[Ideation] [SCP-99] Addendum to SCP-91: Proposal for @Tyler | ShapeShift to become interim Marketing Workstream Leader

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This proposal is an Addendum to [SCP-91] and would replace and resolve any outstanding obligations and budgets outlined within the previously passed proposal for the budget outlined below that now extends to mirror the timeline of [SCP-94] . The goal of this addendum is to maintain an interim workstream leader in Marketing and provide support, structure and accountability until a full-time Workstream Leader can be identified, proposed, and voted in.



In accordance with SCP-91, the current interim Workstream Leader (@lindsaylou) has her term ending completely on 9/1/22. There has not been a suitable replacement that has been identified or proposed. Lindsay, with the support of the entire Marketing Workstream, approached Tyler to step in as interim Workstream Leader in order to prevent the workstream from going leaderless, and to help provide support in admin, organizational structure, task management, KPI and project tracking and development, until such time that a new Workstream leader can be selected and integrated.


The Marketing Workstream has begun to make strides in capabilities in strategy through tools like Pendo and unlocked permissions and access to other tools that help inform data based, customer inspired decisions around the ShapeShift DAO and product suite. With end dates of the current interim Workstream leader fast approaching, bringing Tyler | ShapeShift in as the new interim workstream leader and extending the Marketing Workstream term to mirror the current Operations Workstream term, provides extended runway for the DAO to help find a new Workstream Leader for Marketing (SCP-91 ends its term on 11/1/22, SCP-94 ends its term on 1/31/23). It provides the workstream with an interim leader with a proven track record in the DAO that can keep the team focused, on task, connected, supported, and paid with little to no disruption to current Marketing operations.

Tyler is approaching this with the acknowledgement that Marketing plays an important Operational role within the DAO and needs representation while continuing to search for a talented marketing representative willing to take on the task full time. As the Operations Workstream Leader, his attention to detail, experience in management, and complex procedure and system development will provide interem help in key areas through process and structure. These practices include: cost analysis, budgeting, further development of team agreements, job expectations and descriptions, continuing building workflow procedures and documentation, and finally working to grow and develop data discovery around customer acquisition costs, user metrics, and other frameworks for measuring campaign impacts, press release reach, and other insights. With this acknowledgement, Tyler plans to align with the drafted strategy, outlined by Lindsay and vetted by other workstream leaders, and will communicate and advise actively with the current Marketing Workstream Contributors and DAO community members to address and iterate success into the strategy of Marketing in the DAO.

Finding a replacement for the interim leader will be a top priority, and a committee or group of advisors will be formed to help field candidates, hold interviews, and find a new fulltime Workstream Leader. Having an extended deadline to find the right future workstream leader can provide more assurances to the DAO that we have adequate time to find the perfect fit. If a new Workstream Leader is not selected by the end of the new proposed term limit, a new proposal will be required for renewal of the stream and Interim Workstream Leader.


This proposal addendum identifies Tyler | ShapeShift as the new Interim Marketing Workstream Leader. Tyler will assume all Workstream Leader responsibilities as outlined in [SCP-92] for the Marketing Workstream while continuing his obligations as the Operations Workstream leader, splitting focus and time. There is a strong acknowledgement that this proposal is made more possible by the Operations Workstream contributors stepping up to take on delegated tasks and responsibilities.

This proposal extends the current Marketing Workstream term to the end of January 2023.

This proposal will begin a search for a new Marketing Workstream leader to be identified and integrated, and upon transition, Tyler will wind down interim responsibilities and resume full focus back to the Operations Workstream.


In order to shore up outstanding obligations outside of the future monthly budget with this transition, there are some line items that have been added to the budget request for this proposal alongside the monthly budget.

The obligations are 2 line items for press releases that have either already happened or are committed to, the back pay of a contributor from 7/15-8/15, and payment for the rest of the month of August for the contributors- aligning Marketing and Operations to be on the same pay period.

Outstanding Obligations:

There are also some changes that have been made to the monthly budget that are documented and explained below:



Notably, there is no longer a $6,000 bounty line item to pay for misc needs, contributors, and to be used for all press releases and ad spend. The bounty amount has instead been broken down into line items more directly labeled to their actual spend requirements as expressed by previous leadership. There is still a Misc. fund for ad hoc requests, but it is much smaller than the previous bounty line item to rediscover additional unallocated spends. Line items have been added for 2 PR releases a month, 2 campaigns worth of digital ad spend, monthly promotional giveaways, and 2 contributors that were paid out of the bounty funds.

There is also room for one new hire Marketing Contributor that is currently allocated 100% in USDC. This role would initially be a jack-of-all-trades marketing position that can assist in partnership communication, social campaigns, digital ad and email copy, press release content creation, and more. The hiring process for this role will commence shortly after this proposal passes.

The proposed budget looks to focus on accountability with continuing metrics around monthly spend that can be compared and related to user analytics while working to offer clarity and actionable data around previous pain points in budgeting that have been highlighted from previous Workstream leaders without a need for contributors providing out of pocket. If this budget proves that additional spend is required, a new proposal backed with data from this proposal’s budget and spending impact will be submitted to the community to meet the budgetary needs in a transparent process.

For maintaining the responsibilities outlined within this proposal, Tyler will be asking for $5,000 FOX locked for 1 year. This is 1/3 of what was allotted previously for the Workstream Leader and 100% in FOX with a 1 year lock. With Lindsay stepping down at the end of the month but winding down interim leadership responsibilities on the 15th, Tyler will be assuming a seamless transition and have the second half of the month for any complications in transition. This is reflected in pay in the August backpay outlined in the first budget graph.

Monthly Totals:

The monthly spend of the Marketing Workstream would be reduced from $54,400 to $41,100 (25% reduction) with the monthly totals in USDC and FOX being $29,000 and $12,100 respectively. The total spend for this 6 month proposal would be $233,750


This proposal keeps an interim leader at the helm of the Marketing Workstream that has the full backing and support from this workstream with a proven track record for management and overseeing complicated and complex processes. This also provides support and a longer timeline for finding a fulltime replacement Workstream Leader.


Tyler | ShapeShift will be operating as a Workstream Leader for 2 workstreams for a limited amount of time.

Ideation Snapshot vote can be found here


I’m in full support of this proposal and appreciate you stepping up to take on this additional responsibility @Tyler. Also appreciate @hpayne @Arina @twells @sh0x @PTT and @danovaex for running a lean, mean marketing machine. I look forward to seeing continued optimizations and execution of the strategy laid out by @Lindsaylou and the stream.

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I’ll back this. at least its a good experiment.

(gotta test how much hair one person can pull in one day)