Shapeshift integration to Stakingreward (+Verified provider programme)

Shapeshift - DAO Proposal
a) Integrating $FOX (SmartContract address: 0xc770eefad204b5180df6a14ee197d99d808ee52d)
b) Integrating Shapeshift Vault, Wallet
b+) Nominating Shapeshift to the Verified providers program (highly exclusive)




Stakingrewards is a core data infrastructure provider for investors and institutions interested in staking analytics and research. Stakingrewards has roughly 8m pageviews and over 450k unique users per month who are looking for staking opportunities. In addition to staking, it serves as a decision-making tool for yield opportunities in CeFi and DeFi. The goal of the integration is to increase awareness of Shapeshift yield opportunities and get more exposure for $FOX & its validator ecosystem.


This proposal would accomplish the following:
Successful integration would make Shapeshift data accessible to Stakingrewards’ core data API service used by crypto banks, exchanges and blockchain institutions apart from regular investors. This grants exposure to Earn Vaults and will reflect in improved Staked Value, Engaged balance, Number of unique Stakers metrics.


a) $FOX Asset integration - Standard package ($FOX + validator list)
Public Profile
In-Depth FAQ’s
Real-time Metrics & Calculations
Integration Announcement on Twitter
Advanced Reward Calculator
Calculator Widget
Telegram Support
Maintenance & Updates
Validator On-chain Data, maintenance, updates
Price = 25.000€ in USDC
(1st payment installment)
b) Provider integration includes:
Vault integration
Public Profile
In-Depth FAQ’s
Real-time Metrics & Calculations
Integration Announcement
Advanced Reward Calculator
Calculator Widget
Telegram Support
Maintenance & Updates
Profiles for Vaults Displaying On-chain Data
Vault Maintenance & Updates
Upon passing the programme in the batch of June, together with prominent crypto banks and leading staking infrastructure providers, shapeshift will enjoy the exclusivity of:

  • A verified badge on Staking Rewards
  • Prioritized ranking on Staking Rewards
  • Inclusion in the custom section for Verified Providers (filter) on the Staking Providers page
  • Highlighted profiles
  • Verified Announcement across SR social channels
  • License to share the SR verified widget and certificate on the Provider’s website
  • Showcase of all supported assets (even those not integrated with SR)
  • Customer Reviews on their Staking Rewards profile
  • Moderation Access for the Reviews on their Staking Rewards profile
  • Dashboard with edit rights, statistics, and reports of their on-chain and SR performance - (to go live in Q3 2022)


  • SHAPESHIFT should provide the required information in the questionnaire and accompanying docs issued by SR in a timely and accurate manner (ideally 1-2 weeks)
  • SHAPESHIFT should provide the necessary technical documentation, contacts and API endpoints (if not available) that are required to determine and integrate all the relevant metrics
  • SHAPESHIFT should add the SR Verified Provider Widget to your official website
  • In the case of failure of the verification programme, SHAPESHIFT has a right to challenge and/or reapply for verification within 90 days of the failure date at no cost. No refund is available, even upon failure.

Price = 10.000€ in USDC (2nd payment installment)

User Story

As an avid staker and affluent cryptocurrency investor, I need more resources showing accurate data, APR/APY, minimums, lockup times, engaged balances, and calculator tools in order to properly make a decision on whether to stake my tokens and whom to stake them with. I want to use the Staking Rewards website to discover this data on Shapeshift because they are the industry leading data provider for staking and crypto-growth tools. Staking Rewards is already a brand I trust to deliver this type of data.

Amount Requested:

1st installment:
25.000€ USDC due now
2nd installment:
10.000€ USDC on the 25th of August 2022

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Josh_shapeshiftdemoJun 23, 2022

- thanks for your post above. What do you estimate is the amount of time we will need to dedicate from our engineering team for the integration to be successful?

0xeanJun 22, 2022

I am not sure I understand your response. Bounties that originate from the engineering work stream are absolutely included as part of the engineering budget.

willyJun 22, 2022

awesome, thanks for confirming this . Looking forward to providing extensive answers on these questions Thanks again for joining a community call and answering q’s
i think the question asked is fair and am sure he is not the only one wondering this. i also think it’s justifiable to make this a proposal rather than spending from the monthly workstream budget as this is a one-time expense that was not anticipated in the workstream’s budget. whatever the reasoning, i think we can all be more effective if we trust that questions from community members are well-intentioned and respond constructively rather than defensively.
Appreciate the healthy discussion around this and looking forward to the ideation post 💜

hunt_shapeshiftdemoJun 21, 2022

I think the comparison you made here is 100% invalid - that’s like asking engineering why anyone is posting development related bounties, and why they can’t cover any associated/asked costs w/ that budget. Literally the same idea logically to me.

Read More

Hi Willy
I can confirm that all your vaults will be integrated and continuously included as you add them.
We will have a private TG group chat where both of our developers can make sure that the API integrates every opportunity seamlessly.
The timeline for the integration is usually 3-4 weeks. In terms of delays, I believe there are none if you are available on telegram and keep us in sync.
I’m sharing some info about the Verified provider questionnaire - It would be great if you could assign somebody to fill it out dilligently and with extensive answers. The questions are going to be about:

  • Customer-Service
  • Compliance
  • Accountability
  • Liability
  • Reliability
  • Governance Participation
  • Value Added Services
  • Security
  • MEV Policy

As soon as the $FOX assets gets visibility and the Provider profile gets verified, I have no doubts that your staking metrics will increase substantially. Cheers

willyJun 16, 2022

Thanks for this offer ! big fan of and looking forward to meeting you on the community AMA.
Can you confirm that, as long as we provide the necessary data, StakingRewards will list all of the earn opportunities added to ? Would there be any delay in publishing new earn opportunities on StakingRewards once we’ve provided the data?
If yes, and if confirms we can provide this data, this seems like a compelling opportunity that could drive meaningful users and revenues and be worth the investment.

0xeanJun 16, 2022

I am also unsure if this is the right time to make this expenditure and look forward to learning more about the specific expected outcomes
It would also be good to understand why this wouldn’t fall into the existing marketing budget? Is that budget insufficient? We have had 2 different forum posts in the last month asking for additional spending for marketing related items, so some clarity would help on why this is repeatedly occurring.

MarleyJun 9, 2022

This proposal has come a long way. It sounds like a lot of spend but could provide a good amount of exposure. It’s not that much in scale of enterprise marketing spends. has excellent SEO and a large audience. I use them frequently for market research.
I support the spend.

Josh_shapeshiftdemoJun 9, 2022

I’m hesitant to spend $35k on this. And if that is in euros, it is $37k (not a big difference, but should be noted).
I look forward to an AMA as discussed on the governance call where the community can ask more questions to understand better if the value we would get is worth spending this much.

hunt_shapeshiftdemoJun 7, 2022

Yep valid concerns and I needed to jump on here and mention that I fully support this & helped draft the terms with - while toasty also approves of the spend and terms. I believe this traffic source is valid and furthermore will likely positively directly impact rev. #s IMO (or at least give us data to invalidate continuing spend on this media buy). With that being said, the terms do not include a 5 year term any longer nor is there a ‘one time fee’, which further justifies this offer to me.
Thanks for bringing up the previous conversation, but I think I hounded them enough on calls and reviews of this proposal to justify it being a totally new offer (with us getting a verified badge on our listing that you cannot buy as a freebie, which is pretty awesome of them IMO).

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