BOUNTY: $75,000 + 100k FOX for WebV2 by Nov 18

Hello ShapeShift DAO Community!

Time to start building the bounty muscle. I’ve decided to post a bounty (with my own funds, not the DAO’s). It’s aimed at the Engineering Workstream for delivery of the “ShapeShift WebV2”. This is the name we’ve been using for the open-source version of the new web platform.

The components of this platform exist here:

ShapeShift · GitHub

It is critical that we get this new version of ShapeShift in the hands of customers. The Engineering Workstream has been diligently preparing the foundations of this new platform to be robust and composable, and now I’d like to offer a significant financial incentive to have it shipped to users by a specific date. Obviously, this is in all of our interests as FOX holders.

I’m posting details about this bounty publicly, even though it is not available to people outside the Engineering Workstream. This is purely for transparency, so that everyone knows it’s happening. As a DAO, I want your eyes on this bounty and on the work that results from it.

Once this WebV2 is live, we can start issuing more bounties that are truly available to anyone to work on (whether the Eng. Workstream or any other team or individual).


Bounty Name: Make ShapeShift WebV2 Live

Bounty Amount: $75,000 USDC + 100,000 FOX

Bounty Creator: Erik Voorhees


Paid On Completion to: Josh (Engineering Workstream Leader), to be allocated among Engineering Workstream contributors at his sole discretion, in whatever manner he chooses.


The open-source ShapeShift app known as “WebV2” must be live on

  • , usable by the public and already tested, with high-quality code and minimal bugs.
  • Five Constituent Components Required

Front End

  	Asset Details
  	TX history
  	Charts with balance history

Bitcoin, ETH, & ERC20 support

Generate receive addresses
  	Send/Receive (legacy+SegWit+Bech32 for BTC)

Wallet Support

  	Native seed phrase import

0x/Matcha Trading Support

Trades of ETH/ERC20s through 0x working smoothly


Deposit to Yearn vaults (at least 10 of top 20)

All code must be open-source, published at

Bounty Deadline: Thursday November 18

Bounty Decay: Each calendar day past the deadline, the bounty is reduced by 30% of the total.

Payment of the bounty remains at Erik’s sole discretion regarding the successful execution of the above terms.


Thanks Erik. Engineering is excited about this. Engineering discussed this before it was posted. In fact, Erik had some input from engineering as he created this. We love the scope. We are a little nervous about the date, but that’s the whole point of a bounty… make it a stretch.

We have been organizing around the scope for a bit now, and all of the work has now begun by different self-forming teams. We are looking forward to making this happen and getting our new awesome v2 platform live!

Also want to note that we are aware that we will need help from the Product and Operations workstreams to make this happen. I have already discussed with those workstream leaders how to include them in the bounty payout.