Proposing the Unification Workstream

Proposal to create a Unification Workstream, topics should pertain to subject matter and ideas on how the DAO can help uplift its members to participate to their fullest potential.


I would like to propose a multifunctional wellness and DAO strengthening workstream. The ethos of a DAO is made of three unifying parts, Decentralized Autonomous Organization. This workstream’s focus is on the organization aspect of this ethos and its supportive role in bridging the decentralized and autonomous units together to form one DAO. Its primary function would be directed at developing the means to help maintain the overall health and wellbeing of the organization that is the Shapeshift DAO.

Why would people use this workstream? What is it for?

This workstream is intended to be developed for those looking to be and already participating in the ShapeShift DAO. A preliminary outline of function would include but not be limited to providing access and ability. Initial steps would include:

Developing, building, and maintaining a system for facilitating shared communal assets among the DAO organizational units. This would be designed and implemented applying the ethos of decentralization and following the stated values of the DAO mission.

Act as a mediator helping to address concerns from participating parties. Help facilitate the discovery of qualification and ability assessments for those proposing to enter workstream roles, some examples are:

  • Maintain documents on workstream determined needs, assessments that can be re-shared to different workstreams, updated and reused, build efficiencies toward ease of on-boarding and off-boarding members.

Act as a communication and informational conduit between parties. Mentor interested parties in different stages of ShapeShift DAO journey, examples can include:

  • Aspiring workstream members
  • New workstream members
  • Existing workstream members
  • Developing workstream members
  • Outgoing workstream members

Are you applying to lead this workstream?

Yes I @Neverwas would like to request to the DAO community that I be appointed as the first leader of this Unification Workstream.

How will this workstream work to differentiate itself from other workstreams?

This workstream will work throughout and with all workstreams as a whole, the ShapeShift foundation and the community users that are yet to be or are current workstream members. The workstream will be available to work in addressing existing, new, and yet to be determined concerns. Developed to adapt with and designed for unifying the ShapeShift DAO community. This in part is accomplished by bridging needs, communication, and resources while looking to offer mentoring assistance to interested parties.

What is the mission of this workstream?

  • To proactively work to prevent barriers of access across all organizational functions, building pathways to greater communication and access. providing resources and ability to the whole DAO while developing adaptive efficiencies and procedures.
  • This workstream will act as an impartial mediation toolset for all represented DAO interests. developed to provide insight, support, and functionality to all DAO parties including WorkStreams, community members, and the shape shift foundation
  • Build community bonds, bridge organizational capability, strengthen its ties to fellow members, function, adaptation, and the stated DAO ethos.

What are the goals of this workstream?

  1. Uphold and help maintain the interest of the established and documented ethos of the DAO
  2. Work to decentralize organization, integrate members and focus on organizational health.
  3. Work in conjunction to help reduce frictions, assist in assimilations, transitioning, and bridge communication between DAO members and units that make up the complete community. An initial focus on the three unifying community groups.
  • Genesis Fox DAO
  • ShapeShift Foundation
  • ShapeShift DAO entry
  1. Provide transparency into the ShapeShift DAO, workstream, and foundation activities. Offering documentation and knowhow on budgeting, process, procedure, toolset, and systems.
  2. Strengthen the ability of the ShapeShift DAO to help better ensure community resolve, address the unknown, and adapt to persistent and varying change, while still working to address and maintain the future health of the ShapeShift community.

What metrics will be available to measure the success of this workstream’s efforts and achievements?

This workstream is being proposed to be achievement based and will be sectioned into articles listed in the SoW (Statement of Work). This will take place over a predetermined period of time and held accountable by determined milestones. As milestones are achieved the release of requested funds contained within the overall article budgets and specifically the individual milestones themselves are disbursed. As SoW are completed new determined needs will be proposed to the community to vote on and then amended into the workstream. After each completed milestone, documentation will be provided to the community (platform to be determined) as to what was accomplished, how and why. The SoW is a verifiable agreement between the DAO and the workstream members

What should topics in this category generally contain?

Some of the initial topics should pertain to subject matter and ideas on how the DAO can help uplift its members to participate to their fullest potential. Ideas on bridging resources and ability to strengthen the overall DAO and discovery of toolsets that assist in the mission statement of the Unification Workstream.

Do we need this category? Can we merge with another category, or sub-category?

