[Incubation] Proposal to renew the Globalization Workstream
Jan 2, 2023

1. Introduction

The Globalization Workstream began its first independent term in August 2022. The SCP-95 proposal established a solid foundation for the organization when it comes to plurality, global expansion and brand presence in countries beyond USA. Led by TheSmith and Co-Led by Vlad, SCP-95 also opened the doors to a range of creative activations with a lean budget and team.

The WS is responsible for managing the ShapeShift DAO's interactions with the global community. This includes developing and maintaining relationships with key partners, managing outreach and communications initiatives, and coordinating the DAO's participation in global events. Globalization Workstream is also responsible for overseeing the growth of the ShapeShift platform in international markets, and for supporting the growth of the ShapeShift community around the world.

This proposal is divided into Introduction, 2022 Milestones, New Horizons (Goals), Costs and Conclusion.

2. Globalization Milestones in 2022

Events Agenda:

The 6 months of Globalization's term were mainly marked by a strong presence at events, fairs, and crypto meetings. This enabled the Globalization Workstream to identify, map and activate foreign and potentially powerful audiences in real life. Human engagement proved to be effective; we organized events, we were invited to big stages and we made our name. Today, we are recognized as an authority on DeFi and DAOs in the Brazillian Web3 community.

From complex activations at conferences around the world to Merchandising, we have successfully passed ShapeShift's ethos forward among the biggest players in LatAm. This is possible thanks to the leadership access and credibility in the Latin American market.

Check out a recap of all the events that Globalization WS
participated in here

Translation Flow and Adoption:

Since the beginning the Globalization Workstream has been providing full support for App translations in a systematic way, with a streamlined process. This allows ShapeShift DAO to continue to provide language support for the major non-English speaking countries that make use of our products.

20+ Pull Requests were performed among /web and /lib forked repositories. These can be reviewed below:


Github 'heatmap'

In addition to providing nuanced, friendly translations, the Globalization workstream translators also provide product and marketing localized feedback and support and continue to work with other Workstreams promoting real cultural bridges inside the organization.

We added German and Russian support based on ShapeShift.com hits, and we propose to maintain this momentum. Whenever a country of interest adopts our product, we can promote support by first translating the App and cultivating a community.

According to the WS's most recent data (See: 5-month GA Report) the engagement rate in countries covered by Globalization shows interesting numbers that motivate us.

Users can deeply and comfortably explore **ShapeShift App** in 7 languages:

https://app.shapeshift.com/#/demo?lang=pt 🇧🇷

https://app.shapeshift.com/#/demo?lang=es 🇪🇸

https://app.shapeshift.com/#/demo?lang=de 🇩🇪

https://app.shapeshift.com/#/demo?lang=ru 🇷🇺

https://app.shapeshift.com/#/demo?lang=fr 🇫🇷

https://app.shapeshift.com/#/demo?lang=tr 🇹🇷

https://app.shapeshift.com/#/demo?lang=uk 🇺🇦

The Globalization Workstream has kept each language in the app at least 97% fully translated

Additionally, the Globalization workstream users a tool called Weglot to translate the shapeshift.com website into 3 languages:

- https://br.shapeshift.com 🇧🇷🇵🇹
- https://es.shapeshift.com 🇪🇸🇨🇴🇦🇷
- https://fr.shapeshift.com 🇫🇷


The Globalization workstream has historically explored the long-tail of Web3 communities and got the best out of them. We shifted the focus to Twitter which has proven to still be the best audience in quantity and we will continue to seek quality in hive, odysee and lens apps.

Check out a Recap of all the Twitter Spaces promoted by Globalization WS

Another focus that Globalization pursued during the proposal was the assembly of a powerful Press Release ground. Certainly a legacy that we intend to continue through media contacts and journalistic partnerships aiming to support Press Releases and to run independent PRs.

Check 2022 Press Releases

This term the Globalization Workstream distributed $3,000 USD among Bounty Hunters. Bounties have been promoted and we intend to continue to grow new talents which add value to the Workstream; from Full translation packs to quick external bounties, past and current bounties can be reviewed in Share's platform.

