[SCP-88] Shapeshift integration to Stakingrewards (+Verified provider program)
Thank you to all who participated in the Shapeshift X Stakingrewards AMA. Voting will end on 27th of June of 2022 (5 full days).
Link to the Incubation post: Shapeshift integration to Stakingreward (+Verified provider programme)

Successful integration would make Shapeshift Asset and Provider data accessible to Staking Rewards’ core data API service used by crypto banks, exchanges, blockchain institutions and from the community of 450k unique monthly users/stakers getting exposure to the Public profile. Apart from enjoying the best-in-industry SEO, this grants exposure to Shapeshift Earn Vaults and will reflect in improved Staked Value, Engaged balance, Number of unique Stakers metrics and benefits such as becoming a Verified Provider (more details below).
Staking Rewards is the core staking data info hub backed by DCG, Galaxy Digital and Coinshares and has approved Shapeshift as a quality project (based on industry traction and research) for the proposal.
New and existing Shapeshift stakers should be included in Tier 1 institutional stkaing API as well as have a consolidated view on a page with the best SEO that allows easy research on the $FOX asset, analyzed Shapeshift Earn Vaults, Shapeshift Wallet service to be able to decide which DAO community to join.
Detailed breakdown with the list of deliverables is structured in a) Asset integration, b) Provider integration, b+) Verified provider program.
a) $FOX Asset integration - Standard package ($FOX + validator list)
Public Profile
In-Depth FAQ’s
Real-time Metrics & Calculations
Integration Announcement on Twitter
Advanced Reward Calculator
Calculator Widget
Telegram Support
Maintenance & Updates
Validator On-chain Data, maintenance, updates
Price = 25.000€ in USDC
(alternatively $FOX tokens with a 15% premium)
(1st payment installment)
b) Provider integration includes:

  • Shapeshift Earn Vault integrations (existing and new)
  • Shapeshift Software Wallet integration
  • Public Provider Profiles
  • In-Depth FAQ’s
  • Real-time Metrics & Calculations
  • Integration Announcement
  • Advanced Reward Calculator
  • Calculator Widget
  • Telegram Support
  • Maintenance & Updates
  • Provider profile will display on-chain data for Vaults
  • Vault Maintenance & Updates
  • Eligibility for Verified provider Program

Price = 10.000€ in USDC
(alternatively $FOX tokens with a 15% premium)
(2nd payment installment)
Upon passing the program in the batch of June, together with prominent crypto banks and leading staking infrastructure providers, Shapeshift will enjoy the benefits described under the Benefits section below.
Apart from being included in the staking data API, getting exposure from 450k unique monthly stakers, the most interesting benefit is the inclusion to the Verified Provider program:

  • A verified rating on Staking Rewards
  • Prioritized ranking on Staking Rewards
  • Inclusion in the custom section for Verified Providers (filter) on the Staking Providers page
  • Direct Stake now button on the Provider overview page
  • Highlighted profiles
  • Verified Announcement across SR social channels
  • License to share the SR verified widget and certificate on the Provider’s website
  • Showcase of all supported assets (even those not integrated with SR)
  • Customer Reviews on their Staking Rewards profile
  • Moderation Access on the Staking Rewards Provider profile (later in 2022)

There is no risk of Staking Rewards not delivering the above proposal and this is clear based on industry traction, reputation, and client satisfaction. Staking Rewards has integrated hundreds of assets with great success and excellent client feedback since 2018.
The integration does include RESPONSIBILITIES from Shapeshift:

  • SHAPESHIFT must provide the required information in the questionnaire and accompanying docs issued by SR in a timely and accurate manner (ideally 1-2 weeks)
  • SHAPESHIFT must provide the necessary technical documentation, contacts and API endpoints (if not available) that are required to determine and integrate all the relevant metrics
  • SHAPESHIFT must add the SR Verified Provider Widget to your official website footer
  • In the case of failure of the verification program, SHAPESHIFT has a right to challenge and/or reapply for Verified provider program within 90 days of the failure date at no cost. No refund is available upon the second failure.

Amount Requested:
1st installment:
25.000€ in USDC (or $FOX +15% premium) due immediately after approval
2nd installment:
10.000€ in USDC (or $FOX +15% premium) on the 25th of August 2022
Payment must be made to an Ethereum wallet available upon request.

  1. For - The community supports the a) Asset integration, b) Provider integration including Earn vaults, Wallet, b+) Verified provider program based on the details outlined above and approves the payment of 25.000€ and 10.000€ in USDC (or $FOX token with +15% premium) in two installments.
  2. For with amendments
  3. Against - The community does not support the above proposal
Total Votes: 23
Voting Closed
  1. For
60.87% (14)
  1. For with changes/amendments
8.7% (2)
  1. Against
30.43% (7)
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NeverwasJun 30, 2022

Understood, so in relaying that information the access granted is contained or siloed to just the needed data, without the ability to interact in any fashion with other data on the platform. Thank you.

0xdef1cafeJun 30, 2022

To clarify here - no external code/libraries is required. Staking Rewards just needs data we already obtain from chains to be massaged into their shape.

MrNerdHairJun 30, 2022

Your concern is not misplaced… I know I break out in a cold sweat whenever someone says the word “snippet” 😛

NeverwasJun 30, 2022

Fair points, I just get concerned when I see no problem just need some javascript or someone who knows how to add a script. I am aware that it wasn’t directly stated that we need to add anything I just would rather get ahead of the possibility and be proactive vs reactive as to the possibilities of solutions. Thank you for the reply

MrNerdHairJun 30, 2022

I’m not fully up to speed on this, but it looks like they just want to be able to hit a server to get some info; if I’m reading this right, there’s no need to add any code to the app, we’d just spin up some code somewhere to pull public blockchain data (i.e. interactions with our router contracts, etc) and reformat it into the data structure they need, and that’s not a security issue (wouldn’t even need any special perms or anything, probably just an Infura key).
I could be missing something; LMK if that sounds about right !

NeverwasJun 30, 2022

Knowing that Javascript or just placing a script within an application can be a serious security concern, I would caution this as being a simple and easy solution. I am not placing dispersion on this as a service, but with the current state of our capacity for a valid security code review process I will voice my concern. I am pinging for your attention knowing that you have other obligations and concerns in the near term. I know that this topic has garnered lots of attention, I just have concern that due diligence for the security of the platform, isn’t sacrificed for the sake of ease of integration.

willyJun 30, 2022

thanks for setting up the meeting this morning 🙏
and I met with and their head of research and tentatively confirmed that there shouldn’t be any issues providing the necessary data without a self-hosted backend. StakingRewards is double checking with their devs to be sure; will post here once we have confirmation.


Dear DAO,
There is no need to panic. I can reassure the API is not going to be an issue if you have at least 1 person decently knowledgeable in Javascript within the DAO.
Our Research team and Engineering team are glad to help you - please let us know 2 slots for a quick meeting at your convenience.
Invites for today’s meeting at 10:00 EET have been sent. Please feel free to add somebody from your side.

willyJun 29, 2022

we’ve been discussing in DMs and should have clarification by tomorrow on whether we can integrate. good lesson going forward to finish technical diligence before a proposal goes live. can you plz post a response in here as soon as you hear back from the research team?

0xeanJun 29, 2022

Thanks for posting this information. It still seems that we are unsure if this integration is aligned with our distributed architecture at this point and think it would be wrong to vote yes on this without further technical diligence.
Does Stakingrewards have any flexibility on their end with respect to the integration pattern outlined in the documentation?

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