[SCP-52] Proposal to Establish and Fund the Growth and Globalization Workstream [Official Ideation Thread]


This proposal establishes and funds the Growth (Globalization, Partnerships, and Branding) workstream of which will focus on the strategizing, implementation, and optimization of growth campaigns/initiatives for the ShapeShift DAO. Establishing this workstream includes the designation of Toasty and Hunt as collaborative workstream leaders, while further establishing TheSmith and LPX as co-leaders of the globalization/translation initiative. The proposal will furthermore fund the inclusion of an additional 11 members: 5 current LatAM contributors, 3 globalization translators (Japanese, Korean, & French), and 3 contributors engaging in the development and deployment of the ShapeShift DAO Educational Roadmap.


Toasty: Co-lead & manage the growth workstream and its strategies in outside partnerships and integrations. This includes overseeing and managing the public voice and branding of the DAO and it’s community presence, as well as leading internal integration strategies, DAO event coordination and cross-stream collaboration. It is an inherent responsibility of this role to function effectively as a leader in growth, branding, partnerships, globalization, and information workstream/project efforts.

Hunt: Co-lead providing full support as-needed for the entirety of the workstreams directive both in strategizing and implementation of the growth and globalization’s workstream responsibilities and projects. This includes functioning effectively as a leader in growth, branding, partnerships, globalization, and information project efforts.

TheSmith: Leader of LatAM Labs, and co-lead of globalization, TheSmith will focus on strategizing with hunt and toasty to develop and deploy branding and growth frameworks targeting Latin American demographics.

LPX: Co-Leader of Globalization providing full support to document repository infrastructure hosted here: https://docs.shapeshift.one/ . Furthermore, it is LPX’s responsibility to manage the development and execution of French, Japanese, and Chinese language translation bounties.


As the DAO grows, the requirement for a branding and partnership focused growth initiative continues to grow as well. Providing assistance in Globalization and LatAM Labs development while focusing on its most successful projects/assets/contributors already in place provides newly-formed efficiency in strategizing human capital allocation. By combining the globalization workstream with a newly formed growth,partnership & event coordination workstream, the current workstream contributors in existing workflows will experience an ease of contribution not possible with the present lack of workstream structure and management surrounding the initiatives defined in this proposal.

While FOX token reaches new and varied markets and the DAO continues to seek worldwide opportunities for partnerships and innovation, a dedicated team is required to better seek, acquire, and develop new branding and partnership opportunities as well as strengthening our current user knowledge base. The need for dedicated oversight and leadership to refine and strengthen growth opportunities is vital to the continued success of the DAO’s collective efforts.


By establishing a dedicated workstream to focus on the growth, branding, partnerships, globalization, and information/project scope of DAO efforts, we resolve the need for the expansion team required to develop more partner integrations, drive an increase in globalization, and start a new DAO education sector.

Growth, Branding, Partnership, Globalization, and Information/Project scope of work to include:

Growth & Branding:

  • Develop Twitter following and tone for marketing and outward facing messaging for the DAO, through posts/engagement, promotions, and integrations. This will be a joint effort with the Marketing Workstream.
  • Strategize and define direction in community growth efforts within discord and on forum.shapeshift.com
  • Planning and proposing event sponsorship and presence
  • Giveaways: Merch/NFT promotional giveaways
  • Contests: Content creation, Art auction
  • Provide Support/co-manage LatAM (Regular strategizing and optimization of ‘in progress’ campaigns within LatAM Labs & providing support for networking efforts including event sponsorships, integration inquiries, and partnership requests)
  • Cross-community relationship building/maintenance (ex: UMA x ShapeShift DAO & 1hive x ShapeShift DAO)
  • Closely align with product & engineering by regularly attending and engaging with the Engineering workstream in order to ensure that growth initiatives align with current engineering and product workstream vision
  • Develop ShapeShift DAO NFT Project Specs


  • Recruits, develops, manages, motivates, and liaises with strategic partner alliances/partnerships and opportunity pipelines and integrations outside of the traditional crypto/ Defi space (NFTs, Blockchain gaming) via incoming and outgoing cross-community/project networking efforts while focusing on DAO to DAO opportunities that align with the vision, ethos, and mission of ShapeShift
    • Continue working with integration bounty hunters (also continue/maintain monstrosity’s current contract for successful integrations such as the ELK/FOX integration and marketing agreement deployed targeting XDAI liquidity offering opportunity)
    • Continue to form and maintain DAO to DAO relationships in order form strong, long-term cross-community relationships.
  • Collaborate with the DAO merch store partner to align with them on promotional/ event merchandise while building out the partnership scale.
  • Ensure coverage (deemed cost-effective by the DAO) at events to create/maintain new and promising/beneficial partnerships
  • Engage in and maintain meta-factory partnership opportunities

