[SCP-38] Proposal for Creative Services Group within Product Workstream


This proposal details the formation of the Creative Services group. The purpose of the Creative Services Group is to design and create content that communicates in alignment with the ShapeShift brand.


This group is proposed to be a new “squad” within the Product Workstream, resulting in a slight expansion of the responsibilities handled by Products to encompass media design services for other workstreams. My proposed role is to be Director of Creative Services, as a new full-time member of the Product workstream, and squad leader of Creative Services.


Companies in the crypto space are highly brand-focused: SushiSwap, Olympus, Maker DAO, etc. Sustaining ShapeShift’s strong aesthetic and branding guideline is essential in pushing forward as an industry leader.

The mission of Creative Services is to provide design-oriented and brand-focused creative support, guidelines, and guardrails to the myriad of projects the DAO will take on. This includes internal projects from workstream members, bountied designers and content creators from the community.


  • The focus of this squad is to help all ShapeShift workstreams communicate effectively, supported by engaging content that is aligned with the brand of ShapeShift DAO. This support can come in the form of:

    Graphic design services

  • 2D/3D animation
  • GIF / Sticker creation for Discord / GIPHY / Tenor
  • Video production
  • Creative writing
  • Photography
  • Instructional design
  • Creative project management
  • NFT creation & sales
  • Producer services:
  • Story visualization
  • Script services
  • Video translation production
  • Closed / Open Captioning

It is anticipated that the production needs will be handled by myself for these first 6 months, and by small bounties when additional production support is needed. I will serve as a project manager and designer, also function as a group manager to coordinate and curate design talent for future projects, as we look toward expansion.

remains responsible for the ShapeShift brand and will serve as the Director of the Product and Design Workstream.


  • A all-encompassing design group allows ShapeShift to be competitive within the crypto ecosystem, projecting a polished, professional image in all that we DAO.

  • As we move further into decentralization and open-source, with community driving so much of our future, it is imperative to take charge of our image, establishing boundaries for new members that want to participate in projects.
  • This allows me do what I’ve been doing for the last few months, but unfettered from holding two jobs simultaneously, without having to budget bounties for every small job.


NOTE: This proposal is not for the final approval of the budget, as that must be written into the next renewal of the Product workstream. However, I wanted to provide transparency on the budget up front.

The budget for this squad will add $110,00 to the Product & Design Workstream over the next 6 months, covering some initial equipment costs, salary, utilities, stock elements, and additional expenses such as bountied design services, trade show conferences and small benefits. I anticipate the first two months being a phase-out of my previous job, overlapping one full month and a perhaps second month of contracting.

Non-salary items that go unused (stock elements, bounties, conferences) will go back to the DAO.


The only drawback I see is cost. I think we have some opportunity to offset with revenue-positive projects such as YAT integration, OpenSea integration, and NFT creation.


A vote “Yes” means: you support the creation of the Creative Services group within the Product workstream, and to support and approve me ( or just call me Harry) to be Director of Creative Services.

A vote yes does NOT approve the budget for this squad, as that will be approved in another proposal.

Personal Statement:

I wanted to take up a short amount of space to speak with some more informal language, outside of the summaries, abstracts, objectives, etc of a proposal.

In the few months I’ve been directly involved with ShapeShift, we’ve quickly developed a very symbiotic relationship. Personally, I’ve learned so much from sitting in on meetings, watching projects get launched, and chatting with many of you one on one. This process has very held true to the ShapeShift mission for me: enabling my own financial sovereignty.

On the flip-side of that, ShapeShift has also started to lean on my abilities and strengths to communicate ideas, educate FOX holders, launch marketing campaigns, expand the effectiveness of its brand, and last but not least, create fun GIFs!

However, the reality is that doing all of this and juggling a full-time job is just absolutely exhausting and not sustainable. I love the creative challenges I’ve been able to tackle and solve within my short time with ShapeShift DAO, and I think a logical next step for me would be to pursue this full time.

If you think there is value in me, as well this new new role and expansion of the the Product group into Product and Design, give it a vote of yes and you’ll have my axe. Thanks for reading! You all are awesome.

In full support of this - love to see you stepping into a larger role within the DAO and I think this fits well under the product Workstream hand in hand with excellent creative talent like and

You’ve been an incredible contributor to the DAO so far . You’ve taken initiative, actively engaged, consistently delivered and exceeded expectations, and are an excellent communicator and coordinator. and this is all in your free time!

I think it would be a huge win for the DAO and for FOX Token holders to have you focused full time on Creative Services, and can’t wait to see all the creatives that you and this group produce.



GM, sorry I didn’t get feedback earlier, def had more going on than initially thought.

Just to confirm, would any nfts and products produced by this “squad” going to be 100% owned by the DAO?

Correct. This would be “Work for hire” design and would be 100% DAO owned. I wouldn’t have any ownership of it.

Perfect! thanks! I will supporting this as well 1f642

You provide great ability and utility to the DAO, I enjoy your contributions and hope for many more, my support is with you finding a balance that is beneficial for you and the DAO to continue to create and inspire others. Thanks graymachine

as I said, I was very inspired by your journey at the DAO, Gray… So you have my full support.

I think your work is awesome, and your ideas have merit. Im behind you.

I’m so happy to see this proposal on the forum! You have excellent skills and have already proven how valuable you are in this community. I completely support this, and am excited that the product team would be growing if this proposal passes.

I’m in full support of this :+1:

I’m in full support of this too! You have been a great contributor and super valuable to ShapeShift already, let’s get this! :fox_face:

Thank you for your support everyone! It means more than you know.

On to Snapshot!!!