ShapeShift Vision, Mission, and Values


We envision a borderless financial system built on open, decentralized protocols.


We shall be the pathway into this borderless financial system; an open-source, multi-chain, self-custody crypto platform enabling billions to achieve financial sovereignty.


Trustworthy - We are upfront and transparent. We are fair and accurate in our dealings with one another and with our customers. We earn trust with time and execution, rather than by expecting it by default.

Collaborative - We are talented individuals aligning behind unified strategies to build greatness. We support, encourage, and challenge each other. We leverage the force multiplier of teamwork.

Adaptive - We are a decentralized startup in an experimental new industry straight out of a sci-fi novel. We embrace volatility. We observe, react, endure, and move through every challenge and obstacle brought upon us.

Spirited - We are playful and passionate. We engage sincerely with one another and with the world. We pour art, character, and conviction into our products and believe crypto, like speech, is best when borderless.

Pioneering - We innovate with digital tools, along the frontier of distributed finance. Casting off from the paternalistic comfort of a permissioned world, we build in the wilds, readying sanctuary from the dark clouds of fiat’s twilight hour. We expect maturity, grit, and stoic resolve.


having these established is SO important to the direction of the DAO - I can’t wait to see how they evolve, but this is such an awesome start. Adaptive is ON POINT!


Great work on this ShapeShift team. I love to see the leadership turning one of the best-centralized companies into a DAO. I am looking forward to finding ways to contribute to the mission and am excited to watch this in real-time.
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Excited to have you back as part of the FOX FAM and contributing to the DAO Cam!


Good to see you @cam ! Hope we get to work together more in the future.

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I love the fact that the vision and mission is very precise and straightforward. no ambiguities. It’s nice… :+1:t5: :muscle:t5:


Thank you so much you give me All the answers I always ask people about shapeshift giveaway


Thank you for informations


Sounds great, looking forward to being part of this :v: