[SCP-80] Addendum to analytics proposal

This proposal, is actually an Addendum to the passed analytics proposal . The goal is to make app.shapeshift.com contain analytics.



There is an extreme need for analytics in the product that we’re building, and the ability to understand how we’re doing in our goals as a DAO, if we are building the right features, and reaching product market fit. After discussion on product and engineering and with the community and other members in the DAO, this proposal was created as an addendum to the original proposal.

This addendum is to have the ShapeShift web app (app.shapeshift.com) include analytics.

It will still be an opt-in that users will agree to participate in upon entering (as voted on and approved by the community and token holders in the original proposal). If the user does not wish to use the version with analytics, they can choose to go to the private version that will have no analytics. See mock up for the idea—please note that the copy is not final:


This proposal is simply to clarify that app.shapeshift.com would be the default application with analytics, and private.shapeshift.com will be the optional application with no analytics.


We have a responsibility to the DAO and the FOX Token holders. How do we prove and measure the effectiveness of what we’re doing? Are we successful? Are we reaching product market fit? Which marketing messages and programs lead to spikes in user acquisition? Are we retaining users? We require a large portion of our user base to use the version with analytics to get the data we need to be able to answer these questions, and to draw insights on where we’re succeeding and where we need to improve. Therefore, the Product & Creative Services Workstream is proposing to have analytics as part of the default web experience.


Analytics & Private Versions

app.shapeshift.com with analytics, and a private version without analytics.


Nothing changes from the original proposal.

Reviewing Data

Nothing changes from the original proposal.


No budget is required for this addendum.


Reiterated from the original proposal:

By using Pendo, we’ll have an all-in-one platform for tracking, analyzing, and creating guided user journeys (instead of paying for multiple platforms). We expect the initial setup to take several weeks to get all the guides and the resource center up and running. As mentioned above, all of that will be handled as part of the Product Workstream responsibilities. It will not require engineering efforts.

Retention is an important metric, and one that can be improved by utilizing this approach. We’ll be able to take our user experience to the next level, guiding and engaging our users at the right moments, leading to better feature engagement and higher user retention. Without the metrics we would have an extremely difficult time determining where to improve the UX and measuring the success of our product.

New feature adoption rates will also be evaluated as a metric to measure success. We will be able to see which marketing messages, promotions, and tactics are the most effective in driving users to the app.


We will still have both versions, as outlined in the original proposal. One drawback could be that if we don’t get enough users opting into the analytics version, we would still be struggling to get the valuable data that we need.


If you vote “for” this proposal you agree to have app.shapeshift.com the default version with analytics.

If you vote “against” this proposal, you do not think this is the correct approach

thanks for spearheading tihs 1f64f

here’s a link to the initial forum discussion on this if anyone is curious: Draft Proposal: Addendum to analytics proposal

as well as the audio recording from Product Office hours where this was discussed: Discord