Engineering Workstream Monthly Update - June 2024

(apologies for the delay in getting this drafted / posted)


  • NeOMaking has officially joined the workstream as our newest full time contributor!
  • Infrastructure costs for May were ~$20,000 down 37.5% from a peak of $32,000 in February as we continue to migrate infrastructure to NowNodes. This is in addition to the engineering time saved associated with maintenance of our previously self hosted nodes.
  • rFOX solidity smart contracts have passed through audit putting the team on track to soft launch the feature in June, targeting the first rewards epoch in July.


  • Gnosis blockbook continues to operate in a degraded state due to the extreme volume of ERC1155 tokens on the chain delaying syncing progress. As a partial mitigation we have exposed the blockbook api even when out of sync in an attempt to provide as much data as we are able to in the current state. Our next steps are to discuss potential performance improvements with the maintainers of blockbook or potentially abandon ERC1155 token transactions for the chain.

Last Month

During the month of May the team focused heavily on completion of rFOX, multi account management and BASE support in the app. The solidity implementation was completed and passed through audit. The audit report and the repository are now publicly available on GitHub. Additionally time has been spent on the data model for storing rewards information on IPFS and developing off-chain accounting scripts that will eventually be turned into a CLI tool for RUNE distribution. On the front-end side, we have completed the implementation for all of the basic user actions associated with the smart contract. We have expanded the scope of our originally planned implementation to include an integration with the arbitrum bridge to allow a guided user flow for users with mainnet FOX to be able to bridge to arbitrum and then stake their FOX.

For multi account management the team completed development efforts in May, with the feature being handed off to operations for end to end testing prior to an expected release in early June. BASE support has also been completed with full swapper and NFT support. BASE support should also roll out in early June after operations has fully tested the new chain. We also invested time into updating the mobile applications on iOS and Android. On the Android build we need to update the targeted API version and across both platforms we fixed a variety of small bugs including an issue with internationalization of numeric inputs in regions that use a “,” instead of a “.”. Importantly, mobile users will now be able to interact with dApps via Wallet Connect. These builds should be rolled out to production users in June. Other efforts for the month included an updated deployment of the Fox Farming contract to reward FOX liquidity providers, enhanced error handling to facilitate better visibility within sentry, and the cutover of the market data proxy service from the Fox Foundation to a DAO owned deployment.

This Month

In June we have several large releases that will go out including multi account, base support, mobile app upgrades and finally rFOX. Given the number of large releases we expect a non trivial amount of time to be spent supporting these releases. For rFOX we will complete the needed mitigations for issues identified in the audit, complete a follow up review of the fixes with the auditors, and continue work on the off-chain distribution mechanism and data storage. The tooling for the distributions will be developed into a CLI tool that publishes an initial draft of rewards to IPFS for community review. After community approval, the CLI tool will allow the multisig signers to pull down the approved IPFS data, generate the transactions for distribution and execute them from a single-use hot wallet. Once the distributions have been executed, the CLI will post all of the transaction hashes to IPFS for auditability and historic records of the program.

Additionally, the product workstream has identified 3 new technical spikes they would like us to engage in once these main releases have gone out the door. These include the addition of view only wallets, custom token imports, and the integration of Portals into the swapper.