Interested in contributing to a workstream?

Hi! interested in helping with support and community function/growth. Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

This looks like an amazing opportunity to grow something great!

Hey all,

Interested in helping out where I can with product, dev, community, etc.

By day I’m a Technical Product Manager for a Venture Capital company, background in Management Consulting, been dabbling in the blockchain area since around 2015, a lot more heavily involved since around 2017 - previously worked in the Aave team when it was still called ETHLend in community/product/development.

Have been a fan of Shapeshift and the foxes for a long time now :upside_down_face:


How long until someone responds. I feel like I filled out a form ages ago to help and then crickets.

I think responded to many of these and tried to point them towards the workstreams which are forming. Which workstream did you fill out the form for? can you check on him and point him in the right direction to get involved?

Hey Willy, thank you for putting this up. This is awesome work.

I’m happy that I can be part of all of this. I’d like to suggest creation of a Moderation workstream, the workstream would be focused on handling tools that the DAO would use like Discord, Telegram, Boardroom etc.

For example the Workstream would handle telegram chat group moderation, discord events scheduling, recording of calls, moderating support.

That’s all I can think of right now and where I can contribute to. I have experience with discord server moderation. Already filled the form too. Thank you.

Thanks , welcome 1f642

While we don’t yet have a Moderation workstream, we do have two community moderators that are basically functioning as a mini workstream (right now they’re using the Special Projects workstream), and . It sounds like you’ve already connected with them, which is perfect. I’m sure they can help you figure out how you can start contributing to the moderation team in whatever shape it ends up shifting to 1f642

hey 1f44b apologies for the crickets. as the workstreams are stablished this next month, there will be leaders of each workstream responsible for following up with interested contributors.

If you were interested in either the Product, Tokenomics, or Marketing & Growth Workstreams, those just held their first kickoff meetings last week and are going through the governance process to get their first funding. If you’re interested in either of those workstreams, check out the recording of the kickoff here in the forum and let the workstream leaders (CAO, myself, or PeteCoin) know you’re interested. If you’re interested in the engineering workstream, make sure to attend the intro call to the new open source codebase this wednesday (add to calendar).

If you’re interested in any other workstreams, you haven’t missed anything yet, other than maybe some forum discussions.

Hi Willy,

What a great move towards decentralization, I would love to be a part of this revolutionary way companies operate.

I have experience in a legal/compliance background. I graduated with a first class degree in Law in the U.K. and then worked for a company as an International Entity Management Supervisor ensuring companies worldwide meet their annual statutory obligations like filing of the Accounts, AGMs etc. Also we dealt with incorporations/liquidations, appointments of directors and other ad hoc tasks in more than 80 countries worldwide.

I also have experience in trading cryptocurrencies and would love to work for a company where I can combine both of my interests and contribute to your growth by sharing my knowledge and skills.

Thanks for your consideration.

Best Wishes,


welcome ! great to meet you, and looking forward to getting to know you more and finding ways for you to contribute and get rewarded 1f642

Thanks Willy! :relaxed: Looking forward to getting to know you all more as well :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello all,

Slight introduction

What has attracted me to this community?

The lure that caught my attention initially was the innovative goal of taking an existing company intentionally decentralizing (deconstructing) all the pieces and then creating new highly adaptable and modular pieces and loosely coupling these to form a new DAO. The broader idea of revolutionizing the ways business can operate and creating something new.

Neverwas one to shy away from a difficult challenge, I can see inspiration in the expressed aspirations I have come across in the community so far. This includes but not limited to vision on DAOism and uplifting energy. The co-founders vision, courage, and inspiration to allow ShapeShift to be ushered into this unknown or even self created chaos. And to offer pathways for other employees to follow or not in this journey. tireless drive, openness and giving nature to go beyond and to make a difference for this new community. The creativity, drive and generosity is inspirational and can be found in many others on a daily basis within the community. This also builds a sense of inclusiveness that can be welcoming to new members no matter what their background is, level of knowledge, or the desire of initial participation.

Ok so who the hell am I and what do I know?

So in a very fast and high overview (I am sure people are tired of reading already), in a professional capacity I have 20 plus years in technology, starting from the bottom and working my way to the highest levels. I was a CIO/CTO for one of the largest privately held automotive groups in the United States for 10 years. Working to bring about change as the first in that company’s history and one of the originals in the whole industry of private automotive groups. While none of this is crypto or blockchain related, having the vision, capacity, ability, and insight to be able to adapt and build strategies that bring about successful change in complex business models has its advantages. Seeking to further challenge myself and shift to a more mentorship minded role, I founded a business where, as a consultant/mentor I digest the determined goal(s) of clients and build optional pathways to attaining those goals. I have dabbled in crypto since 2015, I enjoy challenging myself with programming when I can, and I am a big believer in security first principles. I always work to find new ways to continue to learn and adapt, and here enjoying the ability to educate myself in the areas of blockchain, tokenomics, and DAO principles. I am willing to put in the effort and help others along the way. I gladly offer up my skills, experience, ability and knowledge to the betterment of the DAO community.

Hey Guys, wasn’t sure where to post but very excited by this project and new DAO!

I’ve been a active contributor with the index coop DAO for about 4 months now, involved in various initiatives such as improving on boarding of new joiners, creating and maintain a new streamlined contributor rewards process to name a few. Background is in Management consulting with PwC, and in mathematics. Hoping I can get involved and contribute my skills in some way and meet some cool people!

Interested in working in Ops.

Hi Willy,

You may know me from being a very active member in the discord for the past month (tumilet). I have been looking for the past week to get a job in something crypto related, as I believe blockchain and decentralization are the future (and present) and DAO´s will have a very important role in the overall industry.

I am a 4th year double degree student of law and business administration at the Comillas Pontifical University in Madrid, Spain; currently located in Chicago as part of an international exchange for the fall semester. My native language is Spanish but I also speak English almost on a native level (I have been living abroad multiple times) and some French. Studying a double degree has facilitated me to have a great knowledge in a wide variety of areas, but I have focused my interest in the following:

· Accounting

· Finance

· Statistics

· Blockchain (from a legal point of view) and how will cryptoassets be regulated (MiCA proposal).

My academic experiences have served me well in developing my problem-solving, critical thinking, and innovation skills. As I side hustle I have been immersed in the crypto markets and specifically Defi in the last years. This has enabled me to enhance my knowledge and form an opinion of what is to come in the future and particularly how will Defi change traditional finance as we currently know it.

When I find something interesting and challenging, I become very motivated and committed to knowing more about it. When I was in my last year of high school, before starting university, I had a first contact with economics and I started reading every news I could of the world of finance. My school signed me up to the IX Olympiad of Economics and Business of the University of Murcia and was awarded the first place which qualified you for the X Spanish national Olympiad of Economics and Business being held in Santiago.

I work-well underpressure and due to my oratory and debate background I am good at using clear and concise communication by taking keypoints and summarizing in my head the most important takeaways of lectures, debates, reports.

Having said that I would love to work for a company where I can combine my interests in law, finance and crypto and that really motivates me to improve in all of those areas. As additional points, I am a good note taker (I average 70 wam) and I also like to draw in my spare time which got me involved in the nft space to sell some of my sketches.

Thanks for your consideration,