LatAm Update - Meet our Hackmd's Repository

Hey FOX fam, are you having a good week? I hope so :pray:

A lot of people ask me about how we handle with contents in Spanish, Portuguese (and English eventually). LatAm Team has a funded Hackmd environment and keep all texts such as published articles there.


Hackmd is a handy collaborative tool and we are aiming a big repository inside it. We’ve worked on 60+ collaboratives notes so far and oboarded all team, so stay up to date for LatAm and meet our repository :wink:

PS: Yes, we intend to build a Github integration.

Do you have a cool idea to add this project? Join us!

Kind regards,

~~ @thesmith


Thanks for keeping the community informed :pray: @thesmith I hope that we as a community can start to try to make it a habit to publish regular updates on our DAO forum as you are :slight_smile:

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