Visions and Values Contributor Collaboration
Feb 3, 2022

The DAO is a few meetings into our Visions and Values workshop where we are discovering and defining our collective vision and values of the DAO.
This is designed to be asynchronous in collaboration and moire value is added by more perspectives contributing to the board.
Here are updates to the step we are on and how you can participate:
he more comments we get, and the more foxes that come to the next meeting Monday at 4PM MST, the more representative the vision we reveal will be. Thanks in advance for your input and insight!

  1. Go to the link below
  2. Go to the “Step 2” box
  3. Add more “Thrive statements” - you’ll catch the drift by following steps 1 & 2
  4. In the section below “Homework”, pick a sticky color, and make your own summary of each of the stakeholder thrive statements.
  5. Come to the meeting where we continue the process in 2 weeks where we will combine each of the summaries into one organizational summary
  6. Congratulate yourself on making an important contribution to the DAO!

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