FOX would be redeemed by the first 1,000 users and $5,000 would go to RH.

Looking at the most recent quest with Uniswap, I belive these numbers can be altered a bit. The Uniswap quests were halved from 1000 to 500 because 1 UNI wasn’t enough to cover gas costs for the multiple tasks. The redeemable amount was also upgraded to 2 UNI. UNI at the time was also under $20.

Additionally, there are still some action items before this is possible:

  1. ShapeShift can support MetaMask and/or Wallet Connect

  2. We also need an available subgraph on The Graph so RH can verify on-chain transactions

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I am interested in the subgraph situation, and would like to create a separate thread about that If need be.

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Wanted to add a third item to the above list.

  1. ShapeShift deployed on a layer 2

Users will be less likely to sacrifice gas costs to level up on RH if the task is on a layer 1 dApp. Waiting for layer 2 deployment should yield a much larger ROI.

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