Globalization: Globalization will be refined by TheSmith as he continues to focus on LatAM branding, growth, and marketing, while LPX continues focusing on translation repository development and Asia focused translation/onboarding. LatAM: Branding on social/web3 platforms while planning and proposing event sponsorship & presence at LatAM conferences/events (currently talking to and planning for bitconf 2022) to the DAO.

Ongoing efforts include:

  • LatAM Labs - Latin America focused marketing effort
  • https://docs.shapeshift.one/ - A globalization/translation focused document repository
  • Content translation targeting Asia and Latin America

Information: Includes ShapeShift DAO Education Roadmap special project & bounty-based content creation. The ShapeShift DAO Education Project will directly address the lack of educational material to streamline onboarding and user-flow for new and interested DAO members, partners, and potential FOX hodlers.

ShapeShift DAO Education Roadmap: SS DAO Education Map- DRAFT - Google Slides


The term of this workstream and its contributors is 4 months from January 1st 2022 to May 1st 2022. This proposal both hires following contributors: Leadership (Toasty & Hunt), Global (LPX & TheSmith), LatAM (TheSmith is the lead), and Information (ShapeShift DAO Education Project; @JessOtterlyHopeful, @DavidRAllen, @IrohDW), and funds the workstream and its projects with 238,000USD in FOX.

Growth and Globalization Budget: Growth & Globalization Budget - Google Sheets

The following link details Globalization accomplishments, blockers, and infrastructure overview and provides insight into the projected goals and roadmap of the workstream moving forward: I&G+G - Google Slides

Developing an effective globalization effort through engaging in Latin American focused marketing efforts enables the ShapeShift DAO to begin the process of brand establishment and growth initiatives in order to create a voice throughout Latin America for the ShapeShift brand. This initiative is invaluable as growth in adoption within the Latin American region has grown exponentially at a velocity that is currently unparalleled globally. Through engaging a demographic that ShapeShift has historically been unable to successfully market, the previously hindering barriers in serving LatAM demographics will be less significant.

The following links include the Latin American marketing roadmap, community notion, analytics, and project presentation slides:

LatAM Presentation Slides Link: https://www.canva.com/design/DAEwIdJix1Q/4sIGciDNZ5-ve3zW_B3Tsg/view?website#2:latam-pmo-proposal

LatAM Roadmap Link: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

LatAM Analytics Link: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

LatAM community notion: https://www.notion.so/ShapeShift-DAO-Latam-25eb72575d7e48a6bafff4994b2defcc


This proposal creates a single, unified workstream that works under/towards growth initiatives as defined in this proposal. Branding, globalization, and partnerships working together to create a unified approach in determining the best growth strategy will allow for an effective alignment in order to produce and maintain efficient growth-focused projects and partnerships.


This proposal will cost 238,000 USD in FOX across a four month period. This workstream merges previous work streams/project leadership, which may require optimization of existing strategy and implementation/optimization within the workstream and its projects (Globalization, LatAM labs, & ShapeShift DAO EDU Roadmap).

  • Yes - Establish and Fund Growth & Globalization
  • No - Do Not Establish and Fund Growth & Globalization

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Forum Post: Proposal to Establish and Fund the Growth and Globalization Workstream

The fragmentation of Marketing and Growth into two separate workstream without any acknowledgment or clear discourse as to why they are better split than together, feels like there is a lack of collaboration between two parties.

From outside the workstream it is very hard for me to identify the reasons that splitting Marketing from Growth does for the benefit of the DAO as a whole. I predict a lot of friction, redundancy and siloing happening when/if these are established as separate streams working with similar goals/kpis.

This seems more like a proposal to have @Toasty @hunt and @PeteCoin not work with each other anymore. Which, if that is the issue at hand, I would hope the parties could come together and practice conflict resolution rather than use the governance process to try and one up each other.

This feels like there is a lot under the surface not being communicated in either forum post or about why this is the best course of action and what problems lead us to needing this to be the path forward.

