BOUNTY: $10,000 to integrate to Unstoppable Domains Resolution API by June 15th, 2022


Unstoppable Domains is proposing that Shapeshift integrate to the UD/Alchemy Resolution API - This is the easiest integration due to the standardization and multi-language compatibility of REST APIs. More info here: Link


[Shapeshift Free Domain Drop + Resolution + Partnership Proposal ]

(Shapeshift Free Domain Drop + Resolution + Partnership Proposal - Google Slides)

What Is It?

Wallet integration enables a human-readable domain name (e.g. “brad.crypto”) to be converted to a crypto address.

Integrating domain resolution produces a simplified CX for crypto users. A user can send BTC to brad.crypto and it will go to Brad’s BTC address. Similarly a user can send ETH to brad.crypto and will go to Brad’s ETH address. Shapeshift <> UD Free Domain Drop/Resolution Integration

Why should this feature be integrated with ShapeShift?

Integrating to UD’s Resolution API will allow shapeshift users to send/receive crypto using Unstoppable Domains. This will give shapeshift access to 2.3 Million domains and users that have already been minted.

In addition, Unstoppable Domains will run a campaign where we offer all FOX token holders free Unstoppable Domains.

Who is the team/project behind the feature?

Unstoppable Domains


For the integration to be complete, Shapeshift users must be able to send/receive crypto using all of Unstoppable Domains TLDs. Integration must remain live for a duration of 2 years.

Steps to Integrating:

Sign up for an Alchemy API key (free, and instant) following the documentation

  1. here
  2. Use the API Key generated in step #1 and follow the documentation to implement the GET /domains/
  3. In your application where the previously was a library call for a resolve(), replace it with the GET /domains/
  4. The GET /domains/ returns all configured addresses for a domain in json, so implement logic on the return of that call similar to:
  5. If error code, handle it gracefully
  6. If no records for the domain, inform user the domain doesn’t exist
  7. If no record for the selected token for that domain, return relevant messaging to user that it isn’t configured to accept that token
  8. If record does exist for that token for that domain, then extract it from the json and proceed

Additional Information:

Development Docs

Integration Overview

Shapeshift <> UD

Is there opportunity for long term rev share which pays back FOX holders?

I would love to see added benefits for the FOX holders and community at large.

Love this idea, and agree Scott. Any sort of revenue sharing program would be the ticket!

  1. Hey Scott,

    Absolutely. There are two ways we can do this:

    Shapeshift would integrate with our Partner API to sell domains directly within their UI.

  2. We could provide Shapeshift an affiliate link that would redirect users to our website to buy domains.

More info on the partner API can be found on the last page of the proposal below. There is another $10k bounty for this integration. The rev/share is 40% back to Shapeshift for either the Partner API or affiliate link. Let me know if you have any additional questions on this.

Shapeshift Free Domain Drop + Resolution + Partnership Proposal - Google Slides

Thanks for posting this and getting feedback . Question for you - would Unstoppable Domains pay the $10k for this integration? Or are you asking for the DAO to sponsor this integration?

If the former, after some feedback, I think you could directly work with the Product and Engineering Workstreams to check the integration required - how independently can this work be done. If it’s independent enough, you can look for Devs who are interested and get the work going. It would not require a governance vote if you are not looking for the DAO to sponsor the bounty.

If you do want the DAO to sponsor it, then it would require a governance vote. I personally wouldn’t support this bounty coming from DAO funds, and I don’t think that’s what you are looking for here. And it would be good to get clear on that.


Hi ,

Thank you for reaching out. Unstoppable would pay the $10k for the integration to be completed and would not ask the DAO to sponsor the bounty.

The integration is fairly straightforward and it can be done entirely independently. In most cases, the integration takes 1-3 days. We are always happy to support however we can so what we could also do is set up a telegram with your Devs to answer questions as they come up.

Let me know if that is helpful or if there is any more clarity I can provide.

really excited about this bounty , thank you for putting together this detailed partnership and bounty offer.

this will be a great addition to our existing ENS integration and upcoming integration, and I love the idea of dropping free domains to FOX token holders and shapeshift community members. As long as engineering and ops are up for it, product would be happy to provide UI/UX and a feature spec for this and work with them to publish the official bounty, source devs, and support them in delivering this feature. On that note, really appreciate UD’s flexibility on timeline for this bounty too as we have several things in flight at the moment.

For the integration to be complete, Shapeshift users must be able to send/receive crypto using all of Unstoppable Domains TLDs. Integration must remain live for a duration of 2 years.

I’m not sure we can guarantee that the integration will remain live for 2 years with the delivery of this bounty, but it’s hard for me to imagine a scenario in which we’d remove this very non-intrusive, revenue-generating integration. We’re focused on adding integrations, not removing them! Is that acceptable?

Hey ,

Thanks so much for the kind words. I really appreciate the support in rolling out this integration and I’m excited to be working with you and the Shapeshift team.

No problem, I’d be happy to remove the “2 years” language from the proposal. We’ve been including it in our standard agreements but it’s not necessary.

Hi - I’ll personally take this one.

That sounds great, I’m looking forward to working with you. Would you mind sending me a telegram and I can invite a few folks on my end in case you have any questions? @tommyendres19 is my handle.