Proposal to Integrate EPNS into Shapeshift

EPNS is the Ethereum Push Notification Service. They launched in January and allow DAOs to send push notifications related to governance proposals (new proposal, 24 hours remaining, results, etc.) on their mobile app, web app, or browser extension. Soon they will enable voting on proposals from the notifications.

This proposal requests 100 DAI to pay the fees for setting up an account for the DAO. Any unused funds will be returned to the DAO.

Once the EPNS API and analytics are complete adding user controlled push notifications to our web app will be put on the Product Roadmap.

Any questions, comments, or concerns are welcome. 1f642

thanks for pushing this forward ! super excited about all of the possible integrations with EPNS and starting with governance notifications.

One thing that could be good to discuss/specify is how the EPNS channel will be managed. For example, we can configure the DAO as the admin but specify that the DAO can delegate the ability to send notifications to marketing workstream leaders. It would be great if we could figure out these details in the incubation/ideation stage and then specify them in the proposal.

I think that the Operations workstream should be the admins, but all workstream leaders should have authority to send notifications. This may change depending on community feedback, but I will definitely add that in the Ideation stage of this proposal.

Given the trivial amount this costs to spin up, do we need a proposal and to go through the governance process or is it simply something Operations can just move forward with or is this proposal to more broadly integrate it into our application?

That’s a good point. Willy asked me to write this proposal, but perhaps it isn’t necessary. What do you think ?

  1. I agree this is a small one. Two reasons I think this warrants a proposal:

    The DAO will need to execute transactions to deploy the channel (unless we decide to leave admin of the channel up to an EOA, which I don’t think we should do)

  2. The DAO can potentially delegate the ability to send push notifications from the channel to an EOA. If we decide to go this route, that should be specified. Otherwise, if we don’t specify and want to implement this in the future, it would require an additional proposal.

IOW, recommending the proposal route so the DAO is never executing transactions that haven’t already been approved by governance, either implicitly or explicitly.

Open to other alternatives though! Another option would be for the foundation to admin for now, but figured if the DAO can handle admin from the get-go that would be ideal. We also have ~2 weeks until EPNS team will be ready to launch our channel, so figured we could pass the proposal in the meantime.

  • Couple other things to mention:

    Notifications come with a Call to Action. Which drives user engagement and participation in the Governance process.

  • Once ShapeShift is activated as a service in the EPNS protocol, it also offers a backend, that allows to use the channel for other purposes like sending announcements of new features, etc.

I’d be more than happy to answer any question you may have.