[Re-Incubation] - Proposal to renew the Globalization Workstream
Jan 11, 2023

1. Introduction

After feedback from the community we decided to re-incubate this proposal with a new configuration, considering a 27% reduction compared to the previous term. This is really necessary at the moment we find ourselves, the cost-cutting exercise can be hard at first but rewarding - hopefully - in a near future.

We should keep reducing the Workstream operations as runway projections progress. Check out the key changes following community feedback below:

  • For this term, there is no provision for adding new languages, given that the cost x investment is not justified. We will just keep the current stream of translations in small strings to keep our platform up to date.
  • We want to use human resources as the main capital for Workstream to carry out its activities, always looking for a creative way with a lean budget. Roles of all those involved in the proposal and their duties are now described in this new document.
  • We have reduced the cost of Office Funds as required (half compared to the previous term). This generates significant savings compared to the previous proposal without the need for salary reductions (which are already below the market average)
  • We also redefine our goals with realistic yet challenging objectives aiming sustainability and balance in our team

The Globalization Workstream began its first independent term in August 2022. The SCP-95 proposal established a solid foundation for the organization when it comes to plurality, global expansion and brand presence in countries beyond USA. Led by TheSmith and Co-Led by Vlad, SCP-95 also opened the doors to a range of creative activations with a lean budget and team. The WS is responsible for managing the ShapeShift DAO's interactions with the global community. This includes developing and maintaining relationships with key partners, managing outreach and communications initiatives, and coordinating the DAO's participation in global events. Globalization Workstream is also responsible for overseeing the growth of the ShapeShift platform in international markets, and for supporting the growth of the ShapeShift community around the world.

During the previous term, the Globalization Workstream positioned itself strategically taking into account research on the countries with the highest crypto adoption in 2022;

According to Chainalysis last top global crypto adoption index emerging markets are dominating. Most part of them are covered with community or language support provided by global ws: Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Ukraine. While adoption slows worldwide in bear market it remains above pre-bull market levels.

Research: https://blog.chainalysis.com/reports/2022-global-crypto-adoption-index/

This proposal is divided into Introduction, 2022 Milestones, New Horizons (Goals), Costs and Conclusion.

2. Globalization Milestones in 2022

Events Agenda

The 6 months of Globalization's term were mainly marked by a strong presence at events, fairs, and crypto meetings. This enabled the Globalization Workstream to identify, map and activate foreign and potentially powerful audiences in real life. Human engagement proved to be effective; we organized events, we were invited to big stages and we made our name. Today, we are recognized as an authority on DeFi and DAOs in the Brazillian Web3 community.

From complex activations at conferences around the world to Merchandising, we have successfully passed ShapeShift's ethos forward among the biggest players in LatAm. This is possible thanks to the leadership access and credibility in the Latin American market.

Check out a recap of all the events that Globalization WS participated in here

Translation Flow and Adoption
Since the beginning the Globalization Workstream has been providing full support for App translations in a systematic way, with a streamlined process. This allows ShapeShift DAO to continue to provide language support for the major non-English speaking countries that make use of our products.

20+ Pull Requests were performed among /web and /lib forked repositories. These can be reviewed below:


In addition to providing nuanced, friendly translations, the Globalization workstream translators also provide product and marketing localized feedback and support and continue to work with other Workstreams promoting real cultural bridges inside the organization.

We added German and Russian support based on ShapeShift.com hits, and we propose to maintain this momentum. Whenever a country of interest adopts our product, we can promote support by first translating the App and cultivating a community.

