Proposal to Establish and Fund the Growth and Globalization Workstream


This proposal establishes and funds the Growth (Globalization, Partnerships, and Branding) workstream of which will focus on the strategizing, implementation, and optimization of growth campaigns/initiatives for the ShapeShift DAO. Establishing this workstream includes the designation of Toasty and Hunt as collaborative workstream leaders, while further establishing TheSmith and LPX as co-leaders of the globalization/translation initiative. The proposal will furthermore fund the inclusion of an additional 11 members: 5 current LatAM contributors, 3 globalization translators (Japanese, Korean, & French), and 3 contributors engaging in the development and deployment of the ShapeShift DAO Educational Roadmap.


Toasty: Co-lead & manage the growth workstream and its strategies in outside partnerships and integrations. This includes overseeing and managing the public voice and branding of the DAO and it’s community presence, as well as leading internal integration strategies, DAO event coordination and cross-stream collaboration. It is an inherent responsibility of this role to function effectively as a leader in growth, branding, partnerships, globalization, and information workstream/project efforts.

Hunt: Co-lead providing full support as-needed for the entirety of the workstreams directive both in strategizing and implementation of the growth and globalization’s workstream responsibilities and projects. This includes functioning effectively as a leader in growth, branding, partnerships, globalization, and information project efforts.

TheSmith: Leader of LatAM Labs, and co-lead of globalization, TheSmith will focus on strategizing with hunt and toasty to develop and deploy branding and growth frameworks targeting Latin American demographics.

LPX: Co-Leader of Globalization providing full support to document repository infrastructure hosted here: Furthermore, it is LPX’s responsibility to manage the development and execution of French, Japanese, and Chinese language translation bounties.


As the DAO grows, the requirement for a branding and partnership focused growth initiative continues to grow as well. Providing assistance in Globalization and LatAM Labs development while focusing on its most successful projects/assets/contributors already in place provides newly-formed efficiency in strategizing human capital allocation. By combining the globalization workstream with a newly formed growth,partnership & event coordination workstream, the current workstream contributors in existing workflows will experience an ease of contribution not possible with the present lack of workstream structure and management surrounding the initiatives defined in this proposal.

While FOX token reaches new and varied markets and the DAO continues to seek worldwide opportunities for partnerships and innovation, a dedicated team is required to better seek, acquire, and develop new branding and partnership opportunities as well as strengthening our current user knowledge base. The need for dedicated oversight and leadership to refine and strengthen growth opportunities is vital to the continued success of the DAO’s collective efforts.


By establishing a dedicated workstream to focus on the growth, branding, partnerships, globalization, and information/project scope of DAO efforts, we resolve the need for the expansion team required to develop more partner integrations, drive an increase in globalization, and start a new DAO education sector.

Growth, Branding, Partnership, Globalization, and Information/Project scope of work to include:

Growth & Branding:

  • Develop Twitter following and tone for marketing and outward facing messaging for the DAO, through posts/engagement, promotions, and integrations. This will be a joint effort with the Marketing Workstream.
  • Strategize and define direction in community growth efforts within discord and on
  • Planning and proposing event sponsorship and presence
  • Giveaways: Merch/NFT promotional giveaways
  • Contests: Content creation, Art auction
  • Provide Support/co-manage LatAM (Regular strategizing and optimization of ‘in progress’ campaigns within LatAM Labs & providing support for networking efforts including event sponsorships, integration inquiries, and partnership requests)
  • Cross-community relationship building/maintenance (ex: UMA x ShapeShift DAO & 1hive x ShapeShift DAO)
  • Closely align with product & engineering by regularly attending and engaging with the Engineering workstream in order to ensure that growth initiatives align with current engineering and product workstream vision
  • Develop ShapeShift DAO NFT Project Specs


  • Recruits, develops, manages, motivates, and liaises with strategic partner alliances/partnerships and opportunity pipelines and integrations outside of the traditional crypto/ Defi space (NFTs, Blockchain gaming) via incoming and outgoing cross-community/project networking efforts while focusing on DAO to DAO opportunities that align with the vision, ethos, and mission of ShapeShift
    • Continue working with integration bounty hunters (also continue/maintain monstrosity’s current contract for successful integrations such as the ELK/FOX integration and marketing agreement deployed targeting XDAI liquidity offering opportunity)
    • Continue to form and maintain DAO to DAO relationships in order form strong, long-term cross-community relationships.
  • Collaborate with the DAO merch store partner to align with them on promotional/ event merchandise while building out the partnership scale.
  • Ensure coverage (deemed cost-effective by the DAO) at events to create/maintain new and promising/beneficial partnerships

Globalization: Globalization will be refined by TheSmith as he continues to focus on LatAM branding, growth, and marketing, while LPX continues focusing on translation repository development and Asia focused translation/onboarding. LatAM: Branding on social/web3 platforms while planning and proposing event sponsorship & presence at LatAM conferences/events (currently talking to and planning for bitconf 2022) to the DAO.

