LatAm Sprint Report 12/27/2021: Carabela

Dear community, how are you?

I hope that Christmas was filled with peace and good energy, regardless your beliefs. Here, from LatAm side, we took easy this week but the Christmas spirit motivated some milestoes :santa:

Closing ouR 5th sprint called Carabela (dec 21 ~ dec 27) .

The approach with GUStakes guys resulted in Spanish and Portuguese engagement on the Web3. Personally, I didn’t expect such engagement and Mr. Bear surprised me with this message on 24th


A really positive result that leads us to believe that Hive Chain has a great potential audience for LatAm and even America.
245 Upvotes + $57,94 raised in a single post.


PS. GGWP @Mrbear

Our works on Odysee won’t stop, even on 24th @Jpanam dressed as Santa made a POAP giveway for entire Odysee community and sent some as gift to key partners (That’s GCA power :wink:).

:heart: Artwork: @Rohekbenitez

All giveway started on this Odysee article and reached 500+ views so far.

Following this Odysee audience, we also sent some tips through Odysee tool. @Vladhzc kindly priovided 1k LBC’s (lbry protocol coin) for this campaing:


Regarding Hive/Steemit KPI’S, I believe it’s time to ‘tabulate’ results, although they are all available in the block explorer:

Hive @Foxlatam: foxlatam | Hive
Hive @ShapeShiftDAObr: shapeshiftdaobr | Hive
Steem @foxlatam:

For the next sprint we will explore the protocol and also Reddit, that’s why @guiriba is working closely to me, we’re jumping between blockchains and collecting valuable results. Growth hack at its finest + content on chain :fire:

Check all LatAm KPIs and roadmap:
Check weekly KPI’s:

Our office is closed on 31st/december and 1st/january due holidays.

Stay tunned on LatAm updates, we are sailing :sailboat:

Kind regards,



Looks marvellous ! Keep up the hard work