Users can deeply and comfortably explore **ShapeShift App** in 7 languages:

https://app.shapeshift.com/#/demo?lang=pt 🇧🇷

https://app.shapeshift.com/#/demo?lang=es 🇪🇸

https://app.shapeshift.com/#/demo?lang=de 🇩🇪

https://app.shapeshift.com/#/demo?lang=ru 🇷🇺

https://app.shapeshift.com/#/demo?lang=fr 🇫🇷

https://app.shapeshift.com/#/demo?lang=tr 🇹🇷

https://app.shapeshift.com/#/demo?lang=u 🇺🇦

> The Globalization Workstream has kept each language in the app at least 97% fully translated

Additionally, the Globalization workstream users a tool called Weglot to translate the shapeshift.com website into 3 languages:

- https://br.shapeshift.com 🇧🇷🇵🇹
- https://es.shapeshift.com 🇪🇸🇨🇴🇦🇷
- https://fr.shapeshift.com 🇫🇷

The Globalization workstream has historically explored the long-tail of Web3 communities and got the best out of them. We shifted the focus to Twitter which has proven to still be the best audience in quantity and we will continue to seek quality in hive, odysee and lens apps.

Check out a Recap of all the Twitter Spaces promoted by Globalization WS

Another focus that Globalization pursued during the proposal was the assembly of a powerful Press Release ground. Certainly a legacy that we intend to continue through media contacts and journalistic partnerships aiming to support Press Releases and to run independent PRs.

Check 2022 Press Releases

This term the Globalization Workstream distributed $3,000 USD among Bounty Hunters. Bounties have been promoted and we intend to continue to grow new talents which add value to the Workstream; from Full translation packs to quick external bounties, past and current bounties can be reviewed in Share's platform.

Check Bounties

In our last workstream term we generated legacy through community building, onboarding experiences with shapeshift, legendary merch and nfts. Our community is excited to bring their knowledge and skills to build the future with us. They’ve already started to impact the DAO and we’re just getting started.

3. New Horizons

After all past experiences we are ready to grind a new term. The New Horizons include a package of Global activations starting in February/2023.
This package includes a new term of 6 months with new focuses and creative solutions, applying what we learned from the previous term and we be focused on bringing revenue for the DAO and our communities.

2023 Event Agenda:

We built a solid presence in events with an impromptu agenda in 2022. With a strategic Agenda for 2023 the Workstream can be productive and assertive in budget management, and can support events with creative Merchandising projects such as the holographic cards.

2023 Translation Flow:

We speak Portuguese, Spanish, French and English natively. Our bandwith in these languages is guaranteed with hired contributors, given that active contributors are mastered in languages above.

Other added languages (DE,RU,TR,UA) are powered by global Bounty Hunters working on the established translation flow.

- We will guarantee the systematic flow maintenance relying on TheSmith + FireBomb1 mastery
- We will continue running complete translations in the App. Currently supporting: French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Russian, Ukrainian and Turkish
- We will keep working around translations on demand as strings are added in the final product

2023 Community:

Globalization Workstream media flow has been updated. We will continue publishing content on Twitter, the Web3 networks - Odysee and Hive, and also adopt a strategy on Instagram.

Proposed media flow:

2023 KeepKey in Brazil: 

- We have price study for direct and legalized sales (issuing Invoice) in the national territory, that's why we ordered our first KeepKey box (50un) for this experiment using previous term budget.
- We can sell them or even use them in IRL and digital branding actions as merchandising.

3.1 Roles & Job Description

Workstream Leader (TheSmith): Responsible for making executive decisions for the team. Acts on all battle fronts along with the co-leader. This profile is extremely communicative and exposed, being able to transit in local markets as a DeFI authority.

Workstream Co-Leader (Vlad): Full time. Performs general management tasks, from contributors to operations. He has a duty to uphold ShapeShift ethos and ensure the ongoing maintenance of the team within the Workstream Leader. He also has as a Leadership profile, being able to perform complex tasks and delegate demands to the team.

Workstream Assistant (Lucas): Part time. Responsible for follow-ups and leadership agendas, as well as ensuring task flows among all workstream members. Lucas must fulfill an operational role to optimize time, numbers and organization of the group in general.

