ShapeShift now has a Common Ground

What’s Common Ground?

Common Ground is the chat platform that makes communities stronger, creates new ways of working and collaborating, and unlocks the power of web3. -

In other words, Common Ground building a Web3 alternative to Discord. I met their founder, Marta, at Devcon, and she kindly invited ShapeShift to participate in their alpha.

We’ve created a Common Ground space for the DAO that you can join through this link:

Important: There is zero pressure to check this out. This is simply a notification to the community that this space now exists. There are currently no plans/proposals to migrate the DAO from Discord to Common Ground.

On a related note, I’m cognizant and in agreement with the sentiment that the DAO historically has been too early of adopters of new technologies, such as Boardroom and Metaforo. While I love the vision for Common Ground and think the team is off to a great start, I don’t think it’s ready for us to consider migrating.

I’m ofc just one community member. All community members are welcome to join Common Ground, post content, give feedback to the Common Ground team, or one day even make a proposal to migrate from Discord. I just ask that you at least wait until they’ve graduated from Alpha :slight_smile:

I love common ground! Huge shouts to web3 dapps