Engineering Report - December 2021

As is typical in the US, December was holiday time for us, and there was more time off taken than in other months. Therefore, it was a light month for accomplishments.

You can see that we spent quite a bit of time on maintenance / upkeep coding tasks. This reduces the long-term maintenance burden. In times when you don’t have the whole team together, these are good tasks to take on, because they usually don’t require a lot of design discussions before implementing.

  1. Web:
  2. Market Data coming from multiple sources
  3. More assets now have market data
  4. Refactor React data storage and access
  5. Faster loading, easier for future code changes
  6. Use CAIP-19 ids for assets
  7. Following industry standards from Chain Agnostic Improvement Protocol
  8. Clearer code, reduce maintenance burden
  9. Upgrade UI libraries
  10. Reduced maintenance going forward
  11. Upgrade to create-react-app 5
  12. Better coding features and reduce maintenance burden
  13. MetaMask Connection Issue Fixes
  14. Wallet modal improvements
  15. Unchained:
  16. Finished transaction parsing module with caip2 and caip19 support (intended to ultimately be used client side)
  17. Replaced parsing logic in the ingester with the tx parsing module (allowed for removal of the package patch in web)
  18. Geth version upgrades
  19. Metrics, monitoring and alerting infrastructure (prometheus, loki, grafana)
  20. Add /info endpoint to provide network details for chain adapters (caip2 and caip19 functionality)
  21. Replace /gas/price with /gas/fees and provide EIP-1559 fee data (pending chain adapters)
  22. Recruiting:
  23. Developed a flexible interview process and created a candidate application form. Ready for publicizing in January.