- Feed a powerful notion with up-to-date data and metrics about the workstream
- Report to leadership data on performance of contributors x tasks performed
- Ensure that the team is following the roadmap within the established deadlines

Spanish Community Manager (jpanam): Full time. Supervises our networks and contributors in Spanish, performs translation and assists in community growth directly by creating content

- Responsible for Spanish translations/copywriting
- Telegram and Discord community moderation
- Availability to regional and international events in Latin America
- Coordinate team between Spanish and Portuguese contributors and Spanish Global <> Marketing

Spanish Growth Hacker (Joana): Part time. Available to apply off-the-curve growth strategies. She is focused on developing the Spanish community by managing our networks and community members. Joana is also able to guarantee bridges between ShapeShift Español and the rest of the world.

- Responsible for Spanish Twitter account
- Responsible for Spanish Telegram Account
- Availability to regional and international events in Europe
- Trilingual: spanish, english and french

ES/PT Designer (Atlan): Full time. This role is assigned solely to the designer. It should meet the demands of established communities: Portuguese and Spanish, acting as a key contributor to activating our visual engagement actions.

- Responsible for meeting demands for visual works such as illustrating our publications in the required language
- Responsible for applying our brand in merchandising and OOH actions such as events
- Provide continuity to previous designer's work

Portuguese Content (Guiriba): Part time. Creates content and editorial lines for our growth actions. He is also the source of our content in Portuguese and may support content in Spanish due to the correlation of both languages.

- Publish 3+ weekly articles (mirror.xyz/foxbrasil.eth)
- Portuguese translations (app and regional landing page)
- Responsible for portuguese Twitter account
- Coordinate all portuguese Twitter Spaces

Workstream developer (firebomb): Part time. Ensures to 7 languangues continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) in app.shapeshift.com and also the WeGlot coordination (regional landing pages)

- French translator
- Assist in Workstream technical integrations
- Fixes the platform for better translations adaptability

3.2 Goals

It's true that in the second half we experienced an increase in international traffic due to CeFi crash movements and we must strategically position our efforts in countries covered by the proposal. However, the general market were not favorable and made it difficult for many people to get into crypto.

Core goal for this proposal is to continue to work hard consider SMART objectives aiming accomplish Globalization goals. Agile methods will be applied on internal team management with weekly sprints. Following both guidances we can keep the lean budget with a better accountability. It is important to mention that although many actions are seen as marketing, the Globalization Workstream feeds the community as a whole, having the Communication skill as its main bias.

Our study is based in Google Analytics metrics - that means we are not couting requests like Cloudflare, but page displays. This study aggregates raw and filtered numbers and is available here: ShapeShift&Global MAUs GA study

However, Pendo is the right tool to understands ShapeShift DAO digital results precisely, that's why we should use it to promote and monitor reports. Our goal is deliver 50k Global MAUs after the 6 month term measuring data with Pendo.

This may seem like a challenging scenario (and it is) but we can achieve these results with an aggressive posture. We also understand that the actions proposed in the ShapeShift DAO roadmap is a door opener for Globalization plans by expanding possibilities ensuring support for actions aimed at matching product fit and users. Thus, it's also necessary to be assertive and engage these users in features that bring us revenue.

So how we can boost and reach MAUs? Here's some tactics and strategies:

  • By working around social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to promote the app and engage with potential users. This can include sharing updates, offering special promotions, and responding to user inquiries and comments.

  • Collaborate with influencers or industry leaders who have a large following and can help promote the app to our audience. This can include create content that showcases the app's features and benefits.
  • Leverage content by creating educational and informative blog posts, videos, and other resources that demonstrate the value of the app. These can be shared on the app's website and social media channels, as well as through partnerships with relevant industry publications or websites.
  • We are considering running paid advertising campaigns targeting specific demographics or interests that align with the app. Mainly for Instagram activation: this expense must be monitored monthly in order to assess the effectiveness
  • Build ideas around incentives or rewards to users who refer their friends and colleagues to the app (Like FOX). This can encourage word-of-mouth.
  • Relevant integrations are yet to come, considering BSC and Polygon the most popular networks in countries like Brazil, there is an expectation to reinforce these features in Globalization plans. This goes for Arkeo, Thorchain and other partner products that can attract relevant user base and non-US MAUs.
  • Attend in relevant industry events, such as conferences and regional meetings, to showcase the app and network with potential users. This can include speaking on panels, hosting a booth, or small sponsorships.