Yes I believe that we need this category, I hope that others can see the great potential and associated value with this category. I believe that a workstream that is intended to build, maintain, and adapt to the organization needs of the DAO can offer the tools and ability to better greet and meet current and future challenges.

Will this workstream hold recurring meetings?

Yes this will take the form of separate and dedicated meetings as well as joint or combined efforts. This being up to the DAO’s determination to be most effective and efficient with community time.

Included additional documents and links:
Proposals first SoW
Proposal Details


I love this proposal because it addresses some concerns I’ve had lately. I look forward to seeing its progress, and I’d like to be actively involved in helping it succeed. :slight_smile:


i liked the ideia. it seems to me a guide for other Workstreams, what I mean is that this workstream can provide a direction for DAO’s jobs x ethos.
I also believe that the main flag of this workstream could be: “Build community bonds, bridge organizational capability, strengthen its ties to fellow members, function, adaptation, and the stated DAO ethos.”


I need to reread this in a better state of mind but it sounds like a people workstream that @meesh and other have talked about internally.
I would love to see this work!
I also would like to see how this works with the Operations workstream @Tyler . :beers:


Glad that it offers value, addressing community concerns is a large aspect of this workstreams intent. Thank you for the support.

First let me say that I appreciate this is your first post to the forum, thank you for sharing. To your first point, yes I wanted to offer a different type of workstream. The format and structure is a different approach to what we have seen so far. I have alluded to and shared some of the concepts in previous reply posts.

The intent and mission is to offer resources and value to the DAO community, members and supporting the ethos. I am glad that this resonates with you and I hope that it will many more as well. :grinning:

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Thanks for the reply, and I am happy that others are having similar thoughts. Its intent is to work with all workstreams as well as other parts of the DAO so definitely operations would be included. I have started developing the first SoW (Statement of Work) and have detailed quite a few milestones already if you want to understand some of the interactions. See the linked assets folder I also have a budget detail that I haven’t posted yet but will shortly.

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I’m also excited to see this pop up. I also appreciate, the thorough SoW list of items.

As a potential WSL, I have a lot of cross-team goals I’d like to achieve for the greater good of the customer experience and I believe having an advocate to get this done would be great. Do you see this as becoming somewhat of a mediator/advocate role? Here’s an example:

The support team is working on helpdesk articles constantly to ensure there are resources for our ever-changing line of products and services. These helpdesk articles will require fact checking by the Ops/Product team and creative feedback by the marketing team to make sure crosslinking and promotion is included when it can…would you be able to help build these processes?

Also, I appreciate the use of FOX denomination to an extent, but the 3% fluctuation stuff seems a bit confusing, when it’s clear you’ll want to stay in the $20k range for 30-45 days worth of work…right?


Thanks for putting this together @Neverwas! I can tell you’ve put a ton of thought into this proposal and the SoW.

Getting the best talent into the DAO and promoting healthy communication and collaboration both within and across workstreams is indeed one of the most important ingredients to our success. It’s great to see that you already have many ideas for how to achieve this. From what I’ve seen you contribute so far, I think you’d be an excellent driver of this mission.

That said, I do see some significant overlap with @Tyler’s Operations workstream, @huntthewick & @giantkin’s c-mod workstream, and a possible People stream (or outsourced HR agency) that @meesh and others have talked about internally (really hope to see this happen). I think you’re right that we need many of these functions, but functions such as the recurring cross-workstream meetings, are already planned and in the works.

I like the sentiment of the goals, but would much prefer to see S.M.A.R.T-er goals that the community can measure.

While I like the way the SoW is structured such that payments are denominated in FOX and only occur once the work has been completed, I think the budgets are generally too high, particularly the 23,000 FOX for making the proposal.

I’d recommend setting up a call with at least @Tyler, @huntthewick, @giantkin, @meesh, @IrohDW and anyone else who wants to join where we can go through each of the deliverables in the SoW, see if another workstream was already planning to address a deliverable, and if not, give feedback on the deliverable and budget.

Thanks again for starting this discussion and for all of your contributions to the community so far @Neverwas :pray:


As someone hoping to contribute to the product workstream this sounds like a great task as a bounty or something.

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I am interested in that notion and would love to see it discussed further in detail either here on the forum or on discord :raised_hands:

I’d be happy to setup a call if that is where @Neverwas wants to go with it.