Ongoing efforts include:

  • LatAM Labs - Latin America focused marketing effort
  • - A globalization/translation focused document repository
  • Content translation targeting Asia and Latin America

Information: Includes ShapeShift DAO Education Roadmap special project & bounty-based content creation. The ShapeShift DAO Education Project will directly address the lack of educational material to streamline onboarding and user-flow for new and interested DAO members, partners, and potential FOX hodlers.

ShapeShift DAO Education Roadmap:


The term of this workstream and its contributors is 4 months from January 1st 2022 to May 1st 2022. This proposal both hires following contributors: Leadership (Toasty & Hunt), Global (LPX & TheSmith), LatAM (TheSmith is the lead), and Information (ShapeShift DAO Education Project; @JessOtterlyHopeful, @DavidRAllen, @IrohDW), and funds the workstream and its projects with 238,000USD in FOX.

Growth and Globalization Budget:

The following link details Globalization accomplishments, blockers, and infrastructure overview and provides insight into the projected goals and roadmap of the workstream moving forward: I&G+G - Google Slides

Developing an effective globalization effort through engaging in Latin American focused marketing efforts enables the ShapeShift DAO to begin the process of brand establishment and growth initiatives in order to create a voice throughout Latin America for the ShapeShift brand. This initiative is invaluable as growth in adoption within the Latin American region has grown exponentially at a velocity that is currently unparalleled globally. Through engaging a demographic that ShapeShift has historically been unable to successfully market, the previously hindering barriers in serving LatAM demographics will be less significant.

The following links include the Latin American marketing roadmap, community notion, analytics, and project presentation slides:

LatAM Presentation Slides Link:

LatAM Roadmap Link: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

LatAM Analytics Link: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

LatAM community notion:


This proposal creates a single, unified workstream that works under/towards growth initiatives as defined in this proposal. Branding, globalization, and partnerships working together to create a unified approach in determining the best growth strategy will allow for an effective alignment in order to produce and maintain efficient growth-focused projects and partnerships.


This proposal will cost 238,000 USD in FOX across a four month period. This workstream merges previous work streams/project leadership, which may require optimization of existing strategy and implementation/optimization within the workstream and its projects (Globalization, LatAM labs, & ShapeShift DAO EDU Roadmap).



Hi there! i come here as LatAm Team member and GlobalFOX Community Ambassador from I+G to tell you a little about my profile.

For those who don’t know me, my name is Fábio (a.k.a @thesmith ) and I’m based in Brazil, during my career in the labour market I earned leadership positions at HDI GmbH (as Senior Marketing Analyst) and SOS Children’s Village (as Product Owner) these two experiences ensured me global baggage, as I dealt with international products. Nowadays I work for the DAO and run an LLC in Brazil that sells digital insurance in a fully automatic operation. I would like to endorse that our team is fully committed with humans and DAO’s resources. This proposal was written by a leadership who has great affection for the entire community, so we don’t expect less than a high performance team.

Speaking about horizons, the proposal is core vital for the globalization project maintenance and now we are bringing more features, as LatAm has proven effective and the GCA program as well. We discovered new talents, we incubate a foreign community and we are taking FOX beyond America, so the show must go on! :fire:

DAO can count on my full support and structure in Brazil, whether an office in São Paulo’s heart or networking across the country.

I’m very proud to be part of this awesome moment and would like to thank the entire community for trusting in my work and especially in those involved in LatAm project and in this proposal.

Let’s DAO it!


Hi everyone!

I’m new to the SS DAO, but not to teaching and learning. I have 15+ years in education, with previous roles such as a professor, associate dean, and education consultant. I’ve taught and built courses on a variety of subjects (including crypto). I geek out about engagement strategies, instructional design, and assessment.

People who prioritize open, honest communication, enjoy collaborating, and value integrity are my kind of people. So are people who are passionate, driven, and have entrepreneurial mindsets. Add in people who believe in crypto and open blockchains and I’m sold. :slight_smile: From what I’ve seen that is exactly what this den of foxes embodies and I’m grateful to be involved with this community.

The proposed Growth and Globalization workstream leaders have a well-thought out strategy with profitable and attainable objectives that supports the continuing success of the DAO.

Thank you for welcoming me and I look forward to what we can accomplish together!


definitely, I’m very excited about the educational concept that this workstream will host! feel welcome, Jess!


Hey FOX fam :slight_smile:

LPX, here. The growth of the workstream, as well as my constraints in terms of time available (pretty sure I am the only WS leader atm with a full time job that requires 60+ hours a week), has made it pretty obvious to me that moving forward something needed to change, whether it be adding new leaders to help with the workstream or doing a “merger” – I think we found a good middle point which I, along with those heavily involved in the I&G and M&G workstream can agree on.

About a week ago I told Hunt that I recognized the need for help and to potentially take a step back so I can focus more on the infrastructure, workflow, and the development side of things and focus more on Asia, as I have first-hand seen the very obvious gap knowledge of DeFi and DAOs in the Asian community. I have several theories why this is the case, but more important than theorizing the why, I would like to focus on the how – how we can fix this and make a push for DeFi education and ultimately onboarding of the Asian market into our future services and products which you guys are all so hard working on.

I didn’t volunteer to take a step back because of a disgrowing interest of the DAO or because I grew less passionate – it weighed heavily on my heart for over a month now – but I knew it was clear that in the best interest of the DAO, there needed to be a shift in the I&G workstream for it to truly blossom. And to me I am not taking a step back, rather recognizing the need for more collaboration and help from passionate DAO members.

But do not get me wrong, I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished. The GlobalFOX leaders that we have curated (huge shoutout to Hunt for really lighting a fire under them), is a testament that the GlobalFOX program is working intended as I have envisioned and even more – to raise the next generation of global leaders that not only took pride in their translation work, but really take initiatives, turn ideas into action, really show their passion for the DAO, but most importantly, really share the core ethos and values of ShapeShift, which is economic freedom and equality for all. I couldn’t be more proud of the GlobalFOX team that we have, and this re-structured workstream, imho, would truly allow the continued growth and allow them to blossom even further.

Working with this DAO has truly made me fall in love with crypto again, every day it amazes me how much its matured over even just the past couple years. When I wrote the proposal to start the I&G workstream, COVID had ravaged our economy and work was slow, and to be honest, it was financially very difficult. But now that we are in economic recovery, the workload has been growing almost unbearably. During the first two months I lost nearly 30 pounds, slept maybe two or three times a week, and my health was not in a good shape. If I could have quit my day job, I would have done so months ago, but I’m sure everyone is aware that life is not that simple, and due to loyalty and commitments, although I am unable to quit my dayjob completely, I was able to lessen my hours to focus more on the DAO (managed to get every Wednesdays and Saturdays off to focus on the DAO, which is almost an impossible thing to do in Korean work culture). They say that once you go DAO, you can never turn back to “normal” work, and I have definitely caught that bug.

I am truly grateful for ShapeShift DAO, all the people that have shown be support along the way, every GlobalFOX leader and contributors, third party help I’ve received, yes, even the sometimes questionable third party language reviewers :sweat_smile:. I plan to give all that I’ve got to the continued growth of the global team and our ultimate mission of delivering the good news of DeFi and the tools of financial freedom to those that need it the most. And I am at peace acknowledging and admitting that we need as much help as we can get. And I am hopeful that everyone in the DAO sees the progress we’ve made and enable us to hit back for another season, this time stronger, well-resourced, and even more pumped up with a LATAM team on fire.

Although we can not provide the DAO with immediate KPIs like a monetary ROI or how many international users we have brought to the platform, I strongly believe that that day will come. DAO revenue, positive ROI, treasury growth is of course great, but I believe that the continued education for the unbanked is in some ways even greater, if that is truly what our ethos and values are. And in turn, I’m also very positive that it will all come around, and the international usage of our OSS platform will far outgrow the usage of the “old” ShapeShift platform.

Phew, sorry for the long writeup, but I’m sure you guys are used to that by now from me :wink:

tldr; I am 100% fully supportive of this pre-proposal discussion and the expansion of the workstream, this time with more leaders with shared workload and a fired up team.


Ideation Post: [SCP-52] Proposal to Establish and Fund the Growth and Globalization Workstream [Official Ideation Thread]

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