From 4 to 5 events are on the coverage roadmap, most being global. Strengthening ties and establishing key relationships with our community is a goal that has already proven to be effective in bringing IRL leads to the organization.

Event activation should target communities in Brazil , Spain and Latin America aiming ShapeShift onboarding and MAU goals.

Due to the organic users already acquired in social networks and Web3, we must also apply goals on these fronts. The organic growth of socials can certainly drive new users to the final destination, which is our product. Thus, we new goals were definied:

Global Socials are currently holding 4.238 subscribers. Workstream Goal is challenging and aims 6.400 new subscribers in these socials, this means growth hackers should accomplish 150% organic in growth during 6-month term.

Globalization should regularly gather and analyze user feedback to identify areas for improvement and to ensure that the app is meeting the needs and expectations of its users. This can help to increase user satisfaction and retention, leading to more organic growth.

We want a boost in WS revenue. A study on KeepKey feasibility in Brazilian was designed to identify competitors and retail sales margin. Our objective is to carry out not only sales but also to guarantee a powerful merchandising.

SMART objectives

Given the details of each Globalization frontline and their goals, see below our SMART objectives:

- Deliver 50k Global MAUs by July/2023 (6-month term)
- Double Portuguese (1600 average -> 3.2k) and triple Spanish (600 average -> 1.8k) Twitter subs over 6-month term
- 6.400 new subscribers in Global Socials by the end of the term
- Accomplish translation maintenance ensuring weekly updates on time-based activities aiming 20+ updates 
- Open our community markets by integrating the right on/off-ramp solution i.e. PIX for Brazil, other Latin America popular payment method.
- Foster KeepKey retail during 6 months aiming relevant growth
- Attend to 4 strategic major events during the 6-month term

4. Costs

Past term setup:

2023 New Setup

Contributors should receive their compensation 50% in FOX (being able to opt-in Hedgeys bonus with locked FOX) and 50% in USDC. Workstream leader should receive his compensation 100% in FOX.

 Office Funds should be spent for Workstream monthly maintenance, including Bounties, promotions, merchandising and events. We have drastically reduced this fund since the first incubation (from 3.5k to 1.4k) and this generated significant savings in previously requested funds.

A possible scenario for the new 6-month term accountability:

5. Conclusion

Globalization Workstream guidance aims to work strategically and understand non-US based users' demands. According to Chainalysis research, the global top10 crypto adoption in 2022 is: 1 - Vietnam, 2- Philippines, 3- Ukraine, 4- India, 5- United States, 6- Pakistan, 7- Brazil, 8- Thailand, 9- Russia, 10- China. If we extend this list a little further, we should find other countries in the top20 covered by Globalization support like Turkey, Spanish countries like Argentina.

After feedback from the community, we realized that at the moment it is necessary to reduce costs due the runway projection and market conditions.

New languages shouldn't be added in the new term but we will continue to carry out the maintenance of existing ones. We must focus Workstream's demands on the Spanish and Portuguese communities using our current hired work force. The Workstream will continue sharing reports with metrics and use of ShapeShift products by these developed communities.

In addition to increased budget efficiency, there's new contributors in Globalization playing previous roles aiming a better performance. We believe the new contributors will vitalize the workstream and the community with their frontline experiences.

We request $32,2590.00 in USDC and $65,250.00 in FOX to cover all Globalization workstream expenses for 6 months, saving $41,850 USD and reducing 27% compared to the previous period.

Budget summary:

Montly USDC spent: $5,875
Montly FOX spent in USD: $12,275
Total USDC spent for the entire term: $35,250
Proposal total: $108,900 ($35,250 USDC + $63,650 USD in FOX)
Total Office Budget: $11,400
Difference between past and new: $41,850

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