I have a retro scheduled next week that I hope we can answer some of my questions in. I would feel more comfortable voting for either of these proposals with more information as to what’s going on, but currently, to me, this looks like an inter department conflict that is using the gov process rather than conflict resolution skills to deal with internal problems.


I agree with Tyler that the reasoning behind splitting up of the workstreams has not been made totally clear yet and I look forward to hearing more in the planned retro next week before voting on this ideation post one way or another.


So I want to give feedback on this proposal as a whole similar to what I gave recently on the product proposal when it was going through ideation (and I plan to give similar feedback to pretty much every workstream proposal until this becomes a habit/muscle across the DAO): it is vital that better goals with falsifiable outcomes and measurable KPIs wherever possible are established so the community can better evaluate how well a workstream is actually delivering (or not).

I see a general framework of responsibilities for the various categories (growth&branding, partnerships, globalization) and this is great and helpful to understand what these areas are trying to accomplish, however I don’t see any specifically defined goals here, much less ones that are measurable.

Before I can support this proposal (in ideation or eventually on snapshot) I need to see more specifically defined and measurable goals for each section. My specific request is to revise the above with at least 3-5 measurable goals for each of growth & branding, partnerships, and globalization. Specifically I would like this workstream to also commit to regular (perhaps monthly) calls with the community where the progress on those goals is gone over and a discussion is had about whether the goals still make sense or need adjusting, this will keep the community actively engaged on the progress and allow the workstream the ability to adjust/suggest new goals as circumstances change (things move fast in the DAO so I don’t expect that things will never change, and again this is pretty much an identical request as to what I made on the recent product workstream proposal).

I don’t know exactly what these goals should look like, but i’ll give a few possible ideas based on what is suggested above for the responsibilities

  • Regarding the twitter following, would be good to have some sort of metrics to measure here, for example how much MoM will the workstream increase the follower count/impressions etc?
    -Community growth efforts focused on discord should be relatively easily measured in terms of server membership count and the average amount of people on community calls etc, sets some specific goals here around those KPIs
    -How many sponsorships will be targeted over the term of the workstream? Lets set some specific numbers here
    -Same for giveaways/contests, how many such events should the DAO expect to see this workstream produce in the given term?
    -In terms of cross-community relationship building, how many such relationships will be built and are there any particular targets that can be mentioned/proposed as goals?
    -More detail on NFT specs and what the plans are here (and any possible KPIs around those) would be helpful in understanding the goal here.
  • Would love more info about what the targets are for these strategic partnerships/alliances, how many the DAO should expect during the term and any other KPI’s that could be set as goals for the DAO to measure against when looking at the progress.
    -More detail on the integration bounty hunters and what #/degree of these projects/integrations might be expected and aimed for.
    -More detail about what coverage of these events will look like/how many events should be expected during the term
    -Would be great to have more detail what is being talked about with the meta-factory partnership opportunities and how many to expect (I am not sure I understand what meta-factory means in this context).

-The globalization details are pretty broad here, would love to see more specific goals around which languages/translations should be expected during the term, how many/which event sponsorships will be focused on during the term.
-Regarding the latAM labs focused marketing effort, would love to see more details/goals/specific KPI’s on this front.
-Regarding the document repository, what are the goals for improving this during the term either in terms of specific languages that will be added and/or additional feature the DAO should expect to see launched during the term?
-More specific KPI’s around translators and which content/amount of content expected during the term
-The DAO education roadmap has some of the best defined aspects in this proposals with the attached slides, but would still like to see more specific KPI driven goals about what should be expected to be produced during the term by those working on this.

Again, none of this is meant to be comphrensive and perhaps the goals should be totally different than anything I am suggesting, but the overall thrust is I want to see this workstream (and every workstream!) propose better goals up front, driven by measurable KPI’s and/or milestones, and have progress on those goals (and any changes to the goals) reviewed/discussed with the community on a regular basis.

If this proposal can be updated to work on the things I am mentioning it will go a long way towards gaining my support in ideation and in snapshot voting.


Apologies, this was a super rough week for me – let me gather some thoughts, data, work on clear goals and milestones with our team ASAP. I was a bit surprised at the poll numbers for the marketing workstream proposal. Obviously we’ve failed to clarify things on many fronts, but I do want to make it clear beforehand that I do not see it as a “split” or “merger” necessarily. I see it more as an “official” collaboration between two workstreams that are very often intertwined already, with more administrative and strategic leadership roles to distribute the workload.


