About the Customer Support Workstream

This workstream represents the customer to user experience. Any and all proposals should be created with two things in mind: delighting our customers and educating

  • them on the expansive and evolving world of DeFi.

    This category should include all requests to create and/or help improve the customer support experience.

  • The main goal of this workstream is to focus on how the user interprets and interacts with the product. We want to ensure our users have a great experience and feel taken care of. (ie: collecting feedback, offering guides, and being available frequently for 1:1 support guidance)
  • Some examples of discussions and proposals should include things like: Support software integrations/solutions, ideas for documentation and helpdesk guides, automated systems for support, staffing, leadership, and budgeting.

Delighting the customers is something out of the Ryan Cohen playbook and I’m all here for it. It’s what made Chewy.com the company it is today. I think customer focus, experience and delivering them the best and most educated experience possible from start to finish can help differentiate the DAO.