Check Bounties


In our last workstream term we generated legacy through community building, onboarding experiences with shapeshift, legendary merch and nfts. Our community is excited to bring their knowledge and skills to build the future with us. They’ve already started to impact the DAO and we’re just getting started.

3. New Horizons

After all past experiences we are ready to grind a new term. The New Horizons include a package of Global activations starting in February/2023
This package includes a new term of 6 months with new focuses and creative solutions, applying what we learned from the previous term and we be focused on bringing revenue for the DAO and our communities.

2023 Event Agenda:

We built a solid presence in events with an impromptu agenda in 2022. With a strategic Agenda for 2023 the Workstream can be productive and assertive in budget management, and can support events with creative Merchandising projects such as the holographic cards.

2023 Translation Flow:

We speak Portuguese, Spanish, French and English natively. Our bandwith in these languages is guaranteed with hired contributors, given that active contributors are mastered in languages above.

Other added languages (DE,RU,TR,UA) are powered by global Bounty Hunters working on the established translation flow.

- We will guarantee the systematic flow maintenance relying on TheSmith + FireBomb1 mastery
- We will continue running complete translations in the App. Currently supporting: French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Russian, Ukrainian and Turkish
- We will keep working around translations on demand as strings are added in the final product

2023 Community

Globalization Workstream media flow has been updated. We will continue publishing content on Twitter, the Web3 networks - Odysee and Hive, and also adopt a strategy on Instagram.

Proposed media flow:

2023 KeepKey in Brazil:

- We have price study for direct and legalized sales (issuing Invoice) in the national territory, that's why we ordered our first KeepKey box (50un) for this experiment using previous term budget.
- We can sell them or even use them in IRL and digital branding actions as merchandising.

Ambassador Program:

FOX Ambassadors are driven by their passion for freedom and crypto. ShapeShift DAO is the home of those who promote decentralization wherever they go.

Ambassadors must be creative and proactive. Web 3.0 is about technology and evolves at every moment, they need stay updated on the news, map and follow trends in regional communities. Above all, strengthen regional communities by creating a legion of loyal FOXes. This is no simple task, that’s why the Globalization Workstream fully support and fund ambitious ideas.

Selected candidates will participate for 3 months on experience period, after this period a performance evaluation will be carried out by the Globalization Workstream. If the candidate presents established KPI's, his stay will be renewed for another 3 months. Successfully, candidates can add up to 6 months into their journey.


It's true that in the second half we experienced an increase in international traffic due to CeFi crash movements and we must strategically position our efforts in countries covered by the proposal. However, the general market were not favorable and made it difficult for many people to get into crypto.

Our goal for this proposal is to continue to work hard consider SMART objectives aiming accomplish Globalization goals. Agile methods will be applied on internal team management with weekly sprints. Following both guidances we can keep the leand budget with a better accountability.

Considering the study below, we started to forecast MAUs for Brazil and Spain:

Our results are best measured in Brazil and Spain. Grinding from a few users to a loyal monthly base, we want to grow 61% in Brazilian MAUs and 77% on Spain MAUs

Graphics above can be consulted here (check MAUs tab)

The Ambassador Program can driven new MAUs to shapeshift.com. The success of this program can be measured looking to MAUs/DAUs after the Ambassador experience period. Since it's experimental, the main goal should target community development by fostering product adoption.

We currently have two activated communities: Portuguese and Spanish. Growing the user base in the bear market is a challenge. We can expect growth in socials pushing activations in the community and with the new team. Approach and content strategies were rebased with more energy in Spanish twitter.

5 events are on the coverage roadmap, most being global. Strengthening ties and establishing key relationships with our community is a goal that has already proven to be effective in bringing IRL leads to the organization

Event activations should target communities in Brazil and Latin America aiming ShapeShift onboarding and MAU goals.

