Proposal for the DAO to fund setup of an official merch store

Ever since the early days of ShapeShift, people have loved the brand and wanted to rep gear with it on it. Even those who didn’t understand the product or crypto in general love the brand, we got so much good feedback on this front we jokingly considered pivoting to a clothing company many times.

Well the ShapeShift DAO now stands to benefit from this, ShapeShift has one of the most recognized and coolest brands in the industry, we should take advantage of this and the DAO should fund someone or a team to take up this charge and create an “official” ShapeShift DAO merchandise store.

The possibilities are endless, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, socks, mugs, sunglasses, koozies, and so much more. You name it and someone probably wants a ShapeShift branded version of it.

My specific idea is that the DAO should fund initial setup of this store (with something like 20-30k FOX), from there it will probably be revenue positive from day one in combination with it being the “official” ShapeShift DAO merch store.

Whoever is the proprietor of this store the DAO sponsors/contracts with should be entitled to half of all profit (after costs), the other half should be returned to the DAO on a regular basis (say at least once a month).

So on a basic level, the proposal would be to create a bounty to find the right proprietor to create the store and sponsor the initial development of the deployment of the store and initial merch. Moving forward this could be a very profitable business benefiting the proprietor who does the work to set it up and maintain/operate it and the DAO together. Could also source new ideas for merch from artists in the community as time goes on and share some profit with those folks too for their contributions.

If for any reason the person or group the DAO contracts with does not deliver or the community thinks they are not doing a good enough job, the DAO can take away their official designation and fund a competitor to take over official store duties.

Curious to hear community feedback and preferably people throwing their name in the hat to be the initial proprietor if they think they have the right skill set and interest to run the first official ShapeShift DAO merch store!


This sounds like a fine proposal to get some ShapeShift SWAG out there in the physical world. Start getting people used to seeing those FOX / ShapeShift / KeepKey , etc., logos.

As @LouisvilleHigh has expressed interest in taking this up and has more than the needed experience to make it a success, I’ll throw in my nomination.


I also appreciate this proposal idea, I am willing to lend a helping hand along the way. I would recommend proposing allocation of funds for a domain, and various infrastructure outside of funds for the merch that will populate the store initially.


I don’t know what it would look like but I would love to be involved somehow. I love FOX swag


To be extra progressive, I propose we allocated some sort of profits to charity (lets plant trees!).


This sounds fun and I always enjoy building eCommerce sites. Interested in either running or being on the team that works on this. +1 from me.


It’s a great idea, tokenized shapeshift socks for proposal voters :eyes:? :joy:


Love the idea and would also like to be considered for either contributing or running! Owner of and the first store to accept fox :wink: I know the idea is in its infancy but more discussion/plans on what all that would entail would be needed before I could really fully commit.


“proposing allocation of funds for a domain”

I think the domain should just live at somewhere ( or whatev)


sounds right, wasn’t sure about legalities.


Yesss can’t wait to buy even more FOX $wag! @duv what’s the status of the ShapeShift merch store you set up? Does it support FOX payments?


@willy @Beorn Currently it does not support FOX payments, but could pretty easily, that just needs a little discussion on where that money goes and legalities around accepting crypto for payment for said entity. It is live and being used for promo items. That is where current giveaways ship from. its already deployed on a * domain behind password.

Happy to discuss the best path of getting FOX as a payment method, it’s a great idea!


@luna_hawk How would you feel about using your nft designs for the first drops on the merch store? I’m thinking hoodies/mugs/pins. It would make it easy to do a 10 phase merch drop as the designs come out via NFT ‘master’ copies.


I think this could be something that will drive brand awareness, and is a great idea. People love to represent what they are part of, and shwag and clothing is essential in community building.

After all, teams wear uniforms right? We all want to be individuals and have a look, so uniforms won’t work in that regard. But a well rounded offering that includes clothing and utility based accessories can offer the same cohesiveness that uniforms deliver.

The mentality of belonging and physical manifestation in design will drive all aspects of community building.

Having a store and/or product manager will be important for sourcing and fulfillment SOP’s.

But once all that is established, it should be fairly rudimentary.

Limited runs and promotional activity can run in tandem. The best thing with fashion is you can use it annually to accentuate aspects the DAO we want to focus on. Whether adoption, upgrades, events, partnerships. Etc.

It might be easier to decentralize the store in a way that enables small businesses to provision the store via specific offerings. All of this depends on the scope of the store though. Could be a big thing (imagine Amazon/Shopify model) or your typical shwag store with shirts/sweatshirts and hats.

**** another thought

What if we could buy more than just shwag with FOX? What if we created a buying group that gets great value for everyday needs that we could spend FOX on…


I love the idea! The NFTs are for the community to use for the sake of Shapeshift.


Let’s do this! I want a SS DAO tshirt!!!

Maybe the quote needs to be “Let’s DAO it!!!” - @willy


I 100% support this proposal!


Merch is the way! Good revenue but even better the marketing results. If done right and with good wearable designs the impressions can be off the charts!


I would like to nominate myself given my previous experience working on shopify stores (not limited to shopify).

Few follow up Qs:

What expectations are there for the proprietor?
What transparency is required by the DAO?
What involvement would the DAO like to have in the design and functionality of the site?


Great - I would like to see some sort of community discussion moving this forward.

What we need now: A proposal draft covering specs., nominees (I believe there is you, and another - maybe we need two managers), and further discussion on the subject at the community governance call next week.

If you’re interested, line up with @Tyler and he will plug in a merch store discussion to the weekly governance meeting next Thursday. :fox_face: