[Draft] Proposal to Fund the Marketing Workstream through June 30th, 2022


Fund a Marketing Workstream focused on creating a marketing machine for the DAO. To spread the message of our product, drive new and existing users to the mutually beneficial yield farming opportunities therein, and report success metrics back to the DAO.


The Marketing Workstream plays a vital role in promoting the DAO by engaging users, creating marketing campaigns, and executing them across the digital landscape. It is the engine that drives the spreading of the DAO message, coordinating and producing all materials representing our decentralized organization. We believe that our strategies will continue to help achieve our shared vision of a borderless financial system. This is a proposal to fund the Marketing Workstream through June 30, 2022.


The ShapeShift DAO has attracted talent from all over the web and retained fantastic talent from the previous centralized organization. Products continue to be built, and our systems’ capability continues to grow. The Marketing Workstream intends to closely collaborate with the Product Team in order to make current and new users aware of what ShapeShift’s systems capabilities and functions are. Ultimately, we are aiming to acquire and activate new and existing users towards revenue-generating points.

By creating a workstream that focuses on strategizing, developing, executing, and tracking marketing initiatives for the DAO - any workstream or individual can contribute to ShapeShift DAO marketing. We will collaborate with the DAO and be the workstream responsible for these efforts.


  • Propose and execute marketing campaigns that support product launches, partnership agreements, and project integrations.

  • Produce and distribute quality marketing content for the community.
  • Strategize community growth and management across Reddit, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, and other community media outlets.
  • Drive users to revenue-generating actions and report back to the DAO on progress, current actionable items, and KPIs.
  • Continually refine and improve strategies across the DAO’s marketing initiatives and community growth.
  • Build a workstream that empowers everyone working within the subcommittee to feel heard and at home with the ShapeShift DAO community.

Specific Goals & Success Metrics:

  1. Leverage Social Media: One of the most important marketing tools for the DAO is social media. Perhaps even more so in the crypto/defi space, the marketing team shall use social media effectively to connect with the global crypto community and put the spotlight onto various DAO projects.

  2. The marketing workstream shall be responsible for creating, distributing content and growing the following social media platforms:

    Facebook - Increase followers to 60,000 by June 30th, 2022 (a 19% increase)

  3. Instagram - Increase followers to 10,000 by June 30th, 2022 (a 90% increase)
  4. Reddit - Increase average unique engagement to 1,500 per month by June 30th, 2022 (a 15% increase)
  5. Telegram - Increase followers to 3,500 by June 30th, 2022 (a 45% increase)
  6. Youtube

    • - Increase followers to 4,500 by June 30th, 2022 (a 32% increase)
    • Medium - Increase followers to 4,500 by June 30th, 2022 (a 40% increase)
    • Influencer/Affiliate Marketing: There are influencers who are well recognised and respected within the crypto community. Users become confident in projects for many reasons, and if a person they trust is on board with ShapeShift DAO, that is one way we can attract potential FOX holders. Our current best thinking is to engage with a specific type of influencer that meets some or all of the following criteria:
    • Focuses on DeFi Projects.
    • Produces content focused on earning yield on digital assets - rather than buying, waiting for the price to increase, and selling.
    • Understands the utility of the tokens they recommend to their audiences, and can explain how users can best put their token to work.
    • Ideally, we find content creators that help us kill 2 birds with one stone. There is a focus on utility throughout the $FOX ecosystem while at the same time providing tutorial-like instructions though the visual content they create.

      Due to the variability in costs when working with influencers, the goal for the workstream during this term is to identify and connect with influencers that meet the DAO’s standards. If the cost of working with an influencer is reasonable, the workstream may fund the partnership through the bounty budget. If the cost would be a significant portion of the bounty budget proposed by the workstream, we plan to present and write separate funding proposals.

      Content Creation & SEO: By creating content regularly for ShapeShift’s website, search engines will assign more value to it, and thus the website will show up more frequently for terms related to our brand. The website is often the first (and in some cases the only) place people go for information about ShapeShift. The Marketing Workstream will be responsible for keeping Web content current and working with the Product Workstream to execute necessary UI/UX changes.

    • A non-exhaustive list of content the workstream will create, optimize, and publish to the website and external channels includes:

      Weekly and Monthly ShapeShift DAO Newsletters.

    • Blogs (both long and short form).
    • Written and video content on processes, walk-throughs and news in the DAO.
    • Graphic design content to be used for engaging audiences on various social media platforms.
    • Press Releases: Publishing press releases is essential in spreading the message of the DAO due to the legitimacy it confers on the project. By creating content suitable for PR and amplifying it with formal press releases, the DAO shows maturity and legitimacy as a brand (ShapeShift) and as a project (ShapeShift DAO).
    • Support the Community: The workstream will build a connection with the community outside of Discord by engaging and answering questions on various social platforms. The workstream will nurture the relationship with the community on a daily basis by being active within the channels and seeding conversation with content created by the DAO.
    • Data DAOshboards: The workstream will work to build a series of dashboards for anyone in the DAO to track progress on:
    • Activated FOX - which is FOX that is locked within a contract and not sitting in a wallet, segmented by each opportunity.
    • Number of FOX Token Holders
    • Growth of External Channels

    A series of dashboards would serve all DAO workstreams tremendously by providing insights to valuable ecosystem data and metrics.