We want a boost in WS revenue. A study on KeepKey feasibility in Brazilian was designed to identify competitors and retail sales margin. Our objective is to carry out not only sales but also to guarantee a powerful merchandising.

SMART objectives

Given the details of each Globalization frontline and their goals, see below our SMART objectives:

- Grow 61%/77% the Brazilian/Spanish MAUs (respectively) with brand activations as specific goal
- Grow Portuguese (1500 average -> 2.8k) and triplicate Spanish (600 average -> 1.8k) Twitter subs using measurable methods
- Accomplish translation maintenance ensuring weekly updates on time-based activities aiming 20+ updates 
- Open our community markets by integrating the right on/off-ramp solution i.e. PIX for Brazil
- Onboard 100 delegators for each chain from outside US
- We will explore new Globalization MAUs using our bandwidth and hope to bring 1000 new users to ShapeShift Wallet/App by the end of the 6-month term -> thesmith's edition: 2/1/2022 ~ 8PM gmt -3
- Foster KeepKey retail during 6 months aiming relevant growth
- Attend to 5 strategic major events during the 6-month term
- Raise 2 Ambassadors in countries where crypto is blooming during 3-month experience period

4. Costs

Past term setup:

2023 New Setup

Contributors should receive their compensation 50% in FOX and 50% in USDC.

 Office Funds should be spent for Workstream monthly maintenance, including Bounties, promotions, merchandising and events.

A possible scenario for the new 6-month term accountability.

5. Conclusion

Globalization Workstream guidance aims to work strategically and understand non-US based users' demands. New languages should be added in the new term according to their growth potential and user base in our platform, so the Workstream will continue sharing reports with traffic metrics and use of ShapeShift products by these developed communities.

In addition to increased budget efficiency, there's several new hires in Globalization. We believe the new contributors will vitalize the workstream and the community with their frontline experiences.

We request $121,500 in FOX/USDC to cover all Globalization workstream expenses for 6 months, saving $29,250 USD compared to the previous period.

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ezekfoxadictJan 2, 2023


lcsantJan 2, 2023


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Bufficorn4949Jan 2, 2023

Great and detailed proposal, thanks for putting this together, Fabio, and congratulations to all the team. You all are doing an incredible job and I am happy to see the increase in traffic, Spain and Brazil are crushing it!

I have a few questions about your proposal:

[1] Looking at the numbers and the savings, would you mind reviewing it, please? I believe the comparison is being done using the SCP-95 budget proposal. I think you should use the actuals for transparency. The amounts are already known, and "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named" didn’t get his full “advisor” fees ($38,250), so I guess that was a release for the DAO treasury and the DAO as a whole.

[2] Also, looking at the new team, I’m so sad to not see @Rohekbenitez and @Mrbear as part of the new crew. They have been doing a great job for almost no money. Based on the proposal, you expect 77% growth in the Spanish MAUs, how do you plan to address it? It looks like your new Spanish team is just @Jpanam.

[3] Is the second community manager an open role? I don’t see the contributor listed.

[4] Can you explain more in depth “Bring 1000 new users to ShapeShift Wallet/App” smart objective, please? Is this daily, monthly, or for the 6 month period? Some revenue models established ~1M MAU for the DAO to break even, I am not sure how to read this objective in your proposal.

[5] Last but not least, AFAIK the KeepKey proposal has their own Marketing budget. I may be wrong, but Fostering KeepKey retail seems more a KeepKey Corp. objective than the SS DAO. Why are you including this in your Globalization goals?

Looking forward to hearing more!

GiantkinJan 2, 2023

For the Keepkeys, that looks like its own animal to help offset some costs (ie: have its own profit) and help the dao raise awareness/get more ppl involved. not having direct influence by the KK ws.
(ie: global bought the kk's on their own, and they are selling them) is what i get from that.

