Tokemak C.O.R.E. 2 Solution

Hey ShapeShift DAO!

As the Tokemak C.O.R.E. 2 Reactor ends in 15 hours - The Chads of our community come to a point where we are faced with a choice.

Do we throw up our funds and ask for a refund from the DAO to push the ball over the line (we need top 5)?

I believe the real questions to be: How much do we Ape in as FOX Chads? How much is the DAO willing to refund us?

If the DAO refunds FOX x Toke Chads what is the total maximum refund amount?
  • 200k
  • 300k
  • 400k
  • 500k
  • 600k
  • 800k
  • 1m
  • 1.2m
  • 1.5m
  • 3m
  • 5m

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We are going to get REKT guys… We are not VC backed… We risk too much at this point…
SNX/RARI/ILV/Visor are backed by big VCs… VCs still have millions of votes left to secure their positions…
Just wait and see what will happen in the last few hours…
VCs are going to rekt us/APW…
we are just wasting money now…

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I couldn’t disagree more with you, I wish you’d joined more than 8 hours ago so I had more of an understanding of what you’re talking about. However my opinion is as such: FOX to the moon.


ser I thought we were going to be REKT


proud of foxes for not giving up! thank you @hunt for rallying the chads of the fox den to come together to secure the bag. seriously one of my proudest, most memorable moments as a fox, appreciate all of you :fox_face:


Absolutely, I will be posting a draft proposal to move this forward in the coming days. Thank you FOX fam for showing the crypto world our strength as a DAO.


@hunt it seems like there’s general consensus on the forum.

Time to move it to snapshot!


Absolutely agree. The proposal has now gone to snapshot for final vote here: Snapshot

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