Global Translations Status - November/22

Good Morning, Guten Morgen, Bonjour, Buenos días, Bom dia, доброе утро, FOX fam! (This list is getting bigger).

The Globalization Workstream reaches its fifth language and just added Russian language support in ShapeShift’s open-source platform! This comes in line with the strategy of global expansion in countries with massive access to our platform, in addition to contributing to the DeFi movement diffusion around the globe.

Metrics* shows how accesses from Russia have a significant share in Nothing fairer than delivering a product that speaks the same language, even if the audience have a good English level - German translations case, we know that its audience has a great level of English, but why not deliver the product in German? So be it.

*See: Google Analytics Report from last 90 days

As stated in some of Global’s public calls, we must (and are committed to) keep all languages ​​at least 97% translated, which brings us to an average of 99% usually. We currently adopt a translation sync aiming for at least 1+ Pull Request in the /web repository (and /lib when necessary) weekly, thus, the translations are always up to date with new added strings. We should continue to maintain our bounty hunters program and add more languages to the platform, Ukrainian is on the spot. Here’s the EN/RU bounty for reference:

See: Global WS Github doc

I consider the translation flow a successful operation and i’m so happy to share these news with the community. You can check all the languages ​​spoken by the app through the deeplinks below:

In addition to App translations we also maintaining the translations for some regional landing pages, currently with 3 active languages being translated in real time by the hired Global team.

Big props for all translation team, you guys have been performing an awesome job in #Global-Translation-Flow.

kind regards,

~~ thesmith

Definelly a great addition, thanks mates!