Thinking of future

(practice, no reference at this time)

I have been enjoying my time here, (mostly) , i really enjoy setting up a server with the basic security bots/channels/roles, however, as i recently did for a few partners.

Would like to focus on rearranging the roles/channels, bot aspects of server(s)

With my limited aspect in shapeshift, this makes it difficult. Plan was (is) to get those abilities setup, which is fine.

I am thinking about stepping out of Moderation, and into another aspect however.

one that works WITH moderation, but is not directly tied to it.

Not sure how to go about effecting this change.

(tbh, been thinking about this for a year about already)

appreciate everything you’ve done as mod ws leader and beyond @Giantkin. honestly hard for me to imagine shapeshift dao without you as the mod leader laughing

appreciate the transparency as always and would be happy to brainstorm other ways for you to contribute. also curious if there’s anything that could change that would make you want to stay as ws leader; if so I think that’d be my vote :slight_smile:

I initially setup roles for different aspects. one (or 2 i think) for moderation, 1 for bots, and 1 for approval. i use the bot and approval setups the most.

Most of the bots are ok with bot level. a few need Approval level. and must interact. maybe combine those 2roles.maybe.

so, work with moderation - the other 2 roles would setup bots with mods and other Ws’s for their respective uses.

ive done this already for most. but changes are constant. I separated it for security, and would keep it this way.

Eventually adding a few more touches to make things harder to bypass security.

Thank you for all you’ve done GK.

^ there was a lot more to this message but forum bug deleted it :confused:

hm. i got logged out, and it wouldnt accpt pw for a few. maybe update somewhere.

im not leaving etc. this just a … want to think about a plan. if i plan now… i can have something setup i hope

Na, don’t leave man. The DAO would be diminished without your presence and governing of our discord.

@Giantkin I think you’ve done a good job with shapeshift moderation, which I’ve been following for the past 2 years, but if you’re interested in helping out in another area, I’m sure you’d do a great job too, myself and others would vote for you

Not quite sure what you intend to change. It seems like everyone understood that you wanted to move out of the Moderation leadership position or even the DAO all together :sweat_smile: (and it’s certainly one way to read the rest of your message as it was a bit elliptical). Glad to hear it’s not the case as I think you (and your co-contributors) are doing a good job.

With my limited aspect in shapeshift, this makes it difficult.

Since you actually seem to be talking about the power/permissions given to bots, if you have questions on ShapeShift as a whole or such I’m sure everyone here is willing to help you figure out the missing parts that could help you come up with a better structure for our Discord. Just ask these questions, even if they might sound basic/dumb👍