[Ideation] SCP-166 ThorFOX, a FOX tokenomics upgrade proposal

A few notes on this proposal moving to ideation:

There was some robust discussion regarding this proposal during the RFC period that can be reviewed here: [RFC] ThorFOX, a FOX tokenomics upgrade proposal

While a lot of discussion was had, from my perspective nothing was landed on or agreed to about what changes (if any) would be made to the original draft, so the only change that was made for moving this to ideation was moving the minimum staking withdraw time from 14 days to 28 days (which is a call I am making based on the discussion so far).

There was lots of good discussion in particular about what the starting parameters should be set to, whether to add additional parameters, the staking withdraw period, whether to burn or not, and a number of other topics. While the discussion was good, there wasn’t much consensus about what any changes would look like (in fact there was varying opinions on different sides of these), so for the moment I am keeping the other drafted starting parameters the same as what was in RFC but am more than open to hearing more community feedback on any of these topics!

There is of course still time between ideation and any formal vote to discuss, weigh in on, and potentially change any of this for that next phase and regardless all parameters can be updated by governance in the future even if the proposal passes in its current form.