    Proposed Workstream Roles:

    • Full Time Roles:

      Worsktream Leader & Data Lead -

    • Content Creation & Distribution Lead -
    • Social & Community Growth Lead -
    • Video Streaming & Management -
    • Bounty Roles that can turn into Part Time / Full Time Roles:

      DAO Analytics Manager

    • Social Media Channel Managers
    • Copywriters
    • Graphic Designers
    • Videographers
    • Email Managers



    Total 6 Month Requested Budget: $351,086

    • The budget is designed with these conditions in mind:

      The bounty budget proposed by this workstream is intended to be used to grow the talent pool proposed above - and leave room for valuable bounty hunters to become part or full time contributors.

    • The intended result is to create a series of redundancies in talent so that the workstream can remain agile to meet marketing demands.
    • $15,000 per month is split into three buckets:
    • $5,000 for Content Creation
    • $5,000 for Community & Social
    • $5,000 for Data
    • Any bounty contractors that become full or part time contributors will be compensated either through the bounty budget, or by a separate proposal submitted through DAO governance.
    • This workstream intends to continue what was started in the previous term - which is to benefit from a global talent pool. Two contributors may have different salary requirements, but be equally qualified. This is expressed by grouping all salaries into a bucket instead of by role, and every applicant moving from a contract role to a full or part time position can propose a salary that they feel meets their needs.

    Any unused funds at the end of the 6 month term will be returned to the DAO with a report released to the community that details where all funds were spent

    • . No funding will be rolled over into any subsequent term if this workstream continues past June 30, 2022.


    This workstream ensures that the DAO continues to make current and new users aware of what ShapeShift’s systems capabilities and functions are. Ultimately aiming to acquire and activate new and existing users towards revenue-generating points & reporting all activity back to the DAO at the end of the term.


    The main drawback is the cost to fund this workstream, however, we strongly believe a Marketing Workstream is a necessary branch of the DAO and we hope that the community has seen the value and will continue to support us.

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The fragmentation of Marketing and Growth into two separate workstream without any acknowledgment or clear discourse as to why they are better split than together, feels like there is a lack of collaboration between two parties.

From outside the workstream it is very hard for me to identify the reasons that splitting Marketing from Growth does for the benefit of the DAO as a whole. I predict a lot of friction, redundancy and siloing happening when/if these are established as separate streams working with similar goals/kpis.

This seems more like a proposal to have and not work with each other anymore. Which, if that is the issue at hand, I would hope the parties could come together and practice conflict resolution rather than use the governance process to try and one up each other.

This feels like there is a lot under the surface not being communicated in either forum post or about why this is the best course of action and what problems lead us to needing this to be the path forward.

I have a retro scheduled next week that I hope we can answer some of my questions in. I would feel more comfortable voting for either of these proposals with more information as to what’s going on, but currently, to me, this looks like an inter department conflict that is using the gov process rather than conflict resolution skills to deal with internal problems.

Well said , I agree that a retro to better understand why the M&G workstream is splitting up will be valuable and will help inform the community on both proposals.

I also share the concern of potential inefficiencies stemming from having two similar workstreams. If both workstreams are approved, I think it will be beneficial to clearly delineate responsibilities and for the workstreams to communicate and collaborate with eachother.

I don’t personally see this as using the governance process to 1-up eachother. If two workstreams want to propose similar missions, and token holders want to fund two similar workstreams, I don’t see anything inherently wrong with that and I think there is value in experimentation. Particularly as teams grow, it can be valuable to practice the “Two-pizza” rule pioneered by Bezos (sorry to use Amazon as an example…) in which team size is limited to 10 to constrain the exponential number of intra-team connections.

All of that said, I am open to supporting both of these proposals in the interest of both continuing and expanding our current Marketing & Growth efforts. Each of the individuals on the Marketing workstream (, , , and ) as well as the individuals on the Growth & Globalization workstream have already demonstrated their value and are contributors that I believe it’s in token holders’ best interest to continue funding (especially if the alternative means having a gap in funding and potentially losing existing talent). If we find that the DAO’s M&G efforts don’t function as well as 2 separate workstreams, we can always revisit at the end of the proposed 4 month term for Growth & Globalization, or even sooner if necessary.

And to state the obvious… in the future, we should aim to begin the budgeting proposal process for workstreams ~30 days before their approved budgets expire so we don’t find ourselves in situations where we either vote yes on a workstream’s proposal or face a potential gap in workstream funding.

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