Status Update: 9/29

Hi everyone! As we wind down September, I wanted to give a status update on the I&G video content, and go through an overall retrospective for the first month.

To recap, there’s a budget of $3,000 per month to produce “about 4 videos” each month, providing learning & enablement content to incoming users. Being that these are your FOX Tokens that you voted on, I want to be transparent on what is happening.


TL;DR: Slightly behind delivery on hitting 4 videos for the month of September. I am not too worried as there is a lot of work required upfront work to make the remaining videos go more quickly. Also, I’ve been really busy on other ShapeShift projects.

What went well:
There are some great videos already created that address some key areas that need some clarification, which will be detailed below. As planned, much of this is being created in a templated structure so that the timeline and elements can be reused from one project to the next. Also, things are designed to be easily translated if needed. There’s a solid graphic structure to use for video intro/outro, YouTube end card as well as a generic outro for non YouTube channels such as Odysee or that do not support end cards.

What didn’t go well:
Despite all of this great work, I really only have ONE new video completed out of the four I should have done. Why you slackin’ @graymachine!??? Technically, there are two completed, as the original video was reformatted and rearranged for 16x9 output, brought closer to brand standards. This was a non-trivial amount of work, so I am going to count this a video toward the budget, hopefully no one protests that.

Beyond that, the work to template the videos, create the intro/outro elements, and just get everything done is a job in itself. So, it’s expected that things go slowly at first, and then speed up as time goes on.

In addition to all of that, in September I also:

In Progress:

Welcome to ShapeShift Discord (link to current script)

This is a high level overview of the Discord server, outlining how to participate, server navigtion, proper etiquette, DEI statements, etc. Thanks to @TinyTinz for the help in writing this.

How to Claim and Display POAPs

An overview of POAPs, how to claim them, how to display them.

On the horizon:
Meeting with @cryptohmeg & @mogie next week to discuss ways to help support with video content.


How to withdraw tips in FOX token tips in TipCC:

How to use TipCC (reformatted/rebranded):

For more details, here is my current ShapeShift Notion board:


Thank you for the update @graymachine can’t wait to see what’s next!


Really appreciate the update and transparency on this progress @graymachine !


Glad we got to meet today. Looking forward to some helpful support videos.


Appreciate the progress report and the transparency as well, great to see and I hope to see more follow your example.