Thanks for the feedback/ requested KPIs and goals. I am going to meet with the rest of the future stream and work through these in more detail so we can provide some better metrics for yourself and like minded voters :+1:


I support the idea of ​​collaboration between two workstreams and im happy that we share same visions. definitively, as leaders, we must ensure safe and reliable information for the community, as well as a collective foundation.
100% lpx :wink:


Hey Jon wanted to share with you a document addressing all of your KPI questions but in a format that could be attached in the snapshot proposal - KPI/ Goals for the Growth & Globalization Workstream - Google Docs


hey @Toasty this is great! Love seeing this and the measurable/falsifiable goals attached. This gives me a lot more confidence and understanding in what the workstream is trying to accomplish.

My main ask after getting these goals together in this way is to make sure the workstream is regularly (perhaps monthly) reviewing the goals and progress with the community so we can all keep informed (and help) on making these successful on behalf of the entire DAO!

Thanks for doing this, it goes a long way towards getting my support on voting this workstream forward!


Yeah, agreed I think we can have ongoing tracking (documents) surfaced to the public for these KPIs as well. Also it could be cool to have a monthly town hall style meeting where we share our wins and where we can improve on the stream :+1:


Hi. Just curious here: why Latam and why obviously significant market like China is not in?


Hi! great question: LatAm has the same potential as China, imo.
Our efforts to bring the Chinese community are underway, we already have Chinese translators working in our repository. Plus, we are listed on large Asian exchanges.
We would love to hear your ideas for China!
Feel welcome in our community


I have been integrating myself into the community for a long time, I think that in addition to decentralization, it implies uniting all possible parties This is why I see the addition of a Latam team as a good project, although it would be good to have the Kpi’s of the progress maybe weekly, and its objective to the something of the financing period that what is requested , the Latam market is still a bit young compared to China or the Middle East, but it is currently bursting with potential


Just wanted to provide some context around quick budget updates - Growth & Globalization Budget - Google Sheets

  • A bonus of $3,000 has been applied to EDU team for month 1 for back pay during the work accomplished by them over the past 2 weeks
  • A bonus of $1,000 to back pay thesmith for similar work as mentioned above for EDU
  • An extra $750 added monthly to the Coordinape Contirbutor Bonuses
  • An extra $1,000 per month added to bounties program to help with partnerships/ expand the program.

There was a total increase of $11,000 making the total budget $249,000 for the duration of this contract.


I already thanked ‘personally’, but I would like to make it public.
DAO trusted my work and my personal development, I am very grateful for this opportunity, veery happy and confident with the work that is being developed. My journey here has just begun and together we’ve went to places never seen before.
I can’t hide my happiness and props, to be honest… and recognizing that (despite internal noises) LatAm has always been highly supported by the entire DAO.
So thank you, Toasty, hunt, LPX + the entire LatAm team that is part of this and continues at full steam.

Let’s DAO it!


~~ @thesmith


Shapeshift has been here for a long time. So it has some reputation with Chinese OGs. That was before the proliferation of DEXes. Nowadays I can barely see any mention of shapeshift/FOX in all those chinese language twitter shills. If you look at the trading volumes on Huobi, etc, they are quite muted. This tells me that no much has been done on educating (shilling) the Chinese crowd.

I would think what shapeshift is doing is exactly what Chinese traders need, when they are largely excluded (officially) from all major Chinese CEXes. They probably still get around that by buying black mark KYC credentials or using a corporate identity. but not ideal situation for them. So I guess there is potentially a strong demand. and they love DAOs (just look at how many Chinese are buying the constitution of America).

so how to do it? I am not sure. But getting in touch with some of the major Chinese blockchain media (whoever left I mean) and do some education campaign may be a start. And gradually ramp up Chinese language contents. There are also some good quality bridges/Defi projects to work with. I assume Erik should have some good contacts in the Chinese market.

just my two cents.


Totally valid! I really appreciate the insight and encourage you to join our Discord, give us a piece of your time and let’s chat about the entire Asia potential, our workstream has an educational and passionate bias! I agree with you about the huge potential of Chinese market, that’s why we are looking for active Chinese members, so feel free to ping me there or @LPX :slight_smile:
After joining Discord, select Globalization visiting #Role-Selector, then you’ll be able to see #global-publicfeedback and all language channels, including #中文-Chinese.

your feedback certainly warmed up our temperature gauge.

~~ @thesmith

PS. this proposal is LIVE!


Live Voting: