Change our DAOing example

GM all, I believe we need to take a moment and step outside of our own immediate emotions and realize our individual actions have a much wider and extensive range than you might imagine. This would be stated for the community as a whole but a very special shout out to the “leaders” of the community. There is no direct handbook to being a leader, while literature about style, approach, examples, and how to’s exist these can’t speak to the need of self tooling and unique situations one finds themselves in. This also means that there isn’t one way or style of leading that works for every individual, situation, or that this is even static. Quite the opposite in my eyes, leadership needs to be dynamic and capable of accepting change.

So why am I saying this? Not everyone is going to lead the same or like the way they interpret the actions of others. But as “leaders” your actions, words, and even intent have broader implications, this is a responsibility “leaders” frequently choose selectively the aspects they want to enjoy. Most love the attention, feeling of commanding power, adulation, benefits, and sense of achievement, but dismiss that responsibility when things become difficult or forgo looking beyond their individual goals and needs removing the focus from those they are “helping” to lead. Attention is great when it is positive and supportive but leaders also have to deal with negativity and because of their role of representing a larger group are targets for those they accept the role of leading. Personal tooltip

“Attaching monetary value to “leadership roles” or using determination from monetary value is a conflation of power and ability. Just because you achieved success in wealth no way translates that you know how or are willing to share or transfer the ability of successfulness. Leadership is using your ability to uplift others, helping to achieve for the group not an individual”.

We are not currently uplifting others, Bear market, Bull market we are achieving a public and private display making this very emotional and personal. Passion is a dual edged weapon in business, it can be a driving and a blinding force. No what I am talking about goes beyond any personal and individual needs, only through solutions can we find compromise, not though accusations, assumptions, and attacks. I feel the current need is to communicate in ways that allows for productive discourse, and have an open mind to accept and adapt each promising solution if needed. I think most could agree that it is very rare that a solution for a group is perfect with the input of a very few.

I intentionally posted this standalone without a thread, because this is pertinent to a number of recent community and private “leadership” conversations. I am not looking to be a judge of behavior we are all grown in our own minds and act as we see fit, I am very far from being able to always practice what I can offer as possibility. I openly state that an individuals choice is just that, I might have a different approach at times but then I could also be very proficient in the same ways I choose not to act. At this moment I am working to focus beyond the individual, others maybe in a different space. As a community we allow and determine what defines us. Will individual actions gain attention and shape opinions? Yes this is impart why leadership isn’t a simple title to be handed out, it is a responsibility.

I did submit a unification proposal, built on trying to provide tools and resources in bridging the community. Even though the need was determined to be unnecessary or maybe the thought of me at the time a very new contributor didn’t make sense, I still believe in the benefits. The whole purpose and intent was to find ways to build better together outside the immediate task, the recent events can’t in my eyes be viewed as building this is antithesis of that.

What can I offer now? Above and beyond my daily contributions I am willing to communicate and work with others that have an open mind, search for pathways that meet the needs of the DAO not just the immediate or near term but also building for long term. This is beyond a single WorkStream or individuals determined need, this extends past a bull or bear markets. Are we here to build/create, lead, and provide through example or just reap the benefits until they are gone?

discourse-post-upload20231125-65354-17s1df.png Neverwas:

I did submit a unification proposal, built on trying to provide tools and resources in bridging the community. Even though the need was determined to be unnecessary or maybe the thought of me at the time a very new contributor didn’t make sense, I still believe in the benefits. The whole purpose and intent was to find ways to build better together outside the immediate task, the recent events can’t in my eyes be viewed as building this is antithesis of that.

Would you provide some examples of how you would provide help to unification at this time of great divide, it may be a great time to show an example of the value it could provide.

This was abandoned as for my direct involvement 9 months ago and never went past a first draft, so the question on how I as an individual on a nonexistent WS could solve problems without the input of other strategic thinkers or the whole picture on existing situations, I appreciate the exercise. I am sure that first the proposal would need to be updated for its direct relevance to the current state of the DAO also as to the current issues that have already presented it would be more reactive verse the desired proactive approach, but top of mind

  • Being able to help coordinate the development of the Definition of a WorkStream leader.

This would be done a little different from the current process, where WS leaders are defining the definition of themselves working from a single direct view point and then working with others to garner support and community buyin. As far as I know we don’t have the resource I am going to directly describe, so the WS leaders are working with what they have, themselves and precedence

  • I am not looking to cast dispersions.
  • My version would begin with representation of the community, WS leaders and contributors sharing input and working to overcome differences of opinions. This would be done by gathering input from different representation types, I assume different draft versions would be presented looking at different situations to help remove some of the stresses and lift from the WorkStream leaders doing this themselves. Also besides creating/structuring a default or fallback version, a goal would be to build templates for multiple use cases and have these “blueprints” readily available for proposers to work from or even use directly in the future. This isn’t a rush to get it done and is best utilized to identify needs proactively and address them, but still can work reactively as needed.
  • In times of conflict i.e. now the WS could be utilized to also help facilitate conflict resolution, working to de escalate situations through structured and productive communication.
  • These are current situations and it is unrealistic to think a WS could and would be established to help solve them, I provided examples of different approaches that don’t directly require a WS but would do better with a defined structure and goals. As to longer more realizable goals

    I definitely personally still see a need for strategic planning and providing a resource to both the DAO and the WS leaders to achieve beyond the determined goals of an individual WorkStream. This can include a number of things but to fire off some examples action plans, milestones, fiscal responsibility modeling that as stated is beyond the direct confines of individual working purview.

This is all mute and can be very irrelevant if this already is believed to be in effect on a different scale or through a different means. Individuals have their comfort levels and will frequently choose to use the resource most convenient or familiar. I am probably neither of these. So thank you again for the mental exercise.

GM DAO community, so even though I have mostly downside to take on these issues, and offer possibility in pathways either agreed with or not. I am communicating, I am opening discussions, what I am not doing is taking shots at individuals. If you feel so, you might want to take a look within before assuming my directness. I am not fearful to call something out or directly speak to someone if I determine the need. Besides my anon presence I do not hide behind anyone or anything this may or can put people in an unfamiliar position. Ok so that is an odd thing to say I am anon but I am not hiding my thoughts or insight. I put my cards on the table a few weeks in (after taking sometime to acclimate and decide if I wanted to learn more) I am sure that I have ruffled some feathers and may have seemed (I am told) unapproachable?

Ok so what can I offer that could possible be of value to the DAO community, first a couple of relevant points; I have heard that the DAO isn’t here to provide jobs, agreed, does that mean we are here too or should limit capacity and capability, I don’t believe that. Are we doing this with the options currently offered, well we are defiantly showcasing that we are not inclined to provide jobs (not a problem) and I would say we are also limiting our capacity and capability in someways more than we can even begin to understand.

I can offer a way to keep that capacity and capability and save us more Treasury funds than any option presented to this point. Yes this is a possibility, does it entail sacrifice of coarse. Does this work in a bear or bull market yes; wow where do you sign up, hold on this isn’t all roses and I do see a very steep hill to overcome and also at a risk to me (who cares right?) you are neverwas any way. Ok so I am finishing some of the data and still need to prepare a proposal to submit but I will say it is a realizable possibility. Are we to work together or hold our own cups with holes and hope the other persons empties faster?

I dont htink your unapproachable. quite the contrary… I dont know what your looking for actually in this post. (skip the parts about personal opions and ruffling feathers, just shoot from the hip, and lets discuss 1f642

This is the lead up lol, yeah I got you sir.

ooh sorry, didnt mean to curdle your butter churnin’ !! 1f642 lol

GM all, I have followed up with my statement that I would present something to the community. I don’t know the outcome and want to offer possibility even if it never reaches a majority FOX vote. Please I only ask for the opportunity to present data and possibility, if you disagree or don’t see merit, I understand, i do. Draft Proposal To Austerity Options. This being a complex and sensitive topic, I didn’t want to glaze over or even seem to, your time is appreciated. Even if you disagree or have a different approach, I would ask that you wont hold it against me.