I would add that tasks like these seem like great onboarders for the product workstream or at least a way to contribute casually. If you are fact-checking help articles you will no doubt gain product knowledge. Get a few of these under your belt and it would be decent proof of product knowledge and something to add to your C.V. when applying to the workstream. Come to think of it, helping out with support could work in a similar way for product onboarding…

ideas on how the DAO can help uplift its members to participate to their fullest potential

I haven’t been around here as much as I’d hoped but unless I missed something I haven’t seen much from product since the kickoff. What are other easy ways for product to get involved? Can we share the Jira / GitHub boards or wherever the user stories are managed?

proactively work to prevent barriers of access across all organizational functions


Thank you for taking the time and effort to add to the conversation. Your involvement and contributions are very much appreciated to all those who have been so willing to start the conversation both here on the forum and in discord. I look forward to helping to address stated concerns and questions when possible. To that effect I am working on putting together a call for the whole community and would love for any and everyone interested in participating to please help to choose the most applicable time

Ssmegan I’m also excited to see this pop up. I also appreciate, the thorough SoW list of items.

I love that this can excite our community and that members would enjoy detail, that is one of the ongoing missions of this proposal to provide the DAO with details and valued information. This comes in many forms and is distinct from what other workstreams or working toward. This workstream isn’t looking to duplicate any other existing function, but add to and support those functions in the ways determined by the DAO community. This workstream is just offered as a toolset to making those determined goals, more approachable, accessible, and achievable. I will gladly explain in more detail on the call and I will most likely update the unification detail post as well.

To your questions, yes advocate for the DAO as a whole, and to help in finding ways to bring or “unify” all of the DAO organization units together and help to ensure this can continue going forward.
Yes to mentor as well, in providing resources to the workstreams, community members, foundation, so this can come in different ways, and would work with other DAO “units” in achieving them. Resources can be documentation, tools, pathways to determined goals, communication(discussion) putting the necessary people together “building bridges”.

Yes, so this determined need would be first included into a SoW and documented as a milestone in this case the focus would be on process. The workstream would then work to break down and identify the tasks and resources needed to identify the pathway to achieving the goal. This would be done in part through the inputs of the parties involved and the unification workstream. Once the milestone is developed it is presented to the DAO in a SoW and voted on by the community. This SoW wouldn’t include this individual milestone but would be a compilation of milestones that will be executed within the workstream on a predetermined and disclosed timetable(also documented in the SoW).

I understand, the fluctuation process is a working idea and other solutions may work better, I haven’t released the budget detail spreadsheet yet and that can provide more data. Each milestone will differ in needed resources and therefore the budgets will directly work to effectively reflect those determined needs. It’s not exact, I would never claim it to be, but documented disbursement and actual budget detail will allow for excess to be redistributed to other milestones in that SoW if needed and if not returned to the treasury at the conclusion of the SoW. So to this point a little more, the funds do not get disbursed unless conditions of the completion of the milestones are met, so the funds will still be in colony at the expiration of the milestone and the overall SoW. I hope that this was helpful and will gladly expand or explain further for anyone in need.

I know that we have spoken to a few of the questions and concerns in your above reply, So quickly for readers. The operations workstreams meetings are something distinct and not what this workstream is looking to do, this is more inline partly with panel discussions, a platform for community health discussions, idea generation and one way that the unification workstream stays connected to the community so that relevant SoW can be determined processed and formulated.

So a couple quick points:

  1. The community chooses the goals, not the workstream, The workstream documents, presents pathways, and oversees the execution of those goals. This is the first SoW and as a template of sorts I took up some of the “building blocks #1” milestones as examples and to get the process started with a determined foundation of sorts, this wouldn’t be the intent going forward and even now the proposed milestones can be adapted this isn’t voted on as yet…
  2. Every goal is measured in whether it is completed, or not, the steps taken, and the documented process that is made available for all to see after the fact.

Besides the support that this unification workstream works to provide this workstream and others it has nothing to do with c-mod, I of course can communicate with the parties involved and better ensure this, if needed.

I hope that the forthcoming budget detail can help, and this again is a draft and still in flux.

Thank you for including your interest in participating, I hope that this workstream can assist you in finding the role of participation that best suits the DAO determined needs.

Thank you for helping in this when you have so many things happening as well, big shout out to the community for passing the Marketing & growth workstream and funding this so that it can begin adding continued value to the DAO, I look forward to building the support systems that can uplift and empower the ability of this and other workstreams to further strengthen and increase the health and wellbeing of the new DAO