Streamline Listing request process for with a form

Hello, I’m from FAMEEX exchange, a small crypto exchange in Australia, we’re going around trying to get our exchange data tracked on various listing sites, coinmarketcap, coingecko etc.

I am also the proud owner of around 550 FOX tokens from the airdrop.

We are also trying to get our exchange listed on Coincap
The request form directed me to general shapeshift support, which was when i discovered that shapeshift owns coincap. On further research I found a few topics regarding coincap on this forum such as

In any case, I got a very friendly email from a shapeshift customer support rep, which directed me to a different support form, where I then submitted another long form request for coincap to track our exchange.

I don’t know how seriously coincap is taken by the shapeshift team/DAO, maybe its a side project, but there really should be a request form that takes all the data necessary to track a new exchange. In lieu of that, is there anyone who is a direct contact of the coincap team who can supply a list of the needed data fields?

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The DAO does not own CoinCap and it is a product that last I knew, was still owned by ShapeShift AG. @jonisjon maybe could shed some light there as to the status on it.

I am not sure who the proper person is to reach out to as it outside of the daos offering. Possibly the FOX Foundation team members might know as well. @willy @0xean @adam (i hope this is the right adam)


Thanks @PTT

The Foundation has an agreement with ShapeShift AG to maintain CoinCap while they find a new home for it, but we’re not adding new features or exchanges at this time. ty for the suggestion nonetheless @davefameex

Is there any way to pay money for a developers time for an exchange integration?

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Good question. I can’t promise anything, but if you make an offer the team can consider it.

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Who should I send the offer to in private? or do you want me to make a public bid?

How about $500 usdt?

Public is fine; I’ll relay this to the team and get back to you soon.

Thanks Willy, I knew you’d be the guy to know this!

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Quick update here: while we appreciate the offer and interest, we’re not currently adding new exchanges to CoinCap and cannot make an exception for Fameex. We’ll let you know if/when this changes

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Thanks for updating this Willy. Appreciate it.

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