Script for ideation / review: "What is a DAO?"

Hey folks! I’ve taken a stab at a script to inform new users what a DAO is, and why they should care. At the same time, I am looking to keep this as concise as possible. I’d love any feedback on what I’ve written, and if you see anything missing. Thanks!

Script: What is a DAO?

Status: In Progress
Project: What is a DAO?
Overview: A short explainer video on what a DAO is, and why people should care about it and be interested in it. This would be voiced with animation supporting the voice-over.

Scene Message Visual
SC100 What is a DAO? Full-Screen title
SC200 A DAO is a “Decentralized Autonomous Organization.” Text animation
Where a traditional company has top-down leadership, with decisions made by senior-level leaders, a DAO is a group with no centralized leadership. Ideas and proposals are created and voted on by community members, like you. Traditional org chart transforms to workstream chart.
SC300 ShapeShift (DAO?) envisions a borderless financial system built on open, decentralized protocols, like our web and mobile DeFi platforms. Computer and Mobile with a swirl of tokens around, push to close up of FOX token
SC400 Our mission is to be your partner in this borderless financial system; an open-source, community-owned, cryptocurrency interface for the world. Pull back to reveal logo within mobile app, hand holding mobile device interacting
SC500 What does this mean for you? Text animation
SC600 It means financial sovereignty. You are in control of your money. You participate in the decisions that affect your money (funds? assets?) ???
SC500 Follow us on Twitter for updates and join Join the conversation on Discord for the latest project news and stay up to date on when the next meeting will be and to discuss governance proposals. social icons, web addy, discord link
SC600 ShapeShift: Community-owned. Decentralized. Secure. Transparent. Tap into your Inner Fox. Logo and text animation. Text slides on timed with V/O

Love the idea. Would make a great addition to our Help Desk!


love this idea and love the initial script & visuals too. it’s super concise and I think a fantastic and much-needed intro to ShapeShift DAO and DAOs in general. thanks for taking initiative on this @graymachine.

ShapeShift (DAO?)

yes to “ShapeShift DAO”

Maybe “blockchain interface” instead of “cryptocurrency” because that really is what we are, an interface to blockchains beyond just currencies (and hopefully the visual will make it clear that this includes crypto). open to leaving it as cryptocurrency tho if we think that’s a friendlier term.

It means financial sovereignty. You are in control of your money. And with the power of DeFi, your money can do cool things that regular money can’t even dream of.

Re visuals: if we keep that last line, maybe we could show the Connect Wallet screen with the big “Explore the DeFI Universe” and subtext, then when user clicks ‘Connect Wallet’ they get transported to the Yearn integration (maybe the view of a user with some active deposits and an animation of the amount they’ve earned ticking up rapidly (like on Or if that’s too much, maybe just the Yearn integration.

overall love this and can’t wait to see the finished product! feel free to ignore or tweak any of my suggestions too :slight_smile:


I shared this with my folks at Thanksgiving (perfect slightly skeptical test subjects). Dad said it makes sense to him. A lot he “doesn’t understand yet but that made sense”.