Fireb0mb1Jan 2, 2023

Love to see these numbers and the impact we have on the DAO and our product. Thanks for taking the time of putting together all this information about the previous and for future term of our Global team. Let's DAO it again and even better in 2023!

braJan 2, 2023

actually the dao probably did pay he-who-must-not-be-named that full amount, accounting by @darwinmvr is just some ass tbh

thesmithJan 2, 2023

Yep, that's true. The KeepKey box is owned by Global not by KeepKey operation. We can raise awareness and also bring revenue to the Workstream cash flow.
thanks :-)

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thesmithJan 2, 2023

We love feedback! Thank you for bringing up issues that were also addressed in today's Globalization Office Hours. I hope to answer you clearly but I also remain at your disposal to answer more questions.

[1] We removed the Advisor role because it no longer fits our proposal, it lasted 2 months and we kept the last advisor compensation (3rd month) on Colony for transparency matters (see Globalization tab). We are using this budget (his last compensation) for Workstream maintenance actions/promotions, thus, directing that amount to Office Funds. You can check Global WS funds spreadsheet and note we used last Advisor comp from November to present day. I also stated within the Leadership that his compensation would be kept on Colony.
Check Global WS funds control.

[2] I understand your position, we also estimate all Global contributors. It's important to say that their compensations were previously agreed upon the beginning of the proposal and nobody on Globalization is working with 'full boss salary' if you compare to other Workstreams. Still, we operated on a lean budget during 6 months without raises. @Rohekbenitez and @Mrbear did a great job for almost 2 years within the Global team, we are not closing the doors but creating new opportunities under a new setup.
Remove some monthly position makes sense for us when it comes to performance and contributor profile.

Regarding the new Spanish team, the next topic may clarify your question.

[3] This role aims a new boost on spanish community. During our journey among global events we met several people who brought proposals aiming spanish engagement, we would like to test these proposals and people. That's why we opened a new community manager position for spanish (she should partner with @Jpanam).
The Ambassador Program also can open opportunities for Spanish community.

[4] Agreed, i should edit this line with a measurable time string. The idea around this goal is grind product adoption with Global bandwidth, we want to go viral, hit incredible actions and finally bring a significant growth to SSDAO products. I'm talking about growing the number of wallets created and new unexplored MAUs.
Given this train of thought, this number must be presented at the end of the 6-month term.

[5] KeepKeys were bought with current term funds, we see a potential branding strategy around SSDAO with KeepKey in Brazil/Latam due our events presence. Back in a day, hardware wallets were souvenirs at crypto conferences and we want to bring back these times. Moreover, it can oxygenate global's cash flow, since this material is owned by Workstream.

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Fireb0mb1Jan 2, 2023

As far as I know they were compensated in full, and I doubt it's for bad accounting reasons. I'm not even sure how differently it should have been handled.

We do not have any written rule that says once a contributor is permbanned from our communication platforms their work relation with the DAO ends too (and there still isn't such a rule, despite my attempt to include this in the Code of Conduct, which is what allows the banning to happen in the first place).

So not paying a permbanned user which had a wage/compensation planned in writing (in a proposal for example) could be a big liability for the DAO legally. Labor litigation are not fun to deal with and are often won by the former employee.

The Workstream Leaders have this power of hiring/firing, and I am not a lawyer, but as a former small business owner, without a better ruleset as to when/how/why a work relation ends firing someone without compensation can potentially cause the DAO (or rather its identifiable members 😬) a heap of legal troubles... usually more costly/troublesome than paying compensation for few months.

Without such rules I guess it should be seen as the cost of business and the Leaders' responsibility if they have hired/included someone who could end up permabanned, and in the end it will reflect on the performances of their Workstream and might cause their renewal proposal to fail for the next term. But lacking these written rules is putting a lot of due diligence work on WS Leaders that could be spending their time on better tasks for the DAO than doing what usually an HR department would do.

DaapJan 3, 2023

Greetings, These are incredible data, the growth of the community has been the major focus of the Global team, you can see the work of the team, but for the 2023 New configuration, I see that they did not consider @Rohek (Designer), his work has been impeccable, what happened ?

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