[SCP-42] TOKEMAK C.o.R.E. 2 Reactor Bribe Refund

Summary: This proposal provides TOKEMAK C.o.R.E. 2 Reactor bribe refunds to the FOX holders that secured the #1 position on the recent C.o.R.E 2 reactor vote through selflessly making bribe donations on behalf of the DAO. These C.o.R.E. 2 Reactor bribes provided incentivization for $TOKE voters to decide which project/coin would secure a reactor. Without said bribes FOX would very likely not have secured/won a reactor (requiring top 5) during the C.o.R.E. 2 vote.

Abstract: During the voting process, $FOX token did not seem to be in a position to win with the level of incentivization provided by the community leading into the final day/hours of the vote (as can be seen in this thread where we were #8 with 15 hours to go: https://forum.shapeshift.com/t/tokemak-c-o-r-e-2-solution). The only idea/solution that the community could agree upon at the time within the ShapeShift DAO discord, was that we would all support a future vote to refund FOX bribers; if we were to plea to the community/FOX holders. Thankfully after I made this post in an attempt to rally the community, numerous FOX holders stepped up to the plate in the interest of the DAO, selflessly increasing the amount of FOX in our C.o.R.E. 2 bribe pool.

Motivation: The benefits of having a TOKEMAK reactor are vast and provide the DAO with not only new tokenomics related capability, but in community growth, exposure to new potential users, and so much more. What the community members did that stepped up to the plate and secured this C.o.R.E. 2 reactor is effectively heroic in my opinion, and for the aforementioned reasons I am dedicated to following up on the suggestion that we refund these heros.

Specification: This proposal passing provides a refund in the amount of 1295084.98 FOX, which will be paid out to 9 addresses (from 14 transactions). The addresses collected were provided by @CollFoxyPrincess (on discord) to myself @huntthewick (@hunt on discord). They have also been fact-checked by myself (@huntthewick), @collfoxyprincess, and @jonisjon. Furthermore, these payments are to be directed and executed by the Treasury’s multi-sig signers if this proposal is to pass.

Benefits: We have secured a highly sought after TOKEMAK reactor due to the selfless and honorable acts of numerous FOX holders/community members. This refund provides them assurance that this community will do the right thing in providing a refund to holders that wish to see our DAO grow in strength and capability; two things that a TOKEMAK reactor will bring to FOX token & our DAO as a whole.

Drawbacks: We will be distributing 1295084.98 FOX from the treasury; this is an expense which decreases total treasury holdings.


Will the DAO refund 1295964.93 FOX
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The following is the data on bribers & the amount that the DAO will be refunding to each address:


The proposal has now gone to snapshot for final vote here: Snapshot